How to Update HTC Desire with ICS ( Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich )

by pinappu

Come here to see what Laila ( the most beautiful geeky girl of the world) says about updating your HTC Desire with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android ICS is a great leap from the lifeless Gingerbread. The delicious Ice Cream Sandwich testes best to the fans of Android. The mobile operating system of the big G is gaining popularity day by day and so hundreds of new mobiles are introduced to the market. As a result old models are being neglected by the brands. HTC Desire is also such a mobile phone which was once a flagship phone. Alas! Those days are long gone. The king is an old man now with little fame now. HTC deprives Desire from ICS, neglecting the old king. So, what to do?
You can still bring ICS to the old body of your HTC Desire. Ice Cream Sandwich will give it bright new appearance. Here is a guide to help you to update HTC Desire with ICS.

What Laila Said

Laila’s Suggestion about ICS Update for HTC Desire

Who is Laila?

Laila is the most beautiful geeky girl of the world. She knows everything about android (who can believe otherwise?). Laila has some suggestion about updating your HTC Desire with ICS. What Laila said is written by me.


Before Upgrading Desire to ICS
  1.  You need to charge the phone to at least 70% level.
  2.  Backup the important data like contacts, notes, texts etc. Otherwise, you may lose all these data.


Read it

Liala told everybody to be aware before doing this update. She told that it would be unwise for an inexperienced fellow to do this update. IT would better for him/her to seek an experienced one about the way of Android devices. You shall also know that if you follow these instructions you shall do it by your own risk. I, Laila or this website will not be responsible for any damage or data loss. All the functions of the HTC Desire may not function properly after the update.

ICS for HTC Desire

Step I

1)      You need to root your HTC Desire to update it with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you want to know how to root your Desire you may read this article. (Laila said that rooting is nothing but making your phone free from the bondage of HTC.)

2)      Now you have to unlock the boot loader of your HTC Desire. See the video below if you have no clue.

Unlock HTC Desire Bootloader

Follow the Video

Laila's Guide to HTC Desire Update

Step –II

Liala has a very cute smile. She gave a very cute smile and said to me, “This is not an unofficial update; you need custom ROMs to do it.” I (after forcefully moving my eyes from the wrong directions) said,” Give me the link”. So, she gave me these links. Download the files guys to your PC. These will be needed to do the update.

1)      ICS ROM Zip.

2)      Google Apps Package Zip.

HTC Desire Ice Cream Sandwich Update:

The Final Part

You may wonder does Laila have a boyfriend or not. The answer is both yes and no. She often has a boyfriend but most of the time she is alone. Such a geeky girl cannot be settled so easily. OK, we are now coming to the main point: updating Android ICS to HTC Desire.

1)      Copy both downloaded Zip files from your PC to the root directory of the mobile’s SD card. Do not try to unzip, please.

2)       Now you should have to unable USB debugging. How? Just got to Settings, then to Applications > Development > USB Debugging.

3)      Now reboot your phone to enter in the bootloader mode. Do it by pressing Volume Up, OK and Power buttons together while booting.

4)      If you have succeeded to enter into the bootloader mode then select Recovery option.

5)      After that make a Nandroid backup.

6)      Now clean the ROM. Just select “Wipe Cache” and “Wipe Dalvic Cache” to do it.

7)      Now it is the time to install the ROM. Tap “install zip from SD card”. (Whenever Laila says “Zip” my eyes goes to the Zip of her dress, the line of zip goes through the vally: no more loose talk.)

8)      Select the ICS Zip file and start download. It will take some time to be completed.

9)      After that download the G-Apps package.

10)  Well done, now it is the time to reboot your HTC Desire.

Yes, you have done it. The HTC Desire ICS update has completed. Give thanks to Laila.

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Updated: 09/07/2012, pinappu
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pinappu on 09/21/2012

I hope that you shall love the new phone with ICS @katiem2

katiem2 on 09/08/2012

My daughter has gingerbread, I do not, like my HTC incredible 2, no doubt will buy the next big thing this holiday season. Thanks for the 411 on updating htc desire :)K

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