How Long Should I Stay in Rehab?

by kslinskey

There are many addiction treatment programs like inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient program & halfway houses. The length of these programs varies as per addiction severity.

Addiction to drugs can take your life for a toss. However, it is not a problem that happens overnight. It is a progressive disease, which takes several months and years to overrun your mind, body and soul. An addict is not only physically addicted to a substance but also psychologically, and every psychological treatment demands a considerable amount of recovery time.

Treatment Programs

Time is the most precious asset, and addicts seeking answer to “how long should I stay in rehab?” is natural. Just as there are different types of addicts, there are different types of drug rehab programs as well. The length of these addiction recovery programs vary according to the severity of addiction. While a person who uses less-addictive substances may require just a 30 day long treatment, an addict with severe physical and psychological dependencies may need to stay for nearly a year in rehab to undertake combined therapies for recovery. Given below is some relevant information about some of the most effective drug rehab programs.

Inpatient Treatment

It is one of the most common drug rehab programs that addicts take. During inpatient treatment a person is part of a community dedicated to recovery. Staying in a calm and peaceful environment and having distance from the life they were living gives addicts a much needed time-out to breathe and heal. While people who use drugs like marijuana may achieve results within a month, people involved in drugs like heroin, meth, or cocaine typically require a three-month plan to see recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

When clients finish inpatient treatment their chances of success weigh critically on maintenance of their recovery. Intensive outpatient program is one of the best methods to remain focused on a path of sobriety. A New Day treatment in south Florida offers its clients a chance to continue their healing by receiving therapy and participating in groups long after they have left the inpatient treatment center. This continued form of treatment allows addicts to return to their jobs and families but stay connected to their recovery and a community dedicated to the same thing.

Halfway Houses

For many addicts the idea of returning home after recovery can seem exciting but also scary. Stressful jobs, unhappy marriages or relationships can trigger a person on the path of recovery into relapse. It is important in early recovery to avoid these triggers until a recovering addict feels is confident enough in their sobriety. A halfway house is the perfect way for an addict to ease slowly back into society. A halfway house allows just the right amount of freedom while keeping the addicts accountable with random drug testing.

Having said that, every individual is different and so are his/her circumstances. While some people are not able to participate in 90 or more days of drug addiction treatment, it is important that they continue following the practices learned in the treatment. Participating in an Intensive Outpatient program can be helpful. If that is not an option then attending 12 step meetings along with individualized therapy will also aid in keeping a person sober.

In the conclusion, no matter how long drug addiction treatment lasts, recovery is a lifelong effort. Achieving sobriety is up to the will of an individual. Cravings can occur anytime, and an addict must be ready to face new challenges throughout his/her life.  

If you or any of your loved one is suffering from addiction, seek help today. A New Day rehab in Florida offers its clients services giving them superior chances of recovery from drug abuse. They encourage participation in intensive outpatient or IOP, while clients live in the halfway house. This continued recovery from drug and alcohol abuse helps people get into healthy habits and gives them a better chance at a healthy, happy, and drug-free life.

Updated: 04/15/2013, kslinskey
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