How Much is that Doggy in the Window? Find out with Free Classified Ads!

by JoyLynskey

Check out some tips and tricks anyone should know before buying a pet from a free classified ad site!

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Find Your New Fur Family Member

A wonderful way to search for a new pet family member, whether you are looking for a cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit or any other loving domesticated pet, is to search the free classified ads. Free classified ads bring a plethora of benefits for those looking for a forever pet, as well as those looking to re-home a pet:

  • Free Classified Ads are usually local, which allows you to not only visit your future pet beforehand, but also eliminate transporting costs and fees.
  • A multitude of pets are available from a variety of sources such as individuals, families, rescue groups and foster centers.
  • There are no fees involved in searching for your pet, which will free up more money that you can use to take care of and spoil your new family member.
  • Local classified ads give you the option of having your potential pet checked out by a veterinarian before adopting.
  • Using an online classified service allows you to browse through ads in the comfort of your own home, allowing you the time to find your perfect pet.

Beware of the Pitfalls of Finding Pets on Free Classified Ads

Keep in mind that when adopting a pet via a free classified ads site, you run the risk of dealing with those individuals that may not be forthcoming with all of the details concerning the pets they are re-homing. Some may be running “dog rings” or “breeding farms” in order to make a quick buck, despite the fact that the animals they are selling are not in optimal health and a prone to a variety of health-related illnesses that are associated with puppies that are bred at these types of places. Others may not be truthful of the actual breed, and some even try scam people into making phony donations.  There are red flags and warnings in place to watch for when searching the classified ads:


  • Watch out for any “puppy farms,” also known as “breeding farms.” These particular breeders will not be easy to spot and they understand the stigma associated with what they do. However, your first trip to meet the puppy should let you know the situation. Insist on meeting the parents of the puppies if possible, and a full veterinarian check-up before committing. Ask to see where the puppy eats, sleeps and plays.
  • Do not freely donate to anyone asking for money to help rescue an animal, especially at an outrageous price. Foster care, charity work and other ways to help animals are always available through professional animal welfare organizations. Make sure to thoroughly check out the credentials of anyone claiming to be a rescue organization in need of money.
  • In some instances you will run across someone who is trying to re-home a puppy with no papers. These individuals may insist that their puppy is 100% full lab, although the pup could potentially could be mixed with other breeds. Unfortunately, these adorable pups may look full breed as a puppy, but as they get older, the resemblances of other breeds shine through. The best way to ensure you know what kind of puppy you are adopting is take your new puppy to a veterinarian who can make an educated guess, or to a professional breeder before adopting.

Do you think people should buy pets from classified ad sites?

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Updated: 10/20/2011, JoyLynskey
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