how teen pregnancy affects families

by jovifan3

How Teen Pregnancy Affects The Family

The Ordeal Of A Teen Mom

     The teen pregnancy rate is the highest its ever been this year in 2011. That's really scary considering all the information these kids receive and all the birth control options available today. My daughter alone knows atleast 5 girls 15-17 that gave birth this year. It is a child having a child. There is no way these kids are emotionally or financially ready to have children. Usually the father takes off because hes not emotionally ready for such a responsibility. This in turn leaves alot of burden on the girl's family.

     The family usually the girl's parents are stuck with the financial burden and the caring of the baby.  The mother ends up dropping out of school and can't get a job. Alot of moms end up on welfare if they live alone. The grandparents take care of the baby when the child is in school, if she stays in school. This can put alot of stress on the child's parent's marriage. It also can have an effect on other children living in the house, making them think its ok to have a baby so young. It can have an effect on the parents also becoming grandparents so young.

     The whole family must adapt to this change. The other kids in the house don't get much sleep from a crying baby. They have to realize the economic strain on the family. They can't get everything they want like designer jeans or a new ipod. The new mom is exhausted and going through alot of hormonal changes and physical changes. All of a sudden, she is a mom, and has the responsibility of a baby for the rest of her life. She cant finish school., or get a job, and she has no social life at all.

     The moms social life changes. The boyfriend usually leaves.. Her friends desert her. She is very isolated and alone. No one understands what she is going through. If she goes back to school this will help or go to night school. Sometimes her true friends will stick around.

     The moms future is at stake. Some moms go back to school when the baby is alittle older, then they get a job. This is if they have help with the baby. If they have to pay a sitter it's difficult. Sometimes the sister will help out when the mom can't.

     All in all, it's very difficult to have a baby when youre still a child yourself.

Updated: 05/26/2011, jovifan3
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