Hopes and Dreams and Fantasy

by Mira

Georgiana Chitac is an artist I believe in. Her seemingly light, decorative art conveys strong emotions in playful, always interesting compositions.

On September 20, 2012 Georgiana Chitac had the opening to her show Hopes and Dreams and Fantasy at Readers Café in Bucharest. If you live in Bucharest, stop by sometime until October 19 to see some of her original works and some prints from the past two and a half years. If you live far away, you can easily get a print from some of the online shops she works with, or, if you really like the piece, the original work. From what I’ve seen tonight at her show, her prices vary somewhere between 150 euros ($195) and 350 euros ($456) for the original works. Some may sell for more. You’ll have to check with her. Also, from what I’ve seen online, her prints sell for 30 euros ($39) to 229 euros ($298), depending on work and size. (I converted euros to US dollars on September 21, 2012.)

Georgiana Chitac's Statement for the Show

"I'd like my exhibition to be an invitation to enter a world where things appear a little different than in reality. A dual world, where there is still unhappiness, where there's still sadness, and yet a place where you can always find hopes and dreams and fantasy."

Carlota and Her Magic Birds

Carlota and Her Magic Birds

My favorite image at the show, one I hope to own one day, is Carlota and Her Magic Birds, available on Saatchi Online. It would be hard for me to tell you why I like this image. I guess the swirls in the girl’s hair, the tones of color in the hair, the exotic birds, the Japanese kimono, and most of all the idea that birds can lift you up, the weight of your hair or whatever else grows heavy in your heart . . . All this resonated with me and appealed to me.

Just look at how the girl tilts her head determined to move on and carry the weight in her soul (this, of course, is all my interpretation), oblivious to the fact that the little birds are helping her move on and making something beautiful out of the weight of her sadness (her hair). Look at that little bird firmly placing her feet on her chest, and looking up at her, trying to tell her just that.

Carlota and Her Magic Birds is here on Saatchi Online.




Another one I really like grows out of a simple, playful idea: mismatched socks. Georgiana Chitac is a master of composition. She plays not just with the socks, but with the proportions, perspective, and elements that enter the frame as well as elements that are left out. Look at this plunging perspective, and see how she leaves it room to enter our space and our imagination. The socks closer to us grow a little larger but also taller, and that has a purpose. The socks may seem scattered but they’re not, really. Look how the gray one points to the chest of drawers, to the rightmost section of it that’s still in the frame. Look how the one with the snowflake directs our attention to the girl’s left foot, and from there up to the sock in her hand. Also see how there’s another sock, also white, pointing at the same foot from the right. Now look at the triangle they form and see how this triangle pulls the composition together, anchoring this sea of socks. The more you look at her work, the more you see. The leg of the chest of the dresser falls in just the right place, two thirds from the bottom but in more than a third from the right so as to create some dynamism (and sticking enough of its body into the picture) and create another triangle in the upper left section of the picture, where you see a tilted triangle between the leg of the dresser, the reddish sock and the sock in the girl’s hand. And, of course, I like the fact that there’s no head. We can focus on the socks :-) and enjoy a wonderful, simple yet spot-on composition.

Scattered is here on Saatchi Online.

Little Fish Swimming on the Carpet

Little Fish Swimming on the Carpet

Another one I like, for reasons similar to those in Scattered, is Little Fish Swimming on the Carpet. The composition is amazing, I think. And the dialogue that I take it inspired the photo is pretty cute:

“Mom, I get a little sad when I look at your drawing.”
“Why honey?”
“Because the little fish is going to die.”
“No it's not! You are going to save it.”
“I am!?!”

(lifted from Georgiana Chitac’s blog)

A Few of My Other Favorites

The One I Love
The One I Love
by Romanian artist Georgiana Chitac
Love and Tiramisu
Love and Tiramisu
by Romanian artist Georgiana Chitac
Cloudy Travel
Cloudy Travel
by Romanian artist Georgiana Chitac
by Romanian artist Georgiana Chitac

Hope You Liked the Journey

Discover more of Georgiana Chitac’s work on her blog.


As of September 2014, Georgiana Chitac has a children's book on Amazon. The story, by Adina Pasa, is in English. I hope many children in the US and elsewhere in the English-speaking world will get to enjoy Georgiana's designs.

Updated: 10/11/2014, Mira
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Mira on 11/09/2016

I think she's an amazing artist. Mismatched socks sounds like fun :)

DerdriuMarriner on 11/07/2016

Mira, Thank you! Me too, I like "Carlota and Her Magic Birds," "Little Fish Swimming on the Carpet" (upon reading that the fish is not going to die at the child's matching socked-feet), and "Scattered." The style may be gone now but for a couple of years it was trendy for the under-21 crowd to wear mismatched socks here!

Mira on 06/01/2014

I don't have an answer to that, but she tries not to scare her daughter :-), so her art is a mixture is suffering and sweet love. At least that's how I see it. "Dark" is probably not the best descriptor.

Mira on 05/31/2014

She has a darker side, too, but she can be quite playful at the same time :-). Glad you enjoy her work!

Mira on 02/09/2014

Thank you, Emma, for your comment. I'm glad you like her work. Illustrators are a wonderful bunch. I went to several exhibitions and it's always a delight.

Mira on 08/06/2013

Glad you like her work and my post, Mike! :)

MikeRobbers on 08/06/2013

Beautiful artwork and post. Many thanks!

Mira on 08/05/2013

Thank you so much, Treathyl! Yes, by all means do write about them. Thank you for sharing this article!

cmoneyspinner on 08/05/2013

I'm glad Wizzley Editors allow you to introduce this awesomely talented artist and direct your visitors to her website/blog to see more. I know of many artists and other gifted entrepreneurs and was wondering if I could AND should use platforms like this to tell the world about them. Now you've inspired me. Also, shared this article via Pinterest.

Mira on 08/05/2013

Yes, she's really talented. And she works very hard, too!!

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