How to Make Money on Wizzley with Ebay and Viglink

by lakeerieartists

With the implementation of Viglink on Wizzley, we can now make money with Ebay through Wizzley modules and direct links.

Wizzley has added a powerful new way to make money on their platform called Viglink. Viglink on Wizzley has a three pronged system on Wizzley.

Part One is that you can earn commissions by inserting your own text links into your Wizzley articles to vendors that Viglink has partnered through their affiliate program.

Part Two is that you can earn commissions through text links that Viglink inserts on your articles through their link insertion system.

Part Three is that using Wizzley's Ebay module, you can make money from Ebay through clicks and sales of products through Ebay.

Taking Advantage of Ebay as a Vendor

Adding Ebay as a vendor brings a new level of earnings to Wizzley.  However, I have found that many publishers do not utilize Ebay as a way to make money because they are either not knowledgeable about Ebay at all, or because they have not had good experiences in the past trying to make money from Ebay products.

There are only a small percentage of online publishers who use Ebay effectively as a vendor.  This is unfortunate, because Ebay can be a very lucrative vendor.

Most people get frustrated because they do not understand how Ebay works.  This is especially true if you are not an Ebay buyer or seller.  This was the case for me, and I had to learn to understand how most readers viewed Ebay.

Understanding What Ebay is All About

If you are not someone who shops on Ebay, then you need to learn the Ebay shopping culture.  Ebay is pretty unique to online selling, and although there are competitors to Ebay's way of doing business, Ebay is still the king of their market.

To use Ebay effectively on a Wizzley article, you have to understand why people shop on Ebay.  Most people that are Ebay shoppers are either looking for a bargain, cheaper merchandise than they would find in a store, or they are looking for second hand, used, obsolete, or vintage merchandise.

To give an example, my sister lives in California, and bought her kitchen appliances from a vendor on Ebay who was actually in New England.  She was able to get a better price including the shipping from New England to California than she could in her local stores.

How Ebay Works

How to Get the Wizzley Module to Show the Exact Items That You Want

The first thing to do is go directly to Ebay.  Search for the item you are looking for.  Letting the module do the searching for you will give you inferior results.  I also recommend this for Amazon.  For this demonstration, I will walk you step by step through an example of how to search on Ebay.

Searching on Ebay for Lampwork Beads

I enter the keyword "lampwork beads" into the search bar under "all categories"
Searching on Ebay for Lampwork Beads
Searching on Ebay for Lampwork Beads

Searching on Ebay

The best way to start a search on Ebay is to look under all categories.  Then narrow down your search using keywords until you get the right items that you are looking for.  When you search under the wider keyword terms, you may get more ideas of keywords and subheadings that will fit into your article or series of articles.  I will use any term that has at least approximately 10 items listed for sale.  Once you have the keywords and search narrowed down, you can go back to Wizzley's module and recreate the search.  I always have Ebay fill in the module so that it will stay full, and I do not have to fix it too often.

Narrowing the Ebay Search for Lampwork Beads

Narrowing the search by adding the keywords "handmade lampwork beads sra" to get less results that are more specific SRA means Self representing artist
Narrowing the Ebay search
Narrowing the Ebay search

Narrowing the Ebay Search Again for Lampwork Beads

This time I add another keyword "boro" to indicate borosilicate beads, a much more specific result. I could also have looked for pairs, or a specific seller, etc.
Narrowing the Ebay Search Again
Narrowing the Ebay Search Again

Narrowing the Ebay Search a Third Time

I added another keyword "pair" to get beads made for earring pairs
Narrowing the Ebay Search a Third Time
Narrowing the Ebay Search a Third Time

How to Select Ebay Products for Wizzley Articles

Wizzley Ebay Module Does Not Fill Properly

If for some reason, you get some items in your list that shouldn’t be there, you can add a -keyword to remove those items.  For instance, I always get Barbie clothes when I search for bridal items, so I put -barbie in my search term a few spaces after my keyword.  You do not have to limit the -keyword in your search term, you can have as many as you need to narrow down the choices to exactly what you want to show up.

Getting the Same Results in the Ebay Module on Wizzley

I use the same exact search terms in the Wizzley module that I did on Ebay (module below)
Filling the Ebay module
Filling the Ebay module

Transferring the Results of the Ebay Search into the Wizzley Module

Using Direct Text Links From Wizzley to Ebay

With the Viglink affiliate system, you do not have to use the Wizzley module to make money from Ebay on Wizzley.  You can include text links inside your paragraph directly to Ebay, and Viglink will affiliate them.  If you haven't joined Viglink, you can sign up in your Wizzley account settings.

In order for your links to be the most successful, you should link directly to a product or a product search page.  Do not just link to Ebay's front page.  This will not save your reader any time or effort.

Would you like to buy some handmade borosilicate lampwork beads to make earrings?

What are your goals when you write an article online? Are you striving to get a lot of traffic or to convert sales?
Updated: 03/26/2012, lakeerieartists
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Bruce-Bowden on 05/22/2014

Make sure that the search parameters on the left of the eBay page are set to worldwide, or the link may not work. I kept getting the message about a bad URL, and it wouldn't save the link. Thank goodnes this fixed it.

lakeerieartists on 09/15/2013

Glad it was helpful.

CeresSchwarz on 08/06/2013

Thanks for this very helpful article on how to use the eBay module on Wizzley effectively. I just recently joined Wizzley and there's still so much for me to learn. I didn't know that there were three ways to make use of eBay on Wizzley.

lakeerieartists on 06/05/2013

Glad it helped.

jptanabe on 06/05/2013

Thanks for the tips. I'm just starting out on Wizzley and need to learn how to use the eBay module effectively.

kimbesa on 05/05/2013

Thanks for explaining how eBay works on Wizzley. I needed that!

lakeerieartists on 02/01/2013

You are welcome.

TonfaGuy on 01/28/2013

Excellent information - thank you

Mira on 11/09/2012

I'll have to look into VigLink and possibly eBay too. Thank you for a great article!

lakeerieartists on 09/10/2012

@selecteddee Glad it was helpful.

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