Gifts For Guys With a Man Cave

by dustytoes

Help him fill his man cave with special sports and hobby related gifts.

The Man Cave has become a popular place for guys to chill. Whether it is a small room within the home, a garage space, or separate building, guys seem to think they need a place all for them.

Guys in general love sports and hobbies of some kind. Whether it is fishing, golf, running, playing guitar, or working on cars, I'll bet that hobby carries over into his man cave.

This page will direct you to places on Amazon where choice gifts for guys can be found in various areas of interest for that man in your life.

Guys, Like All of Us, Need Time to Themselves

Everyone needs to "get away" from normal life now and then, and with the advent of the "man cave" guys have suddenly required their own space to do just that.

I am a woman, and honestly I think women need to "get away" from life as much as any guy, but for those kind women who support their men in their needs, this page is for you.


Decorating the Man Cave With Special Lamps and Lighting

Rustic and modern lighting adds a masculine touch to light up the space.

Many guys are not really into decorating and there could be some nice products that would enhance his space which he has not thought about.

One of those items is lighting.  Maybe he has the big screen tv and the sign over the wet bar, but the room could lack essential light for playing cards or reading a favorite book.

Steampunk or industrial lighting can create a centerpiece for conversation and create envy in his buddies.  Rustic sconces and lanterns may work well for the more down to earth guy.  Buy dimmable lights and maybe choose those with remote control units.

These types of gifts will be appreciated by all who venture into his special "cave" but it may be something he would never think of buying for himself.

Wet Bar Supplies

Often drinking is involved when guys gather to hang out.  Beer and whiskey are the typical favorites but all well-stocked wet bars will need glasses and barware.  At the very least he will need beer can coozies! 

Upscale glasses with etchings and whiskey decanters to match can be found in sets.  Drinkware can be as classy or casual as he wants.  Maybe plastic, throw away cups are all he wants!

Whiskey and Cigars

Drinkware, barware, decanters, cigars and ashtrays fit the bill for guys who drink and smoke.
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Air Quality in the Man Cave

Floor fans and air purifiers can help with the air quality.

Any Man Cave that is not air conditioned may need a fan to cool the occupants.  Moving stale air around is a good idea.  Smoking cigars or getting rowdy while watching a sporting event could call for good air circulation.

Floor fans are not expensive and they do the job.  Find one with speed controls and maybe even a remote control to make air flow control easier.  Don't interrupt watching the game or playing pool, just aim and click.

An air purifier may help remove all those manly smells especially if the guys smoke.  Between food odors, body odor and smoke, the cave can become quite noxious.  The guys may not care, but a gift of an air purifier would probably be appreciated.

Purpose of The Man Cave

Yes, men need a safe, calm, fun place to relax and unwind.

It seems to me, at first glance, that a man cave is a place where rowdy drunks can gather to be loud and obnoxious without the wife and kids looking at them with stern disapproval.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes a guy just needs his space, as we all do.  

Anytime a person can find a place that brings calmness and peace, it is a place to be cherished.  Even if that peace of mind comes from being loud with friends, playing pool and watching the game.

Men tend to have the burden of providing for the family.  This is not to say that women do not work hard too.  I am a single parent, and believe me, I know.  But often the man makes the big bucks and with that comes the pressure and stress of his commitment to a family that depends on him.

A woman without a job is a homemaker and mother.  A man without a job is considered lazy or a loser, and is generally looked down on.  Even to this day, we think like this.  It's a lot of pressure on a good husband and father who cares for his family.

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The Comfort of Friends

Being with good friends is always comforting.  A gathering to enjoy similar hobbies and interests brings relief from the everyday stresses of life.

Having fun with new and old friends, and reminiscing over favorite times and memories, brings stress relief.  Down time is always a good thing.

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Alone Time in the Man Cave

Man Caves are not only places for guys to gather and get wild and crazy.  Sometimes the man just needs to be by himself.

An indoor putting mat will help the golfer practice his putting.  

A nice end table with rustic table lamp can give the voracious reader a quiet spot to enjoy his favorite author.

A small desk with paper, pens and computer can help him get organized.  Include a funny wall calendar to keep track of appointments.

A beautiful new set of playing cards can be enjoyed when either playing solitaire, or dealing a poker game.

For the musically inclined, what about some new guitar hangers for the wall, or custom guitar picks.


No Man Cave? That's Cool Too

Most gift ideas on this page don't necessarily need to be given to a man cave dweller.  They are meant as ideas to give women a start on gift buying.  Often husbands, dads, brothers, and other males in the family are the most difficult to buy for.  This page lists a variety of products that many men would enjoy in his home, sitting in his favorite armchair, or in the family game room.

Updated: 10/24/2018, dustytoes
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katiem2 on 10/26/2018

Nice ideas for man caves, I'm sure many guys could use a bit of advice when it comes to accessorizing their caves.

dustytoes on 10/25/2018

I have done a few articles on non-breakable cups including Tervis and Yeti. They are also insulated and come in various colors and styles.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/25/2018

dustytoes, Thank you for the practicalities and products. Do you know of an affordable, attractive line of non-breakables for drinks and eats?

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