How to Stop Chronic Pain All Over the Body from Injury and or the Aging Process

by katiem2

How after 4 years of horrible pain I found How to Stop Chronic Pain All Over the Body from Injury and or the Aging Process. I stopped my horrific pain without drugs and so can you.

I have suffered with horrific pain every day of my life since hit by a large truck causing me head and spinal injuries 4 years, 1 month and 7 days ago today. In fact, the impact was so severe I was in the trauma unit for 8 days, then physical therapy for 1 year after my release. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I have been in insane amounts of pain getting relief from nothing. I avoided narcotics because I did not want to become just another statistic addicted to prescription pain meds. My neurologist worked with me making our way through a list of therapies and treatments specific to relieving chronic pain. I can now say I have a new respect for anyone suffering back pain due to injury. Back pain is an indescribable pain only intensifying the more you do. I tried everything yet continued to experience migraines, cluster headaches and crushing back pain in my upper back. The pain increased by moving my head, bending down to look and well the things so many of us take for granted, simply using your head. The inability to turn, move or simply maneuver one’s head without pain is a terrible lot in life. Finally, just when I conceded to being in pain for the rest of my life I ran across the strangest thing and like everything else before it, I gave it a go, only this time it worked. I still experience pain if I do not maintain this regimen or if I overdo it BUT I use this technique and my pains alleviated.

Dealing with Chronic Pain

What to do for Chronic Pain

The image of me at the top of the page was six weeks after my surgery.  Yes, unfortunately I required spinal surgery.  Anytime such an incident happens you are hopeful the pain will go away in a few weeks or months. In many cases, like mine, this does not happen.

After six months of persistent pain, my neurologist made me aware that this may be my new normal. Modern medicine expects the pain from injury to end after a certain period.  When pain persist after six months to one year, it is likely one must learn to deal with long-term chronic pain. My doctor and I remained hopefully optimistic and continued to try everything he could think of after my bench marks came and went.

I tried physical therapy, water therapy, acupuncture, topical treatments, soaks, rubs, and even Botox yet none of these treatments, and many not mentioned, worked. Botox paralyzes specific target areas in an attempt to stop pain. This did not work for me. I even tried a few experimental drugs after coming out empty. I had a bad allergic reaction to this treatment. 

How to Stop Chronic Pain

I Stopped My Chronic Pain Using the Esmonde Technique

One day while lying in bed suffering from pain I turned on the TV to PBS. I saw a program for pain relief, it was classical stretch, The Esmonde Technique. I laughed and said, "Yea Right"

I had tried everything and once upon a time, before my injuries was in peak physical condition. I lifted weights, ran, biked, practiced Yoga and flat out loved Zumba, I could not get enough. I was a bit of a fitness junkie.  Now since injured any form of exercise caused me great pain, not often while doing so but later in the day and for days after I would be in excruciating pain. 


I was in such good physical condition before my injuries the surgeon who operated on me later asked if I was a ballerina.  I told him I was not and questioned why he asked. He told me he assumed because I was so tall and in better physical shape than most patients on his table were.  It was our little joke and after that conversation, he called me his little ballerina.  Now in my damaged body any form of exercise causes me great pain.  My shattered back simply could not stand up to the activities I once enjoyed.

Claasical Stretch Pain Relief Method

Targeted Pain Relief That is not the average stretch

I loved exercise and long to one day do any form of it again and so I listened and watched Miranda Esmonde-White as she performed her pain relief series. I knew enough about Yoga and Tai Chi to know this was not what she was doing. Miranda was performing techniques I had never seen before and I was shocked, I thought I knew all there was to know about fitness, clearly, I did not.  Mesmerized I begin thinking, "This might actually work"  After watching for hours and learning the science behind her developed techniques I began looking for her program on PBS to give it a go for myself.  I could not find it and so like anything else I want bad I began researching and finally found the series I needed for pain management.  I bought it, use it every day and feel amazing. These methods never cause me pain; in fact, it feels good, really good.  I am getting back in great physical shape and now manage my pain.  I only wish I found this years ago. I have shared this good news with my neurologist and he too is impressed. Now he can help others like me eliminate chronic pain. 

Added Bonus Works for Weight Loss

This is the program I found, use and love as it frees me of pain

What is The Esmonde Technique - Classical Stretch

Targeted Pain Relief for Young and Old

The Esmonde technique pain relief workouts combine deep stretching with targeted pain relief exercise. I never imagined it could be so easy, so simple. Sometimes we over complicate things, this is such a case. The answer to being pain free is this technique. It is designed to relieve overall stress by releasing tension in the muscles. The workouts increase full body circulation. 


Miranda, the creator of this method leads all the workouts. Miranda is pleasantly balanced, she motivates and explains how all the sets and moves benefit particular body parts and regions. 

I started from scratch and found the routines a bit challenging but not so much I could not complete them from start to finish. This is challenging in a good way, I was not let down for I feared it might be overly easy. I am so grateful to have found this and happy to share with other pain suffers like myself. 

As Miranda says, Classical Stretch is a technique designed to keep the human body healthy, attractive and fit from cradle to grave. 

The Car I Drove When Hit by Commercial Truck

Injuries sustained from this accident caused me long term chronic pain
Injuries sustained from this accident caused me long term chronic pain
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frankbeswick on 07/16/2017

Some time ago I spoke to a rather good young doctor about my knee pain, which circles my kneecaps. She told me to buy comfrey oil. I must report that it works. I think that the application in an older person, such as me, must be on a regular basis, for when I apply the oil the pain and stiffness go away for a few days, then return.

Guest on 07/15/2017

I am going to share with my hubby, he had a scooter accident and broke his neck. We are both being visited by arthritis. He has lots of pain. Glad you shared this!

katiem2 on 03/10/2017

DerdriuMarriner, The body certainly is a temple, a fragile temple we should all be more mindful of each and everyday doing everything we can to care for it and keep it safe.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/06/2017

katiem2, Thank you! It's wonderful that modern medicine put you back together, particularly when scrutinizing the discoloration and stitches on your back and neck and the trauma to your car. I've heard it said that a broken bone sometimes is far easier to fix than lingering soft tissue injury. The Esmonde technique looks very promising, since I have bouts with back and head pain.

katiem2 on 01/03/2017

Belinda, Glad you found this page and provided you with helpful insights as to how to relieve pain.

Belinda on 01/03/2017

GREAT information to relieve chronic pain, something I struggle with.

katiem2 on 08/31/2015

Frank, So glad to hear you are pain free it is a terrible thing to live in pain.

katiem2 on 08/31/2015

Mike, Thanks it is good to be painfree

frankbeswick on 08/29/2015

Sounds good. A few years ago a physiotherapist wrote me off as incurable, but I turned to an osteopath. OK, it cost me £210, but it worked and the pain went away. The principle is that if a technique heals, it works. If the Esmonde technique works for you, then it works for others. Good luck with it.

teddletonmr on 08/29/2015

Katie, good to hear the Esmonde Technique classical stretch provides you relief from your chronic pain.
Now live each day with a renewed vigor, and avoid those damn big trucks.

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