7 Useful Tips To A More Fun Exercise

by Crissaegrim

It is possible to stay fit and have fun at the same time. Here are some tips on how to make your exercise more interesting.

Many people don’t exercise regularly and this is a given fact. In turn, this leads to being at risk to diseases that could have been easily prevented with exercise. You may already know how important it is to stay in shape, but do you know why most people bail out after a few days of exercise? This is because they think of exercise as a chore and this is the biggest mistake that most make. Remember that you are more likely to do something if you are having fun with it.
With this being said, here are some ideas on how to make your workout more fun. I do hope that these can help you come up with your own ideas as well.


Don't be InSAME!

Are you doing the SAME routine? Doing it with the SAME equipments and in the SAME environment? My simple advice is-DON’T! It’s simple.  Try mixing it up, your exercise routine in reverse, trying different equipments, and (if you’re always doing it at home that is) then also consider going to the gym every once in a while.



Phone A Friend

If you’re the loner type of person (someone who exercises alone that is) then chances are you’ll get easily bored. Not having anyone there to talk to and interact with can easily make your activity uninteresting and dull. Try working out with a friend. I’m sure you’ll find someone who’ll be willing to join you. Having someone there to motivate you whenever you feel discouraged is a huge step.  


We Are Never Too Old

Bring back the child in you, go to a playground and play! Once upon a time we all enjoyed it anyway. Just try to enjoy the slides. Go up and down the ladders. Play around with the monkey bars and do pull-ups a couple of times. Be inventive and creative to come up with workouts that are fun here!


That’s A Nice Ride

Biking is such a fun activity and it is also a good way to keep ourselves fit. If you have a bike then I strongly recommend that you go out and go around your neighborhood.  I always loved that fresh air blowing in my face.


Do you enjoy biking?

Join Our Team

There are always sports programs in every community which you can join. Soccer, tennis, softball, or any other competitive sport will do. These will not just stretch those muscles and keep you healthy, but also enable you to meet other people and socialize as well.


We Have A Winner!

After a long and tiring workout, reward yourself! This is a good way to keep your focus to finish your activities. Wouldn’t you be motivated to finish your goal if there was a massage afterwards? ;)


As you can see, there are ways you can enjoy exercise, and believe me when I say that there is so much more! Just be creative and play with your imagination. Being and staying fit should never be a burden to anyone. Remember, IT’S FUN TO BE HEALTHY!

Which Among These Tips Will You Be More Likely To Try?

Updated: 08/20/2012, Crissaegrim
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katiem2 on 01/14/2013

I will be sharing this...

katiem2 on 01/14/2013

What great ideas. I feel this will help me get started working on my fitness routine to prepare for the up and coming warm weather which will be here before we know it. Great page as it reads and looks. :)K

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