Gifts for the Non-Mom

by sockii

What are some great gift ideas for women who are NOT mothers? There are lots of great items for women who are childless or childfree.

I always see lots of gift guides out there focused on mothers: "What to get a new mom"; "What to get a mom-to-be", "What to get a busy working mother", etc.

But perhaps you're stumped because you have a friend, in-law or family member who isn't a mother - and if you're coming from the perspective of being a mother yourself you might be stumped thinking of what this "not-mom" would enjoy as a gift.

As a 40-something non-mom myself, I can probably help in that regard. Trust me, generic soap or perfume gifts can get a bit tiring. There are more creative, fun and useful gifts you can give to a woman who lives life without children, whether by choice or by circumstance.

Let me guide you through a few ideas, or tips on how to find out what she might really enjoy this holiday season...or any occasion worth celebrating.

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A Biography or Memoir of an Inspiring Non-Mother

Books about incredible women who never had children

There have been many women in modern and historical times who did amazing things in their lifetimes - but those things did not include having children. So how about give a gift of one of their stories, to provide inspiration and assurance that every woman's life matters and can make a difference? Here are just a few great examples.

Julia Child led an amazing life - and was a powerful voice in the culinary world, bringing classic French cooking to American home kitchens. But did you also know she was a spy during World War II, and did not find her culinary calling until she was 40 years old? She also never had children.

From Birmingham, Alabama to the White House: Condoleezza Rice spent eight years serving America in some of the highest positions of government during the George W. Bush administration. Here she shares her own story of those years and her very fulfilling life - which has not included getting married or being a mother.

Who else is an inspiring not-mom role model? Check out Gateway Women's wonderful Childless & Childfree Women Role Models board on Pinterest. Many of these women have been spotlighted in biographies or written their own memoirs.

Give a gift related to her personal passions and creative interests

Indulge the imaginative spirit of a not-mon

Many women without children enjoy putting their time and energies into creative, fulfilling pursuits: writing, crafting, painting, dancing, name it! So a gift related to any of these activities - whether just hobbies or professional careers - are sure to be welcome.

Does she love to cook, for instance? Then how about a new cookbook that's been getting lots of praise (check out this extensive list of best cookbooks by year for some ideas).

Is she an artist? Then a gift card to a local art store, or an on-line retailer like Dick Blick, is sure to be appreciated.

A knitter? Then how about some beautiful, unusual yarn that she can use in a special project.

You don't have to be an expert about a particular hobby or craft yourself in order to come up with some good gift ideas. Or maybe you've heard her talk about wanting to learn a new skill or explore a different hobby, in which case a starter's kit would be a great way to go.

Need a few ideas?

I Taught Myself Knitting Beginners Kit

Kit includes book (with instructions for left handers) single point needle pair in size 6 and 8 a knit tally cable stitch needles stitch holders tapestry yarn needles 3/4 cabone...

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Jewelry Basics Class In A Box Kit, Bright Glass

Learn simple and exciting techniques to make jewelry just like you see in department stores. Cousin's Jewelry Class in a Box kits are the perfect solution for everything you nee...

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Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set for Beginners

The beginner art sets have everything you need to start creating what you have always dreamed. This set includes a how to guide with step-by-step instructions, teaching you how ...

$26.19  $26.18

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Gaiam Beginner's Yoga Starter Kit

View larger Gaiam's Yoga For Beginner's Kit Begin your yoga practice with all the tools necessary to master the basic skills. In a quick tutorial, yoga expert Rodney Yee teaches...

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Sushi Making Kit by iSottcom - Sushi Kit for Chef and Beginners - Sushi Maker Your Best Professio...

Cook delicious and nutritiously balanced food with iSottcom™!You don't know how to surprise your guests?Do you spend a lot of money on a sushi restaurant?Your problems are easil...

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Tip: Check if she has an Amazon Wish List!

If you know a person's full name, email, or are friends with them on Facebook, you can check if they have a Wish List on Amazon! That can give you some quick and easy ideas of what they'd love as a holiday gift, or at least a glimpse into the subjects they are interested in generally.

Gifts for the traveling non-mom

Items to enhance her travels and journeys around the world

I'll admit: one of the great things about not having kids is that I have a lot of freedom to travel, be it one-night getaways to New York for a show or spending two weeks in Italy every year. There's no worrying about what to do with the kids or finding a destination that is "family-friendly"! And I know a lot of my other not-mom friends are frequent travelers, too.So these are some items that can help make a frequent traveler's life easier, whether she is on the road frequently for business or for fun. They can also make it easier to enjoy and re-live those travels and adventures after the fact.

The author in Venice
The author in Venice
A Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great way to keep track of appointments, mementos from places visited, notes for future blog posts, or simply keeping a personal diary of adventures! And this is a travel journal with a difference as it's designed specifically with the single, female traveler in mind. There are tips on etiquette and dress codes in different regions, natural remedies for common ailments, packing checklists and more useful information.

Travelon Luggage and Purses

A woman traveling by herself - or perhaps with other women - may feel she is an easy target for pickpockets and other thieves. Travelon produces great anti-theft purses of various styles designed to carry essentials (wallet, ID, phone) securely. They also feature cut-proof straps and RFID blocking cards to help prevent identity theft.

I purchased one of their purses before my trip to Naples and other areas of Italy and it was perfect - one of the best travel purses I've found to date. After that I bought the carry-on bag pictured above and I also love it - plenty of room for clothing and electronic accessories while still lightweight and sturdy.

Tip: How about a salon or spa package?

Non-moms lead busy, stressful lives too and we don't always take the time out to pamper ourselves. So a gift certificate to a local spa could be a very welcome and thoughtful gift, especially one that could be used for various types of services: massage, facials, hair styling or manicures...whatever she may fancy!

Books on Living Childfree

Great reads for open minds

There are many wonderful books written about the subject of living childfree, or accepting a life without children if that had been a woman's plan in life. However, I would only recommend getting one of these books as a gift for someone you know well, someone who has been open in talking about her situation being a non-mom. You don't want to be presumptive - for instance, getting a book about coping with infertility for a woman who is childfree by choice. But if you've shared some heart-to-hearts about the challenges faced by non-moms versus mothers, getting her one of these titles could be a good way of showing that you care and appreciate her. Maybe you can get a copy of the book for yourself as well and offer to read it together so you can talk about your thoughts and feelings afterward.

Rocking the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfiling Life Without ...

1:5 women in the UK/USA, Canada & Australia are currently turning 45 without having had a child. Although some are childfree by choice, many others are childless-by-circumstance...

Only $30.47

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Pride And Joy: The Lives And Passions Of Women Without Children

Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children is a collection of interviews with 25 women who have chosen not to have children. In lively stories and vivid voi...

$12.09  $13.47

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Otherhood: Modern Women Finding A New Kind of Happiness

More American women are childless than ever before—nearly half those of childbearing age don’t have children. While our society often assumes these women are “childfree by choic...

$19.53  $1.35

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Hopefully this gift guide has given you a few ideas for creative, fun, and inspiring presents for that special someone your shopping for. Got any other ideas to add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Updated: 11/04/2018, sockii
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MBC on 12/14/2015

Nice article - works also for older women who have an empty nest.

CarleyClagg on 11/03/2015

I really liked the travel journal! That is perfect for my sister who is traveling to costa rica this december.

Mira on 05/03/2015

I've discovered that Travelon bag online at some point and then forgot about it. I meant to buy one for myself too. I have a similar one but it's a tiny bit too small of you want to carry wallet, camera, notebook, etc. I wonder if this one is the right size.

happynutritionist on 03/31/2015

These look like some excellent non-Mom suggestions.

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