Homemade Bird Baths

by itd24

In summer there is nothing more attractive to birds than bird baths. Make your very own homemade bird bath and watch the birds visiting your backyard.

If you want to attract more birds to your backyard, there is nothing more effective than a homemade bird bath. Birds need few things to be happy.

They need a reliable source of food during winter time. Many people fill their bird feeders with bird seed to help them through the winter. But birds also need water through the whole year.

Especially in summer, they rely on a steady source of water. If you use a bird bath you can attract many birds to your backyard and amuse yourself by watching their shenanigans.

Bird Baths are Important

Although its funny for you, it is dead serious for the birds. In summer these creatures need water to survive. They have to cool themselves and since they do not sweat, they need to cool themselves using other methods. Water can be a lifesaver.

They also need to clean their feathers. Dirty wings can not be used for flying effectively. Clean feathers are many times the reason a bird can escape a predator.

After you decide to get a bird bath, you have two choices. Either you spend some money and buy one, or you build your very own homemade bird bath.

bird bath

Building a Bird Bath

When building a bird bath, your imagination is the limit. You just have to obey some guidelines, that are vital if you want your bird feeder to be safe and useful to birds.

In nature birds prefer puddles to freshen up. That means your bird feeder is going to have to mimic a puddle to be attractive to birds. Round, shallow containers are great for that purpose. You have to make sure the container is not deeper than 3 inches, birds like shallow water.

You can use a large clay pot saucer on the ground, that is one of the easiest homemade bird baths. But you have to be careful when you choose a location for that ground type bird bath. Predators can be dangerous in that case.

It's generally safer to put your bird bath on something taller, so predators can't get close as easily. But you have to make sure you choose something that is heavy enough so birds can't tip it over. An old stump or a concrete block will do just fine.

If you want to make your backyard birds feel like home, put some smooth rocks or some gravel in your bird bath before you add water. It helps the birds get a secure footing.

bird bath

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Are You Thinking About Buying a Bird Bath?

Do You Own a Bird Bath?

Take Care Of Your Bird Bath

Unlike homemade bird feeders, you don't have to do much to maintain a bird bath. But that doesn't mean you can just forget about it once it is set up.

Bird bath maintenance is very important because of the possible adverse health effects of birds, drinking water which may have become fouled with bird excrement. If you do not maintain your bird bath, visiting birds will get sick eventually.

Maintaining your bird bath is normally an easy job. You just need to do a simple wash and refill. Never forget to wash your bird bath, it drastically reduces the possibility of spreading germs and disease. Regular washing your bird bath also makes it easier to clean more thoroughly, when the time comes.

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dustytoes on 09/07/2012

I love to watch the birds enjoy my birdbath. Unfortunately my cat likes to drink from it too!

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