Government under pressure by SOPA Strike- Worldwide Unity on the Web

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SOPA strike, SOPA Blackout of the web on Jan, 18th 2012, issues of worldwide censorship of the web, by the US Government & Congress. What's to come of all web locations.

Google SOPA Strke Petition Page

Google 's - End piracy not liberty Screenshot of the SOPA Blackout Day
Google SOPA Strke - Petition Page
Google SOPA Strke - Petition Page

KhanAcademy's Salman Khan speaks on the SOPA Act

All the facts of how SOPA can and will impact all of the web and its loyal users

SOPA what is it?

Stop Online Pracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act of 2012, is promised by the U.S. government to put an end to all forms of outside US website copyright infringements, but is actually going to do much more than just that.

SOPA is said to be the means by which the the web is going to finally get regulated, once and for all, but in ways that will render most website owners start-ups, and even the average social networkers, into the punishing scrutiny of digital disciplinarians, or digital court rooms with lawyer & judge, making the profits at the tail end.  Pretty much its the Governments way of controlling the pathways, and flow of all web traffic, flowing to and from any resource that has an IP adress, also know as the Protect IP Act.

This is a highly dangerous action the Government is attempting to pass through Congress, and if the global awareness and unity of today's SOPA Blackout wasn't enough, with huge networks like Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, and Mozilla Firefox joining in on the fight and petitioning, we all might be in for some gruesome years of high powered digital punishing, if the Government gets its way.  

Hopefully our voice is getting heard across the full spectrum of the entire digital interface they call the web today, and also lets hope the message is getting across to Congress here in the United States of America.  If not the total integrity of the free world is going to be at stake, and the web may eventually become a super highway for the super police, and digital agents alone.  Free expression has finally been put under a heavy loaded pressure, unlike no other moment before, because everyone has been connected by these machines in some sort of communicative way.

I wish us all luck, and more power to to digital people of this cyber spaces we all reside in, collaborate, network, share, make a daily living, and many more important lively forms of communications.  The Web was meant for free expression, not censorship so if there's a God out here, please help us all on this one, and let humanity see this thing through to its rightful destination.  God knows we need a break, the world is at its tipping point it seems at this very moment as well, may god bless us all. Fair winds & following Seas.

U.S. Senators websites get's Blacked Out

Messages get across

Many people reacted today, there were a great deal of citizens worldwide who have responded to the online SOPA Black, by huge Internet companies & Networks both big as well as small, causing an uproar like no other on the web.  The American Congress websites received massive amounts of web traffic in the form of messages, from millions of angry web surfers seeking for answers, and to bring this upheaval to a stop. (Story found on the Verge Technology Publications website.)

Protest have been raging on for a few months about the Protect IP Act or SOPA, and people aren't  going to go down without some sort of fight.  This shows signs of unity by utilizing the web, which has also been seen in the Egyptian revolution, and the the Occupy movements worldwide using the web as its communicative force and out reach mechanism. 

Government Officials appear to only be focused on protecting the right of those with the most money in the private sectors of huge cooperation's, that have many been responsible for exploiting people both indigenous, as well as the poor and middle class worldwide years. The people are striking back in more ways than one, and the web is one mechanism that might just bight the digtial bullet itself.    

Updated: 01/18/2012, CloudExplorer
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