How To Manage Time Effectively And Wisely - Time Management Tips

by Natasha

Time management has become very necessary in today's competitive scenario. Here's a list of some useful time management tips that will help you to manage your time effectively.

A successful person always knows how to manage time, he is a master at time management. He is skilled at the art of managing his time effectively and wisely. We only have 24 hours a day in hand and at the end of the day we are always 6-7 hours behind. This is a typical 'Time Tale' of everyone who is trying to juggle work, studies, extra-curricular activities and other endeavors. So, Is it really possible to pull off all the activities effectively and spare some time for the things we enjoy. Yes, of course, It is possible. It requires careful planning and efficient handling of time and you would be able to get through and that too with a smile on your face. You will be a master in time management training. So here are some basic principles of time management training unveiled and explained:

10 Gems To Time Management

  1. Set Goals And Stay Focused:

    Firstly, there is no definite way toTime Management Tips manage your time. However, setting goals and staying
    focused on your dreams would help you a lot. To start with, set short term and long term goals according to your dreams and set up realistic schedules and deadlines. Setting a goal deadline for your goal is very important as it will help you to focus and will not make your target seem too far. Adjust your lifestyle to work towards these goals.
  2. Prioritize Your Actions:

    One should not set horizontal priority list if one wish to see good results in a set amount of time. So, prepare your priority list in tune with your goals, keeping the urgent and important things on top followed by other important and not so important things.
    For example, for a college student like me, study is my top priority. So I devote 45% of my time towards studies, 25% of time for online venture and 30% for recreational and other activities. Devote your time judiciously.
  3. Know Yourself And The Environment Around You:

    It may sound confusing but to get the maximum out of a day, you must understand yourself well. Realize what are your high and low energy periods during the day and also your concentration level. Figure out when you work your best and use this time for your most important activity. It will increase your output drastically.
  4. Multitasking:

    Effective multitasking will save you a lot of time and will also prevent you from overworking. For example, If you spend a lot of time travelling from your college and home, use this time to read a new chapter or revise what was just taught in class. Have dinner/lunch with your family and friends, listen to music while having bath etc. so that you get your fill of entertainment without any extra time spent on these things.
  5. Focus On Results, Not On Being Busy:

    Many people do this mistake. Like here at hubpages, It is of no use If you keep writing hubs after hubs. To see the results, It is important to write quality, content rich and SEO friendly hubs. So focus your efforts towards results and don't waste your energy keeping yourself busy on unimportant things.
  6. Explore Life Beyond Work:

    The best way to manage your time is sometimes not to manage it at all. Keep someday reserved to free yourself from all your daily and monotonous activities and enjoy life to the fullest. It will recharge your brain and you would be all charged up for the following days.
  7. Don't Cut Back On Sleep:

    This is one of the biggest mistake people do to manage their time deficit. It is bad time management strategy simply because time bought in exchange of sleep is low productivity time and It continues to affect your productivity next day too. Also, If you continuously cut back on sleep, then you may even fall sick and waste your precious days.
  8. Keep A Dedicated Time For Day Dreaming:

    It is a fact, we all day dream but day dreaming during some important work will send the entire plan into tizzy. One should consciously refrain oneself from day dreaming during their peak activity. Keep a dedicated time for day dreaming. For example while having bath, walking etc.
  9. Learn To Delegate Your Work:

    This step can prove to be very useful in managing one's time. One must realize that one cannot do everything alone and should learn to delegate work effectively. But one should do it judiciously and with caution.
  10. Do Not Procrastinate:

    Many people are believer of the quote, "Never do today what you can put off till tommorow. Better yet, never put off till tommorow what you can avoid altogether"! They are always behind their target. Then they get stressed and depressed. Always remember you can't reverse time. So it is essential to use it judiciously to do all that you want.

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Mladen on 03/07/2012

It is really hard to finish all today's work in 24 hrs. I would like if day could last for 30 hrs. :)
You made some great point in this article.
It is very important to think about results, and not the time consuming. Staying focused on set goals, is secret of time menagment and success.

Marie on 02/23/2012

Some good time management tips here. I've been working hard on working smarter with my online writing so I can write more in the time I have. It's a continual learning process.

Shaz on 02/22/2012

Great advice. Life can be so busy these days. Thanks for setting it all out so clearly.

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