How to Make Realistic Extra Money Using Fiverr

by Ulalume

The goal of this article is to teach your how to make money on Fiverr. Tips for marketing and getting buyers included.

How Do I Make Money on Fiverr?

Learning how to make realistic extra money on Fiverr is a relatively simple task. I am an active user on Fiverr, and have made close to $1,000 dollars (gross) in the past year or so. In this article, I will be highlighting keys to success on Fiverr. While not everyone who joins Fiverr will become very successful, it is certainly very possible to make extra money on Fiverr for what is typically a very minimal amount of work.

Before jumping into learning how you can make realistic extra money on Fiverr, I have put together a short list of things that you will need in order to be remotely successful on their website:

-Good communication skills
-A product or service you are willing to sell for $5 dollars
-Willingness to wait
-An ability to market yourself
-Knowledge of how to use the internet
-Time for work on Fiverr

While these are fairly straightforward, they are vital for being successful on Fiverr. Further elaboration on them will be found further down in this article.

How To Become Successful on Fiverr

How one determines success is a major part of determining whether or not you will become successful on Fiverr. If you are expecting to make ridiculous amounts of money, like a million dollars, then I would consider looking for another source of extra income. Fiverr is an excellent website for making extra money, however it will most likely not be able to replace a full-time job. I have made close to $1,000 dollars on Fiverr in the past year, which is excellent considering I work much less then part time (an hour a week at most). Still, even a thousand dollars is not enough to replace having a regular day job.

Moving away from how one defines success, it is important to consider what type of product or service you intend to sell on Fiverr. Some products sell very well, such as humorous videos, graphic design, and services that help people market their products. I myself am very well known for my blog commenting service, as well as album reviews I write on the website InfoBarrel. The major goal is that you provide a product or service that does not require too much time, as you will be making a net of $4 dollars per order (as Fiverr takes $1 dollars from every sale).

It is easy to get over your head if you decide to try and sell a service that requires much of your time. For example, if you offer to sell 500 quality comments on a person's blog for $5 dollars, you will be spending a ludicrous amount of time working for a mere $4 dollars. This is simply not worth it. Remember: your time is just as valuable as the potential money you make.

What is the Right Product or Service for Me?

One of the most important questions you should be asking yourself when signing up to be a seller on Fiverr is this: What is the right product or service that I should be selling?

With this question you must determine what you are good at, what products you own the rights too to sell, what services you would be willing to do, and if the money made is sufficient for the work you will be doing.

Returning to what I offer on Fiverr, blog and article comments, I have found this to be a niche that is very profitable. Why? Because many people like good quality comments. It helps with SEO (search engine optimization) and can make a person's website look much more appealing and interactive for other users. As a result, their is mutual benefit to be found in selling this service. I make money, and my customers receive great quality comments.

So, what is the right product or service for you? That is ultimately something you need to decide. Some recommendations I do have include: selling an e-book, writing articles, check grammar and spelling on school papers, create simple graphic designs or logos, send a postcard to someone, make a funny video, sing songs for Valentines Day. The ideas are really endless.

The more unique your product or service is, the better. However, you can also sell something generic (like writing articles) as long as you can do it very well! Sometimes good quality services sell, but more often than not; great quality services sell. This is especially true if you are operating in a niche that is filled with sellers.

How Do I Advertise My Fiverr Service?

Advertising is a part of the fun when selling services on Fiverr. Fortunately, marketing and advertising in on Fiverr in general is very similar to how you would advertise your products or services for virtually any business. Whether you are a major corporation looking to buy ad time on television, or a small blog owner looking to get a few more views; advertising is a relatively universal way of bringing new viewers and potential buyers to the awareness of your specific product or service.

Some common tactics for bringing new buyers to your gigs on Fiverr include:

Social Networking

Interact with your friends and family on websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or StumbleUpon (to name a few). One of the simplest and affordable ways of marketing yourself is to make yourself known to people who already know you (and hopefully like you!). This may lead to sales amongst your friends, which ultimately will help you in part because Fiverr has buyer review sections on each of your gigs. Which leads me to my next point:

Social Proof

The gig review section of your gig is vital for directing new buyers to order your product or service on Fiverr. Similar to how Amazon or Ebay run their websites, good sellers will typically receive positive seller feedback. Similarly, bad sellers will tend to receive negative feedback. While there are some flaws to having a system like this, such as buyers who always leave negative feedback without a good reason, it does much more good than bad.

I have found that once you get 3 customer reviews that are positive on your Fiverr gig, your sales will increase substantially. In fact, this is how my Fiverr "franchise" managed to take off in the beginning. It took 3 months for me to get a sale, but in a short period of time after that my gigs took off very quickly. People will buy from trusted sellers. Unfortunately (and fortunately), trust requires someone to take that first leap and buy your product.

Write a Squidoo Lens on Your Gig

One thing I have started doing with my Fiverr gigs as they become more popular is elaborate on what I offer on a Squidoo lens. Squidoo is a unique interface that allows you to write very long articles (and yes, you do get paid for these from Adsense impressions and Amazon sales). In these lenses on my Fiverr gigs, I am able to describe what I am actually offering in my gig, my upsales, examples of my work, and even an about me section to make my service more "personal." This has worked very well and translates into continued sales.

While this is not a exhaustive list of ways to bring potential clients to your Fiverr gigs, they will certainly help you in doing so!

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