Glass Recycling - Benefits & Uses

by norcal434

The article gives you an insight about the importance of recycling glass and how one can use the recycled glass in different ways.

People are growing used to the idea that recycling of used objects is essential for the brighter future and the existence of our planet. As science is moving forward more types of things are recyclable. Glass is a comparatively recently recyclable to the paper, plastic, etc. This is why there is need to enlighten the public about glass recycling using glass crushers.

Glass consists of three elements that are mined together. These elements are sand, soda and limestone. However, it is obvious that glass is no exception from other natural resources that are used excessively. Due to the human lifestyle a great part of glass appears to be left as waste in our environment.

The glass that is leftover can be recycled and there is also a market out there for it. Industrial growth will add to this. To recycle and reuse glass and glass products, glass crushers have been designed and developed to aid in the process.

Glass Recycling Equipment

Glass CrusherMineral processing machines, like rock crushers gave birth to the idea of industrial glass crushers. When creating these crushers one of the main problems that had to be solved was the sharp nature of glass. The tear can actually be minimized by applying special alloys. Some of the designs of the glass crushers include vertical shafts, breaker bars and hammer mills. Basically, the design and the technical aspects of the glass crushers are made to handle glass’s unique physical and chemical properties.

Importance of Recycling Glass

glass recycleIn order to fully understand the importance of recycling glass let us consider a vivid example. It is astonishing how much glass is thrown away by Americans per week. Imagine a skyscraper; now imagine how many glass bottles would be needed to fill it all. Too many you think?! Right, but in America exactly the same amount of bottles is thrown away in just two weeks; to be more specific the number goes up to tens of millions. And this is in America only.

One may think that paper recycling is much more important than the glass recycling. But would you think the same if you knew that more than 25 percent of energy is saved by recycling of used glass jars or bottles? And most importantly America has already achieved a glass recycling rate that allows cutting 5 lbs. per ton from air pollution.

Advantages and Uses of Recycled Glass

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Not only the environment benefits from recycling glass objects, but the economy benefits as well. Glass has a great quality; as long as the bottles are separated by color they can be reused infinitely. One of the most popular uses of the recycled glass is adding it to the concrete mixes that are later used to refill excavated areas. Other recycled glass products can be used for bottles and other material made out of glass. They can also be used in either the production of paint or fiberglass.

The advantages and benefits of recycled glass are limitless and as the practice grows and more and more glass is Recycling equipment, more and more uses will also be discovered. So why wait, start using glass crushers and recycle glass and glass products as soon as possible and make the environment a better one, along with a better tomorrow.

Updated: 01/11/2013, norcal434
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