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The average family can save over $ 3,000.00 dollars by choosing the modern style reusable FuzziBunz diapers over disposables. Come see the best quality and value in diapers.

Tereson Dupuy, mother of three started the FuzziBunz diaper company when her son suffered from chronic diaper rash. Tereson knew there had to be relief for her baby, an answer to the diaper dilemma and an overall better way to diaper period. This is a story all to familiar with parents everywhere. Any mother or father would prefer to diaper their babies with a safe, comfortable and reliable diaper. We also think about our wallets and the planet we leave behind for our growing babies.

FuzziBunz diapers delivers on all the hopes and fears new parents face. Set back take a breath of relief and be prepared to learn all about a new way of diapering your little one plus save thousands doing so and the planet along with it. Don't miss the video below showing you how easy it is to use FuzziBunz diapers from birth to potty training.

A Safe Chemical Free Diaper

Tereson Dupuy is the founder and owner of FuzziBunz Diapers, also the inventor and patent holder for FuzziBunz® pocket-style cloth reusable diapers.

Tereson has been perfecting her beloved diaper product for over twelve years. She is the original inventor of this diaper and while there are some copy cats, as she shared with us while airing her product on shark tank, she's the rightful owner of the brand. She has also worked hard long after others took her idea and ran with it to continue improving and perfecting the perfect green diaper. She tested these diapers on her own three children.  

The Best Original Cloth Diaper

The pocket-style fuzzibunz cloth diaper has proven itself to be the best diaper of it's kind it is in fact the original.

Tereson has done the practical hands on trouble shooting and made the necessary adjustments till she got it right. Her pocket-style cloth diapers have proven themselves over the years. Plus they  are free of the scary things in disposable diapers we parents worry about. This green option never go's into the land fill as you use them from birth to potty training your toddler. You can save them and use them again for the next baby. These clothe pocket style diapers are the answer to the perfect diaper when it comes to the well being of baby, and babies future. You can take the  thousands of dollars you save on FuzziBunz and put it in your babies college fund

Better Than Cloth Diapers

This is the best modern diaper available that's cloth, green, saves money and offers the most comfort to both parent and baby.

The FuzziBunz's diapers are not only comfortable and free of irritation. they are, cost effective and environmentally friendly. If one was to end up in a landfill, it would biodegrade. Every parent feels good putting an end to further landfill contributions. Tereson is called the mother of the modern cloth diaper for good reason, she's done the hard leg work developing this product, her heart and soul is in it. She stands by and works with her product day in and out, like any great mom she is committed and no doubt thinks of her future grandchildren as she nurtures her product.

Dirty Diaper Storage System

FuzziBunz has thought of everything with it's convenient, clean and mess free diaper storage system for all those dirty diapers.

What do you do with the dirty cloth diaper?  This is the question we all want answered. The FuzziBunz diaper maker has created a unique yet pratical dirty diaper storage system. This diaper storage is a must have for any and every cloth diapering parent.

It's so easy to us simply hang the mess-free cloth diaper laundry bag on any hook or doorknob and you have a portable no fuss way to store dirty diapers between washing

How to Clean Dirty Cloth Diapers

Maintaining and cleaning cloth diapers is simple and easy once you know the best method.

How to Use the Dirty Diaper Storage System

  1. First dump the contents of the diaper in the toilet and flush or rinse the dirty diaper if need be.
  2. Place the dirty diapers at the top opening of the diaper storage
  3. Repeat this process until the bag is filled.
  4. to laundry the soiled diapers unzip the bottom of the bag to dump the diapers out into the washing machine.
  5. Toss the emptied bag in the wash with the diapers washing altogether.

This bag stands the test of time and can be used for years as a laundry bag for storing and washing once baby's grow out of diapers.

How to Use FuzzyBunz

Watch to learn how to use FuzzyBunz Diapers from Birth to Potty Training
Updated: 10/09/2012, katiem2
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