Grow Your Own Hydroponic Herb Gardening Year Around

by catherine2255

How to start and grow your own hydroponic herb garden

Why Grow herbs in a hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic Herb Gardening, a great way to produce Herbs

Doing hydroponic herb gardening allows you to grow herbs very fast so it’s easy to create a business supplying fresh herbs.  You can setup multiple hydroponic systems to accommodate the growth of your customer base.  If you’re growing herbs for yourself and family then you will have fresh herbs year around.  Growing herbs in water is as organic as you can get.

One of the best things about using hydroponics is you can do hydroponic herb gardening for a sideline business or your main business.  You can even grow them for you own use so you have fresh herbs year around.  Everyone needs herbs for cooking, herbal remedies, and teas.  You’ll have a ton of customers before you know it.


One of the easiest businesses to start is herb gardening.  You won’t have any problems finding customers because there are many restaurants, eateries, and people who like to use fresh herbs for cooking, teas, and herbal remedies. It also doesn’t take a lot of moolah to start growing herbs as a business.  In as little as 6 weeks you could have your herbs business up and running.


Setting up hydroponic herb gardening can be done almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors.  If you set it up outdoors you can use the light from the sun and move in indoors in the winter and use light fixtures to supply the needed light.  The only disadvantage of indoor herb gardening is the cost of power for the lighting.  Growing outdoors, the sun will supply all the light plants need to grow.  You can even setup your herb garden using both indoor lighting and the sun. In the winter months herbs need more light than what Mother Nature can supply, so setting up so you can use both will supply all the light your herb garden will need.


There are few negative points to hydroponic herb gardening.  You don’t need a lot of space like you do with a soil garden. You can set it up on a balcony, patio, or even a window sill and still grow all the herbs you need.  As for a business, one or two hydroponic systems will have you in business in 6 weeks.  That’s all it takes to grow herbs hydroponically.  However, you do still need to know how to run a business.


Also, there’s very little work involved in hydroponic herb gardening.  Of course, there are also no weeds.  Bug problems are rare but can happen however, they are easily taken care of without nasty pesticides. You do have to supply electricity to pump the water through the system but you can also use hydroponic systems that don’t use electricity.   There are any number of hydroponic herb gardening kits you can use for growing herbs.  You can even make your own hydroponic herb garden system with a few items from you local hardware store.


Hydroponic Gardens

Some inspiriation for you to create your own Hydroponic Herb Garden
Hydroponic Garden KCI_4527
Hydroponic Garden KCI_4527
Tomato Plunts Growing By Hydroponic Cultivation Atmacfarm = MACFARMの新和式水耕施設で栽培中のトマト
Tomato Plunts Growing By Hydroponic C...
Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponic Garden
Blossom from a hydroponically grown tomato 🍅 Thinking of spring on this cold winter day. 36/365. #cy365 #macro #tomato #ztylusmacro #grow
Blossom from a hydroponically grown t...

Hydroponic Garedning Supplies

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Ragtimelil on 01/12/2013

I like it! How do you do it?

katiem2 on 06/01/2012

Very cool growing ideas, I a vegetarian who lives in the city and am always looking for a way to add more produce to my growing possibilities. Love your hydroponic do it yourself herb garden.

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