Hemp Bracelets

by bhthanks

Various Beautiful Hemp Bracelets

Hemp is a type of plant that has been grown for thousands of years within the United States. Different parts of the plants are of use, including its seeds, seed meal, seed oil and fibers. Although the plant is from the same species as cannabis, it contains none of the active ingredient, and as a consequence, cannot be used as a drug. The fibers from hemp are long and strong, and are on average eight-inches long. In current times, uses of hemp include health food, textiles and paper. The popularity of hemp is connected to the fact that its growth is very environmentally friendly and fast, producing a substantial biomass over a short period of time. It can be grown without the use of herbicides, and using very few pesticides. This makes it cheap to produce.

In recent times, hemp has become popular as a type of jewelry, with one common form being hemp bracelets. These are created from hemp twine, and make a beautiful and natural gift for a loved one. Because hemp is fully biodegradable, its creation has no negative effect on the environment. An additional reason for its popularity is that hemp is very flexible, and as a consequence, is very comfortable to wear. Hemp jewelry is currently very fashionable, and people wear it both for appearance and for the comfort.

Hemp bracelets are very popular, and make a lovely gift for a loved one. There are many different types to choose from, and which you choose depends on the preferences of the loved one whom the gift is for.

Many hemp bracelets are simple, such as this hemp and hematite black Hawaiian bracelet. It is a fashionable piece of jewelry for the one that you love, and one that can be worn with almost any outfit. The casual nature of this gift makes it one that is easy to give, no matter what the occasion. Another simple variation of the hemp bracelet, is a brown bracelet which contains hemp beads and hematite. Like the first bracelet, this piece of jewelry is simple, yet pretty, and is easily matched with different outfits whether they are casual or even, on occasion, formal.

Hawaiian Bracelet Black, Hemp, Hematite & Brown Hemp Bracelet
Hawaiian Bracelet Black, Hemp, Hematite

Hawaiian Bracelet. Made of coconut shell, hematite and hemp beads with silver accents, this bracelet creates a stylish piece of jewelry.

Only $5.39

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Brown Hemp Bracelet

Made of natural element coconut shell with hematite and hemp beads, this bracelet creates a stylish piece of jewelry.

Only $2.51

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One beautiful variation on the hemp theme is a butterfly faceplate bracelet. This bracelet is a combination of hemp and chain, which forms a very elegant bracelet. It is much more formal than most hemp bracelets, but provides a fusion between old and new styles.  A second variation that is also more formal is an adjustable bracelet with beads. The bracelet has five different beads, which are silver in appearance.

Regardless whether you choose a simple bracelet, such as the first two, or a more elegant one, hemp bracelets make wonderful gifts for loved ones. They are comfortable to wear, fashionable, and are not detrimental to the environment. They can be given as a romantic gift for a specific occasion, or just as a general present to tell a loved one how important they are.

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bhthanks on 01/12/2012

Yes, the butterfly and also the one with the metallic beads are very fancy! thanks for your comment, kinworm!

Marie on 01/11/2012

The butterfly bracelet is very pretty indeed.

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