Hair Chalking Popular Temporary Hair Dye Trend

by Successfulliving

Hair chalking, or coloring your hair with chalk, has become a hot new trend for people of all ages. Have fun with this temporary hair dying method.

What do you say when you son or daughter would like to color their hair? If you’re like most parents, the first thought might be to say no. However, there is a safe way to color your child’s or teen’s hair, without going the way of permanent hair coloring. And what if you’d like to dress up for a special occasion, add some color to your hair for a costume, or just brighten up your every-day hairdo? Hair chalking may be just the solution you're looking for!

Hair Chalking

Popular Temporary Hair Coloring Trend

Hair chalking has become a hot trend for kids, tweens, teens and adults; the trend became popular when Lauren Conradfirst sported this colorful, temporary hair dye. Using chalk, to add trendy colors to your hair, is a fun DIY way to add some zip to your locks, without the need to commit to a long-term color change. Now anyone can use this fun and easy way to add color to their hair.

Hair Chalking

A Hot Trend
Hair Chalking
Hair Chalking

Ways to Use Hair Chalking

Temporary Hair Color

Hair chalking allows you to be creative with non-permanent hair dye. You can use hair chalking to add some pizzazz to a special occasion such as a prom or even a wedding. Hair chalking can also be used to enhance a costume for a play or costume party, or to just add a little more excitement to your everyday hair style.

Benefits of Hair Chalking Over Traditional Hair Coloring Methods

Advantages of Hair Chalking
  1.  Hair chalking is a temporary hair color; there’s no long-term commitment to the color(s) you choose to dye your hair.
  2. Chalk is easy to wash out of your hair, though it may take 1-3 washings before all the color is gone.
  3. Chalking is a more precise way to add color where you want it, rather than having to use an all-over hair dye. You can color small or large sections of hair, or you might choose to only color the tips.
  4. Hair chalking is an easy process compared to traditional hair coloring kits.
  5. Hair chalking is relatively inexpensive when compared with the prices of permanent hair dyes.

Soft Pastel Chalk

Rainbow of Colors
Soft Pastel Chalk
Soft Pastel Chalk

Hair Chalking Tips

Easy Tips for the Best Hair Chalking Experience

Here are several tips to keep in mind when you use chalk to add fun, temporary color to your hair:

Soft Pastel Chalk. The type of chalk is important to obtain the best hair chalking color. Most professional hairstylists recommend using a soft, pastel-colored chalk. You can find this chalk in most arts and crafts stores, or online at specialized hair product shops and Be sure to avoid using sidewalk chalk or oil chalks, as these types of chalk will not stick to your hair as readily as the soft pastel chalk and/or could stain your hair.

Twist Your Hair. Twisting the section of hair, as you use the chalk, allows the chalk to release more pigment, ensuring you have a deeper color.

Blondes. Blondes should avoid wetting their hair before chalking, as adding water to the pigment will release more chalk pigment into your hair. This could result in long-term stains and make chalk harder to wash out.

Darker Hair. If you have darker hair, it’s best to use water when chalking your hair, as it helps your hair to hold the chalk’s color. The chalk’s color doesn’t typically stain darker hair.

Redheads. Redheads should be careful when using chalk on their hair. It’s best to try dry-chalking your hair first. Some redheads have lighter hair, and chalk colors could stain your hair long-term. First, use a light touch, with no water, when adding chalk colors to your hair. If the color isn’t as intense as you’d like, and then add a little water and more color. Keep doing this until you have the desired hair chalked color intensity.

Washing Chalk Out of Your Hair. When you’re ready to remove the hair chalk from your hair, it’s best to use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair. Clarifying shampoos are made to help remove deep dirt and oils from your hair and scalp, and will help to more easily wash the chalk from your hair.

Condition Hair After Chalking. Chalk is a powder, and removes much-needed moisture from the sections of hair you color. It’s best to use a deep hair conditioner after cleaning the chalk from your hair.

Hair Chalk Supplies

Soft Pastel Chalk for Hair Chalking
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Hair Chalking Directions

DIY Hair Chalking

How to Hair Chalk

Easy DIY Directions for Hair Chalking

Hair chalking is a relatively easy process, though it can be messy. It’s important to choose a safe area to in which to chalk your hair. You might choose an area outside, or if you’d like to color indoors, you can use a painter’s drop cloth to protect surfaces, such as counter tops, tables and floors. You’ll also want to protect your hands and clothes; gloves and a protective shirt or towel will help you avoid staining your clothing and skin.

Items You’ll Need for Hair Chalking

  • Soft pastel chalk
  • Protective gloves
  • A small spray bottle of water
  • An old towel, shirt, or t-shirt (to keep chalk pigment from getting on your clothes)and other surfaces.
  • Painter’s drop cloth (optional:  to keep chalk pigments from getting on surfaces, such as counter tops and floors)
  • Curling iron or flat iron (to seal color into your hair)
  • Soft bristle brush

Easy-to-Follow Directions for DIY Hair Chalking

  1. Use the spray bottle, filled with water, to dampen a one-inch section of hair. You can do a long section of hair, a block section or just the tips of your hair.
  2. Choose the chalk color you’d like to use on your hair. Run the chalk along your hair until your hair has reached the right color intensity. Be sure to start chalking at the top of your hair section, rather than from the bottom up. Going in the direction your hair grows helps hair to retain more of the color pigment, and avoids creating snarls. You might even choose to use more than one color on each section of hair. It’s best to start with the lightest chalk color first, and then go on to the next color, saving the darkest color for last.
  3. Follow directions 1-2 until you’ve colored the sections of hair you’d like to temporarily dye.
  4. Allow your hair to air-dry. You can blow dry your hair, but the chalk has a tendency to take the moisture from your hair, and might damage your hair by making it too dried out.
  5. Use a curling iron or flat iron to go over each section of colored hair. This will help to seal the color into your hair.
  6. Use a soft bristle hair brush to brush out the colored sections of hair. This will help to remove any excess chalk dust before styling your hair.
  7. Style your hair as you’d like; keep your hair stay down or even choose an updo, such as a bun. It's best to avoid using other hair products such as mousse, gels and hairsprays, as these will make your hair sticky and harder to style.

Hair Chalking Tools

Additional Items You Need for Hair Chalking
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Give Hair Chalking a Try!

Have Fun with Hair Chalking

Hair chalking is an easy and inexpensive way to have some fun with your hair, and take part in one of the latest hairstyle trends. Chalking your hair can be a fun DIY project, and is safe to use on kids of all ages, including adult kids who want to have fun with non-permanent hair coloring. So, have a fun time when you give hair chalking a try!

Hair Chalking Disclaimer

Proceed at Your Own Risk

As with any hair coloring technique, there are times when your hair color won't turn out as you expected. I've put together the information in this article only as a guide on how to hair chalk, and cannot be held responsible for any damage to hair and/or surfaces, etc. as a result of anyone following these directions. Proceed with hair chalking at your own risk.

Parents should always supervise and/or help their children with the hair chalking process, in order to make sure children stay safe and are not harmed by heating implements, chalk, etc. It's also a good idea for parents to be present during the hair chalking process to make sure chalk is used only for hair chalking, and not for drawing on household or other inappropriate surfaces.

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Successfulliving on 08/09/2012

@Katiem2: I was surprised by this hair treatment! I hope you and your daughters have fun with hair chalking! Thanks so much for your comment, too! :)

katiem2 on 08/08/2012

This is so cool, first I've heard of it. We have so much fun playing around with hair color. My daughters (teens) are going to love this. Great page and guide! Thanks :)K

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