How to Stop Procrastinating

by NetCrunch

This article shows how you can stop the bad habit of procrastination.


Many times in your life you feel the temptation to postpone your goals for the simple reason of not to get into action. It’s a habit that can have dangerous effects on yourself if you're not aware of it. In this article I will share with you the main errors that generate in you the bad habit of procrastination so you can identify and avoid them.

Why do you think you are procrastinating?

You may be procrastinating because ...

This behavior gives you a fleeting sense of security ...

Not wanting  to deal with difficult situations which involve carrying out your objectives ...
 Not willing (for X reasons) to implement the actions involved to take care of what you're doing ...
....(Fill in the blank).

.... (Fill in the blank).

The Danger

If today you feel "calm" to postpone your actions, I hope you get rid of this behavior as soon as possible because it is stopping you from where you want to go.


What you must do.....

If you can locate / capture those thoughts in your mind behind, you take that first step out of this attitude, because only you can choose to take action now.


  • Do take the time to meditate and "to drain" your mind of all thoughts. Relax and prepare your mind like a blank sheet. It is vital that your mind is "clean" and calmer to make important decisions.


  • Do write on paper or in some way that is comfortable, the things you can do (short, medium and long term) to you closer to what you want to achieve.


  • Take note of thoughts and beliefs that can support you and motivate you. Creating these personal decrees will help you your mind to "pull down" the negative thoughts that often result in your being procrastinating.


  • Do make a list of things you want to achieve and continue putting in every area of ​​your life, whether in work, family, education, finance, health, etc. If you do, you could assign to each point of this to-do list an order of priority according to their importance.


  • Do take the time to discover what things / resources / information / etc. you are missing to carry out certain tasks that you know must be completed.


  • Do identify what you want and what you need and do commit yourself to knowing that you fulfill a greater purpose that guides your steps each day. 





Want to avoid falling into procrastination?

These points are key:

Pay attention to your thoughts, and that is where "lives" this bad habit. Why are you procrastinating?

Detect thoughts like "I have no time now, I'll do later" or "conditions are not right now, it will have to wait" and decide what do with each of them to turn, for example: 

Replace "I have no time now, I'll do it later" by "I will X time in the day to go forward step by step."

Get rid of defeatist thinking "I cannot," "very difficult", "I do not know how."When they appear, say to yourself, “ I will find the way", etc. ..Create your own thoughts which are motivating and empowering.

Use the power to manage your time and you on your own will change the conditions of your reality so that the same will become favorable.Make any changes you have to do to solve this problem step by step.

Take Action

If instead of procrastinating on something for the sake of not wanting to do it, face it and look for ways to do it and you will see the self-sabotaging mechanisms begin to disappear. Even if you're not ready to perform a particular task, face it and decide, take steps to deal with it later.


The aim of this article is to prevent the postponement and procrastination continuously robbing the energy you have within you and which you can use to start building your dreams. As you make decisions and take actions, you will feel more powerful and self-confident. Do not forget that life is short and you need to know how to make the most out of it.

Updated: 06/21/2011, NetCrunch
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