Hawaiian Christmas Shirts

by MaggiePowell

Hawaiian Christmas shirts make a cold snowy Christmas feel like time in the Islands! Wear Christmas Aloha Shirts to Christmas Parites or any time you feel the need to celebrate!

Christmas doesn't have to be cold and snowy... not if you do it Hawaiian Style! These Hawaiian Christmas Shirts will take you straight to the Islands... even if it's only in your mind...

The shirts are all made in traditional Aloha Shirt Style... which means they are loose and comfortable (especially after eating all of your Christmas Dinner). The patterns are fun... Santa Surfing, Palm Trees, Santa on the Beach... it's Christmas with a tropical twist!

Because a Hawaiian shirt is considered formal wear in Hawaii, an Aloha Shirt is appropriate in any situation, from formal to casual... and you can match them with anything. (This is a good time to wear those red pants you have hiding in the back of the closet). Imagne how comfortable you could be .... loose, flowing, untucked... instead of stiff, starched and noosed up with a tie.

Forget the Ugly Christmas Sweater! Wear a Hawaiian Christmas Shirt!

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka is a phonetic translation of Merry Christmas.

Surfin' Santa

Surfin' Santa!
Surfin' Santa!

Surfin' Santa!

Pacific Legend Paradise Santa Christmas Hawaiian Shirts

Nowadays, novelty printed aloha shirts are increasingly gaining popularity like this Paradise Santa Hawaiian Shirts. It can be used anytime, anywhere, and can incredibly match a...

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Santa On The Beach!

Why Shouldn't Santa Get a Tan?
Hawaiian Santa More Beach Fun Christmas Hawaiian Style Men's Hawaiian Aloha Cotton Rayon Santa Sh...

SIZING INFO // these are the approx. measurements of the shirts // shirt chest - (S) 47" | (M) 50" | (L) 53" | (XL) 57" | (2X) 61" | (3X) 65" | (4X) 69" // shirt length - (S) 28...

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What is a Hawaiian Shirt?

A Hawaiian Shirt is also known as an Aloha Shirt

Aloha ShirtsHawaiian Shirts are traditional short sleeved, loose cut shirts with a collar, and buttons that either close just the collar, or run the whole way down the shirt. The patterns are colorful, and many look like traditional Hawaiian quilting patterns.

During the 1940's and 50's, these shirts became popular with US Servicemen who "discovered" them while stationed in the Islands. They brought the shirts home. The new Tiki Culture spread fashion across the country. Hawaiian shirts were everywhere! And why not? They were comfortable, perfect for gatherings or just relaxing. 

These shirts are perfect for Hawaii's warm climate, and are considered perfectly acceptable as a replacement for suit and tie. So, clearly, they should be welcome at any Christmas party.

Reyn Spooner Christmas Shirts

Vintage Style Christmas Aloha Shirts

In 1949, Reyn McCullough opened a men's wear store on the island of Catalina. Reyn combined forces with Spooner who had been sewing under the Palm trees on Waikiki. Since 1956 they started sewing a Hawaiian shirts for surfers and celebrities alike. Their combination of Ivy League fabric with the Hawaiian Shirt style gave his company the nickname "the Brooks Brothers" of the Pacific. 

Aloha Shirts were reinvented by Reyn Spooner using reverse printing techniques on sturdy, yet comfortable "Spooner Cloth" . These shirts were made to look great wash after wash. 

Iconic Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Christmas Shirts

FInd Great Deals on Reyn Spooner Shirts on Ebay

Pacific Legend Hawaiian Shirts

Christmas Aloha Shirts Since 1999

Since they were established in 1999, Pacific Legend has become the leading exporter of Hawaiian Shirts in the US. Their quality shirts are designed to be both stylish and utilitarian. They use a combination of traditional patterns and newer patterns.

The Hawaiian Christmas Shirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, featuring surfing Santas and Santas in Hula Skirts. 

Wear one of these, and you will be the center of attention at any Christmas Party! Men will be jealous (because they had to wear something formal and stiff). And women will wonder who that independant man is! 

There is never a time or place where a Hawaiian shirt is not acceptable! And since they come in black, as well as colors, you can easily fit in. 

Pacific Legend Christmas Aloha Shirts

Pacific Legend Surfing Santa!
Santa Hula Mele Kalikimaka Christmas Hawaiian Shirt (4X, White)

Santa hula dances and his little helper surfs on this Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) chest stripe hawaiian shirt.

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PL Men's Beach Coast Santa Hawaiian Shirt Green 3X

SIZING INFO | PACIFIC LEGEND MEN | POPLIN COTTON | SIZING FACTSPlease DO NOT use Amazon's generic sizing info | These are the approximate measurements of the shirts, NOT your bo...

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Pacific Legend Santa and Snowflakes Christmas Hawaiian Shirt (XL, Navy)

Santa surfs and snowflakes fall on this christmas hawaiian shirt by Pacific Legend in choice of navy and white colors.

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Rules For Wearing Hawaiian Shirts

Please Read BEFORE Getting Dressed

1.- Never iron a Hawaiian shirt: Hawaiian shirts are all about relax and you can't do that with an ironed shirt, I even seen some with the perfect lines like military uniforms! They look depressing
2.- Never tuck in a Hawaiian shirt: That looks so bad, Hawaiian shirts are about letting all hang out and don't care about what the world think of you wearing flower patterns
3.- Polo shirts or t-shirts with flowers are NOT Hawaiian shirts: No need to say more.
4.-Never cover your Hawaiian shirt with a sweater or jacket: If you have to use one then is not a Hawaiian shirt day at all, you have to wear it by itself and let it shine.

curated from http://www.socaltrailriders.org/forum/pub/19134-any-hardcore-hawaiian-shirt-guys-out-there.html

John Lasseter Shows Off His Hawaiian Shirt Collection

All Organized By Subject

Bamboo Cay Embroidered Shirts

Merry Fishmas!

At Bamboo Cay... they strive to bring the Island Lifestyle to your daily life...

Unlike a standard patterend Hawaiian Shirt, these shirts are embroidered with a Tropical Christmas motif. They are machine washable and have a pocket.

These shirts are designed for comfortable living in your paradise!



Bamboo Cay Christmas Hawaiian Shirt

Emboridered for a Classy Look
Bamboo Cay Mens Santa Ornament Embroidered Shirt Black XL

SIZING INFO | BAMBOO CAY | EMBROIDERED SHIRT | SIZING FACTS - please do not use Amazon's generic sizing info | these are the approx. measurements of the shirts, not your body >>...

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Classic Rayon Hawaiian Christmas Shirts

These loose Rayon Aloha Shirts are perfect for Christmas.... some are more dressy, some are just plain FUN
Hawaiian Christmas Snowflake Men's Hawaiian Aloha Rayon Shirt in Black - XL

SIZING INFO // these are the approx. measurements of the shirts // shirt chest - (S) 47" | (M) 50" | (L) 53" | (XL) 57" | (2X) 61" | (3X) 65" | (4X) 69" // shirt length - (S) 28...

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Santa Claus Beach Fun Christmas Hawaiian Style Men's Hawaiian Aloha Rayon Shirt in Red - L

SIZING INFO // these are the approx. measurements of the shirts // shirt chest - (S) 47" | (M) 50" | (L) 53" | (XL) 57" | (2X) 61" | (3X) 65" | (4X) 69" // shirt length - (S) 28...

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Christmas Hawaiian Style Men's Hawaiian Aloha Cotton Rayon Santa Shirt in Blue - L

SIZING INFO // these are the approx. measurements of the shirts // shirt chest - (S) 47" | (M) 50" | (L) 53" | (XL) 57" | (2X) 61" | (3X) 65" | (4X) 69" // shirt length - (S) 28...

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Would You Wear A Hawaiian Christmas Shirt?

Is an Aloha Shirt Appropriate for the Holidays?
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MaggiePowell on 09/12/2013

me too... I don't think there is a more comfortable article of clothing

ologsinquito on 09/09/2013

I love Hawaiian shirts.

MaggiePowell on 09/08/2013

Not a tough choice, is it.... soft and comfy Hawaiian shirts / tight and restricted dress up clothing...

MaggiePowell on 09/08/2013

Isn't it fun? You can't help but smile when you see them.

dustytoes on 09/08/2013

I would love to have a bunch of comfy Hawaiian shirts to wear - at Christmas or not!

JoHarrington on 09/08/2013

I don't have any. *shame* But I have a friend with a couple and he rocks them really well!

I love the juxtaposition between Hawaiian shirts and Christmas. Delicious!

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