Give the Gift of Quote Necklaces and Other Quote Jewelry

by Mira

Make a statement with inspirational jewelry with quotes, or gift it to someone dear or who needs encouragement in difficult times.

I was thinking of inspirational life quotes and jewelry for a little black dress at about the same time, and figured sometimes you can make a statement with quote jewelry rather than with big jewelry. Part of that statement, if you're wearing quote jewelry with a black dress at a (New Year's) party would be that you're up for some conversation. So pick a great topic then.

Here are some of my favorite quote pendants, along with a bracelet and two quote rings.

You can choose from several sterling silver necklaces and stainless steel necklaces from Amazon, along with some custom-made sterling silver-plate quote necklaces from Zazzle. You can also make your own necklace on Zazzle, whether in sterling silver-plate or sterling silver. Just pick some words, an image, or both, and you'll be able to create your own personalized necklace in no time. You can create a custom name necklace or one with your monogram, if you want. Or use a photo that inspires you.

Live the Life You've Dreamed

Apparently this quote of "Live the life you've dreamed" is lifted from Henry David Thoreau. Many thinkers have expressed this idea more or less similarly over time. I think subconsciously, from one point onwards in life, we tend to dismiss it, because life is rarely as you imagine it in your childhood or teenage years. And yet it's worth thinking about. We can turn our lives around if we want to -- and I mean in a good way. Are we stuck with the wrong partner? We can do something about it. Are we stuck with a job? We might be able to do something about that as well. See the books below for some inspiration.

Live the Life You've Dreamed. Sterling Silver 18" Chain Necklace

Inspirational Jewelry Necklace Sterling Silver Henry Davi...
Only $32.99

Live the Life You Love Bangle Bracelet (plated with white, yellow or rose gold)

Solocute Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Engraved Live The Life You...
Only $16.95

Inspiration for Financial Freedom, from Robert T. Kiyosaki. Rich Dad, Poor Dad + The Rich Dad's Financial Quadrant

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teac...
Only $10.48
Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Da...
$14.75  $5.43

Quote Rings with Inspirational Quotes

There are now so many quote rings with motivational quotes, that it's hard for me to choose just a few. But these two are some of my favorites: a ring with "I believe . . . so I will" and one with "My Story Isn't Over Yet." The second one has a very beautiful design too, with a semicolon inside a heart shape. It's hard to notice it at first. If you look at the heart from bottom up, you'll see a comma; but look from left side to the right side and you'll see the semicolon nicely nested inside the heart. I really like this ring, and it's made with regard for quality, too, in sterling silver by the Silver Mountain.

I Believe . . . So I Will Stainless Stell Ring

Jude Jewelers Stainless Steel Inspirational Mantra Statem...

My Story Isn't Over Yet Ring in Sterling Silver

S925 Sterling Silver My Story Isn't Over Yet Semicolon Ri...

A Friend May Well Be Reckoned the Masterpiece of Nature

This is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson put it. Given the faith in the goodness of people that Transcendentalists Emerson and Thoreau had, I'm surprised, however, that Emerson considered friend material to be such a rare breed. But then again, many of us reading his Essays today resonate with his philosophical views on the power of Nature and human spirit as well as his belief that we come in contact with the divine when we are in contact with Nature.

So, a lot to talk about. I've read some of his Essays a long time ago and enjoyed the combination of powerful thoughts and poignant style. He's a thinker worth engaging with.

A while ago there was a necklace in sterling silver with this Emerson quote on Amazon, but now it's gone, so I have made two versions on Zazzle myself. You can customize them with a photo of you and a good friend if you wish. It would make a nice gift!

The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Modern Library Classics)

The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Modern Lib...
$15.99  $1.65

A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature (Emerson) – Two Quote BFF Necklaces, Silver-Plated

Friend – Masterpiece of Nature (Emerson)
Friend – Masterpiece of Nature (Emerson)
Friend – Masterpiece of Nature (Emerson)
Friend – Masterpiece of Nature (Emerson)

I Love You Quote Necklaces

There are many necklaces for best friends, including some quote ones, and many for couples, but not that many meant for younger girls from their parents or another loving adult. This "I love you to the moon and back" necklace is one of the few I could find, and I quite like it. It's also beautifully designed in sterling silver, with a crescent moon wrapped around a circle.

If you prefer a more complex design with a more mature quote, I found a sterling silver necklace with two pandas (one smaller than the other) and the message "I love you for always and forever." It manages to be cute while also responding to teens' love for sparkle, for it includes what appear to be some cubic zirconia. The Amazon page says it's made in "Sterling Silver, with rhodium plated." To me it looks like the whole thing is rhodium-plated, but the title for the product says only .925 sterling silver.

I love you . . . to the moon and back Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver "I Love You To The Moon and Back" Pendant...
Only $21.6

Panda Mom and Baby I Love You for Always and Forever

925 Sterling Silver I Love You for Always and Forever Panda Mom and...

Footprints in the Sand Stainless Steel Necklace

Footprints in the Sand Disc Necklace Pendant Charm with 1...
Only $26.95

Footprints in the Sand

You all know that story with a a man dreaming that he was walking on a beach with God, seeing scenes from his life in the sky and their footsteps on the sand. For those who may not know it, the story goes that at the lowest points in the man's life there was only one set of footprints. The man turned to God, asking him why He left him to walk alone at the most difficult times in his life. And God responded that he loved him and never left him. And then said, "When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

Give this quote necklace to someone going through sad times, to let them know that they have God's love and yours.

On to More Cheerful Quotes: Wear the Old Coat and Buy the New Book

I have created several silver-plated necklaces on Zazzle with this Austin Phelps quote about the old coat and the new book. Who was Austin Phelps? Possibly very few people know about him these days, aside from this rather famous quote. Austin Phelps was a 19th-century minister and educator. Some of his books are still published today – not so much as this celebrate quote, though.

These necklaces would make a great gift for book lovers who spend most of their money on this passion rather than on fashionable clothes. Gift them this necklace to show them that you appreciate their life choices. If they have a geeky side, they will like it a lot, and appreciate your gesture.

Austin Phelps Old Coat, New Book Quote on Two Silver-Plated Necklaces

Old coat, new book, cute girl
Old coat, new book, cute girl
Old coat, new book, cute owl
Old coat, new book, cute owl

Live, Laugh, Love

It's amazing how often we tend to forget all three of these: live, laugh, and love, replacing them with work, work, work. There are many designs for "Live, Laugh, Love" necklaces on Zazzle. The ones below are two of my personal favorites.

To my mind, these would make great gifts for teenagers, but if you still have some of the teenage heart in you, and who doesn't, this would make a great accessory to wear at a party with friends, including with the elegant black dress I was thinking about when I started looking up quotation necklaces. It's fun, young, and full of life zest. Wear it often and think about it. 

Live, Laugh, Love Butterfly Necklace, Silver-Plated

Live, Laugh, Love Butterfly Necklace
Live, Laugh, Love Butterfly Necklace

Live, Laugh, Love Silver-Plated Necklace

Live, laugh, love
Live, laugh, love

Keep Calm and Party On / Peace. Love. Run

Of course, if you want to be cheeky, there are some fun quote necklaces to help you with that attitude as well. One of my favorites is Keep Calm and Party On. If you know someone that usually parties hard but now is going through a rough patch, you can give him / her the latter necklace as encouragement.

Edit: Another fun message is Peace. Love. Run 

Peace Love Run Silver-Plated Necklace


Keep Calm and Party On Silver-Plated Necklace


Peace, Love, Paws

Another quote necklace I really like says "Peace, Love, Paws" with both words and symbols. It's a fun gift for animal lovers. For those who are more attuned to the present than the sixties and hippie history, this quote is derived from the Peace, Love, Music slogan of Woodstock Festival that took place in the Catskills in New York for four (rather than three) days in August 1969.

If you want to learn more about Woodstock, a great way to start is by watching Michael Wadleigh's documentary. A new, 40th-anniversary edition, is out. It's a social documentary movie as well as a concert movie, with greats like Joe Cocker, Joan Baez, and Janis Joplin, and lesser-known but fabulous acts like Richie Havens.

Peace, Love, Paws Necklace


Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music

Woodstock: Three Days of Peace & Music (Two-Disc 40th Ann...
$12.98  $114.9

Design Your Own Quote Necklace


Make Your Own Quote Necklace

If you wish to express a thought that you didn't find on this page or online, do know that you can personalize your own necklace at Zazzle. It's easy to make. You can add text, an image, or both, and choose a silver or gold finish, and a round or square shape. You can also make a regular necklace or a locket necklace.

The metal is sterling silver-plate, UV resistant and waterproof. The charm diameter is 1.44" and the necklace is 18" long with a 2" extender.

You can change the metal option to 100% sterling silver if you want.

Personalize Your Necklace Using a Monogram Design

You may want to use your name on the necklace charm, or the monogram of your name or someone else's. There are many monogram designs to choose from on Zazzle. I'm showing two of them.

Kokopelli is a fertility deity in many Native American cultures. It is often represented playing the flute and is thought to embody the spirit of music as well.

Kokopelli Monogram Custom Necklaces


Make Your Own Personalized Monogram Necklace


Personalize Your Necklace with Your Name or Message

You can also customize necklaces on Amazon by choosing your name or maybe an important word in your life, whether it's Love, Live, Learn, Joy, Faith, Gratitude, or anything else.

Personalize Name Necklace, Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Name Necklace Big Initial Gold Plated Best Friend Jewelry Women Gif...
Only $13.97

Or maybe you prefer an Yin-Yang Necklace in .925 Sterling Silver

S925 Sterling Silver Yin Yang Tai Chi Pendant Necklaces for Men Women
Only $24.99
Updated: 10/30/2020, Mira
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Mira on 11/09/2016

Yes, you don't have to agree with them all the time, but they're certainly food for thought.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/07/2016

Mira, Thank you! The stainless steel and the sterling silver certainly look sleek, and it's a different perspective thinking of them as "talking jewelry." It seems to me that H.D. Thoreau and R.W. Emerson are prime candidates for the thinking person's adornment.

Mira on 05/01/2013

Yes, Zazzle is wonderful. I also like the quality of their products and printing. I have ordered 3 mugs of mine and one long-sleeve T-shirt. I think it's a good idea to order some of your items to see how they come out. I learned something about how to design my mugs better and what not to do when making a T-shirt design.

belinda342 on 05/01/2013

I'm just learning about Zazzle, but had no idea you could create your own quote pendant. What a great gift idea!

Mira on 02/22/2013

Thank you, Hollie! Yes, I agree that "Peace, love, paws" is a great one. More people spreading that message would make for a better world ;-).

HollieT on 02/22/2013

Hi Mira,

"Peace, love, paws" is my favorite. But I also like Live the life you've dreamed! Ah, spoilt for choice! Great ideas, Mira. :)

Mira on 02/22/2013

Thank you, MJ. That reminds me to pin them on Pinterest as well. One quote ring from another article is popular there. Glad you like them. The great thing about Zazzle is that you can also pick one of your favorite quotes and make your own necklace.

RubyHelenRose on 02/21/2013

Now that is what I like, quote jewelry, what a brilliant idea, so easy to find something for everyone on our gift list, nice.

Mira on 02/11/2013

I agree :) Long necklaces are great with the right shirt, not to mention dress!

katiem2 on 02/11/2013

I like this idea, you can't have to much of a good thing and positive affirmations is always a good thing. These quote necklaces are great, I like the longer ones. Great for dressing up a sweater, dress or button down. :)K

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