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Getting up and offering a toast to the bride and groom is a nerve wracking, scary proposition, but it can be made much easier if you prepare, and just follow some simple steps.

Most of us are not adept at making speeches, because unless we make speeches often for our jobs, we never get the practice. So on one of the most important occasions in our lives, when we need to make a meaningful, heartfelt speech or toast at the wedding of a best friend, sister or brother, we find ourselves not knowing what to say or how to say it.

Making a Toast to the Bride and Groom

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Getting up and offering a toast to the bride and groom is a nerve wracking, scary proposition, but it can be made much easier if you prepare, and just follow some simple steps. 

This article will take you through the steps, and has a list of resources to use to help you come up with exactly the right thing to say, so that you will feel confident, cool and comfortable as you make a speech in honor of your best friend, child, or sibling.

Giving Your Speech Meaning

For many people, it is finding the right thing to say at a wedding for a speech or wedding toast that stumps them. Even though they have known their best friend for their entire lifetime, they stumble over the right words to get across what they want to say.

Giving a meaningful speech is important, you want your friends to feel honored by the speech, and for them to know how much they mean to you at this most important time of their lives. I have listed books on this article to help you find the right words. One of the best resources is an electronic book called Wedding Speeches and Toasts for All that has appropriate speeches for all members of the bridal party. This ebook is very inexpensive and can be shared by all the members of the wedding party. Click the link above to read more about Wedding Speeches and Toasts for All .

Another terrific online resource for wedding speeches for all members of the wedding is Professionally Written And Inspirational Wedding Speeches And Toasts . This is a website that has 6 different wedding speech resource ebooks for you to find the perfect speech. Just click the link to learn more about this great wedding speech resource.

How to Prepare Yourself to Give a Wedding Toast

Once you have decided exactly what to say to your best friend at his or her wedding, the next step is the all important preparation.  If you are really well prepared for giving the wedding toast or speech, you will do a great job no matter how nervous you are.

Step 1: Visualize

The first step is to visualize yourself at the wedding, holding a champagne glass in your hand, giving the speech. This is called visualization.

Visualization works best if you take a quiet moment, close your eyes, and picture yourself clearly giving a toast at your friend's wedding.  Fill in all the details in your mind, what you are wearing, the face of your friend watching you, the confident way you are giving the speech.  Give the visualization color and sound in your mind.

Visualize yourself giving the wedding speech once a day until the wedding.  When you get up to give the speech, you will have already given it many times before, and will feel comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Step 2: Rehearse

Any time that you give any kind of speech, you should rehearse the speech.  Practice reading it outloud to yourself over and over until you think that you have gotten it down.  Then practice reading it in front of someone else, so that they can let you know if you are speaking too fast, and where to pause for effect.

The more you rehearse, the more natural it will feel when you get up and give your toast at the wedding.

Step 3: Dress Rehearsal

Just like the dress rehearsal for any play, a dress rehearsal for the wedding speech you are giving will help you immensely.  If you can, go to the place where you are speaking, dressed in the clothing that you will be wearing, and take the props you will need, (written speech, wine cup) and go through the entire speech.

A dress rehearsal works even better if there is someone there to listen to it.  Doing a dress rehearsal will settle the jitters you have about wearing different clothes, and standing up at a microphone or podium.  You can practice looking out at where the crowd will be seated or standing, and practice looking around the room.  Once you have a dress rehearsal, you will feel much more confident giving your speech.

Step 4: Preparing Your Props Ahead of Time

With all that is going on with a wedding, it is very easy to forget your speech at home, or the special champagne cup you may want to use.  A few days before the wedding, pack your props for your speech, and put them with the dress or tux that you are going to wear so that you will not forget anything.  When it is time to rush and get ready, every thing will be in one place.

Step 5: Get Ready and Go!

If you have followed the simple steps on this page, you are ready to give your wedding toast to the bride and groom whether you are the best man, father of the bride, mother of the bride, maid of honor, or the father or mother of the groom.

You can feel confident that you have taken every step that you can to get ready, and you will do very well, honoring the bride and groom and letting them know how special they are.

Updated: 02/07/2015, lakeerieartists
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