How to Prevent Identity Theft From Happening - 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

by Natasha

Prevent identity theft from happening to you. Follow these 10 ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

It is very important that you protect yourself from identity theft. If you are a victim of identity theft, you stand to lose large sums of money and also suffer damage to your credit and reputation. It could get worse than this. If not handled properly, you also stand to lose your house and property possessions. You should always remember that even if you don't make transaction yourself, you may still be held responsible for them unless you take action quickly. Most banks and financial institutions will only help you if you report the matter within the stipulated time.

So it is necessary that you prevent identity theft from happening and if you follow the ten ways listed below, you can easily protect yourself from identity theft.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

  • Guard Your Mail:

Never allow mail to sit for a long time in your mailbox. Pick up your mail as soon as possible. If your area has repeated ID thefts complaint, it would be wise to get a P.O. box and get important documents delivered there. Also, you should take all important outgoing mail directly to the post office, that way you can be certain that no one will steal it.

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  • Check Your Statements Immediately:

Always check your bank and credit card statement as soon as you get them. Take a careful look at each transaction and if you find anything suspicious, report it immediately. The sooner you report, the greater the chance that your bank or credit card company will be able to help you.

  • Destroy Important Documents Safely:

Any document which contains your Social Security Number, account number or password is important and sensitive. You should destroy such documents when they are no longer required. But make sure that you do it right. Rather than tearing the document in half, you should shred the documents .

  • Never Give Anyone Your Account Number Over The Phone:

Never ever share sensitive account details over the phone. A bank will never call you and ask for your account number. They already have that information on you. Also, if they say that there is some issue with your account and need your account number for verification purpose or any other reason, don't give them the info at once. Arrange for a call back and in the meantime contact your bank if there is any problem with your account.

  • Never Give Out Account Number or Password in Emails:

This is another very common mistake that most people tend to make. You should never email you account details to anyone as emails can be intercepted. Also, don't store your account number and password as drafts in email, if you email is hacked, they will get your account information too.

  • Shop Only on Secure Website:

Before buying any product or services online, make sure that the website is secure. Before filling out any personal information, make sure it has proper SSL(Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

  • Maintain a Good Filing System:

Carefully file all important and sensitive document. In case of disputes and errors, you will be asked to show the required documents. All important documents should be maintained for at least three years.

  • Check With Your Bank and Credit Card Company:

Make sure that you are protected against unauthorized charges. Most banks offer limited liability to their customer if someone else accesses their account or use their credit card without their knowledge. Get in touch with your bank and financial institution and check what protection it offers against fraud.

  • Be Wary About Filling Out Forms:

Be cautious before filling out any forms online. Make sure you have read the company's privacy policy before filling out any forms. A company's privacy policy will tell you how they are going to use your personal information.

  • Guard Your Primary Email Address:

You can effectively avoid spam by having two email addresses. Give your primary email address to family and trusted friends and use the second one for everything else. This will help keep your primary email address clean.

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