Green Wedding Ideas

by vacationinmyhead

Most people think when planning a Green Wedding that you have to sacrifice style and elegance, that is not the case. Some of the most elegant weddings are earth friendly weddings.

Shades Of Green

Green Weddings vary by "shades of green", or exactly how green the happy couple is willing to go. From a "light green" wedding consisting of making a small environmental effort, to a "forest green" wedding that has a minimal impact on our Earth. More and more couples are choosing a wedding that is healthy and environmentally responsible. Don't think that for one minute that having an earth friendly wedding means that you are going to have to sacrifice style.
Earth Friendly Wedding

Traditional Weddings

Traditionally, weddings consisted of driving to a printer, picking out invitations, lableing, and mailing them off using the post office's form of distribution with no regard to fossil fuel output. Couples formerly set up a bridal registry with stores that could care less about locally produced or recycled home decor products.  The wedding party and guests purchased their clothes for that special occasion at seperate stores, not even thinking to carpool, and chose clothes made of synthetic materials that were often times produced in foreign countries.  The wedding was performed at a church or other venue that was lighted with fixtures using energy consumptive incandescent bulbs and outdated air conditioning units, decorated with arrangements from florists whose goods were purchased from growers in foreign countries that may have used toxic fertilizers and pesticides, then distributed their products using gas guzzling equipment, vessels, and vehicles.  Of course everyone then drove in separate cars to the reception which was inevitably at a different location, all the while using varying amounts of fossil fuel and giving off unnecessry emissions.


We've come a long way since then.  Couples have become more aware and responsible, whereby ultimately becoming the driving force behind the green wedding movement today.

Simple Tips

This is your day to show the ones you love your passion for the environment.  Following are some simple ideas for your green wedding:

  • Use invitations that consist of 100% recycled content.  Or, bypass paper and use online websites like
  • Set up a bridal registry at local eco-friendly stores or online stores that carry recycled home products.
  • The bride, groom and wedding party can choose "pre-loved" attire from vintage or previously owned clothing gathered from thrift shops or consignment stores.  Or, they may opt to have their clothing handmade using locally organically grown raw material fabrics.
  • Having the wedding and reception at the same location will lessen automobile emissions.  Ask your guests to carpool!
  • Hire a wedding photographer that will allow you to view your photos on a website, make your selections, and ask for them on a CD or flash drive.
  • Have locally grown organic food served
  • Serve locally brewed (if possible) organic beer and wine
  • Use locally organic grown flowers
  • Use recycling containers for beverage bottles

No one ever knows what to do with all the flowers or the leftover food.  You can spread the joy from your day to others by donating your flowers to a convalescent home and the leftover food to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen.  Not only is this sure to brighten the day for many but I am sure it will also make you feel good!

Rice Throwing Alternatives

A good alternative to throwing rice if your wedding is in the city or an outdoor location with a manicured, non wild yard is to use birdseed instead.  Most standard birdseed mixes contain invasive plants that may not be native to your area, and throwing birdseed in a natural wedding spot, like in a nature preserve or state park can cause havoc to that ecosystem.  How about throwing native wildflower seeds or petals, ringing handbells, or blowing bubbles any of these would be great alternatives to throwing rice and birdseed.

Throwing Flower Petals

Thank You

By keeping the environment in mind, the more you and your guests will enjoy it, the less money you'll spend with minimal impact, the more memorable your wedding will be, and our Earth will thank you for your efforts.

Volunteer Honeymoon Vacation

Being environmentally conscious does not have to end with the wedding and the reception. You can carry this great theme right into the honeymoon with something known as Honeyteering.

Updated: 06/17/2011, vacationinmyhead
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