How to Use Your Car Cigarette Lighter: Fun, Ridiculous and Useful Aftermarket 12-volt Accessories

by classicalgeek

You don't smoke, so why is that cigarette lighter still in your car? Go beyond charging your cell phone into a weird and wonderful world!

I am one of those people who used to live in my car, and I grew up in a very frugal family, so I hate paying for things I never use! One thing that always bugged me was the way my cigarette lighter sat there, day after day, mocking me because I did not smoke. I managed to put the ashtray to use to hold spare change, but what to do with the lighter baffled me. Then one day I learned about these amusing and helpful twelve-volt accessories for your car when I heard about a vacuum cleaner that would run off my car cigarette lighter, and I discovered a whole new world of twelve-volt accessories that can help to make your car more livable. Had I only had these accessories during my morning and evening commutes back when I had to drive more than two hours each way to work and back, I would have been a much happier person, not to mention all the time I spent on those summer road trips!

So if you know someone who spends a lot of time in their car, take a look at all the different things they can do during that commute! Some of these would be great gift ideas for someone who spends half a day in the car, or likes to go on long drives. Or, if you're looking for that perfect gag gift, some of these may just fill the bill!

What do you have plugged into your car cigarette lighter?


Most of these accessories, despite my amusing comments, are not intended for use while driving.However, for boating, camping or other activities, you may find them a worthwhile addition to take along.

And, as a hint for why you might actually want many of these appliances, even if you're not the outdoor, camping, boating, or RV type, I have just one word for you: Tailgating!

So what can you do with your cigarette lighter?

You'll be amazed!

Pretty much almost everyone knows nowadays that you can charge your cell phone in your car. Some of us run mp3 players through the car cigarette lighter. But hardly anyone knows all the different things you can actually do with that car cigarette lighter. Take a look at these astonishing aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories and ask yourself: would this make me a happier person on my drive to work or school? If so, it might be time to start thinking about some of these aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories for your car!

(Note: all these 12-volt aftermarket auto accessories plug directly into your car cigarette lighter socket without further adaptation. If you are willing to do more advanced wiring, there are plenty of other options you can add to your car. Me, I like to do this kind of stuff the easy way.)

When the Kids Start Whining that They are Hungry . . .

Gone are the days, thankfully, when you needed to pull into the drive-through at a fast food place just to get a bite to eat. (And all those fast foods are unhealthy for you, in any case.) Now you can cook your own healthy (or unhealthy) food while you drive with these aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories. Just don't forget to stow the napkins, plates, silverware, oven mitts and potholders in your glove box when you have finished! Bon appetit!


RoadPro RPSC-900 12V Portable Oven and Pizza Maker

Bake up a slice no matter where your active life takes you. This handy little oven is great for professional drivers as well as campers and boaters and anyone else on the go. Pl...


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With this handy oven, you can easily cook anything from pizza to nachos; if you are lucky enough to go to a drive-in movie theatre, you can serve your whole car. And who doesn't love to snack during a traffic jam? For a more upscale crowd, stuffed mushrooms or rumaki might be more to their tastes. I would not advise you to try to make a soufflé if the road is bumpy, however. Nobody likes fallen soufflés.

RoadPro RPSL-350 12V 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

For camping, tailgating and roadside dining, there is nothing quite as handy as this multi-purpose 12-volt slow cooker. Plug it into your 12-volt socket and cook up a batch of s...

$48.71  $40.76

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You've decided to go to that family reunion that is four hundred miles away, and it's a potluck at that. Save time and money by bringing your best slow-cooker recipe. Did you know that you can make not only soup, stew, beans or chili in a slow cooker, but I'll bet you didn't know there are recipes for making anything from hors d'oeuvres to chocolate truffles?

PNP INC PNP-400A 12 Volt Sandwich Maker

PNP System Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality 12-volt auto and boating accessories. We are committed to offering retailers quality products with quality service and on-go...


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Forget the cheeseburgers and french fries. Instead, make healthy paninis, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, croque-monsieur or croque-madame, even eggs or French toast with this non-stick sandwich maker. Just wipe it out with a napkin when you're finished. Perfect for those mornings when you are in a rush. And didn't your mother always tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Roadpro 12V Frying Pan

Roadpro 12-Volt Portable Frying Pan is manufactured to cook in the vehicle. It is constructed with durable material and ensures longevity under little maintenance. This frying p...

$41.19  $29.97

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Remember the commercial? Not only can you bring home the bacon, you can fry it up in the pan on your commute! (This might make you the most popular person in your carpool! Just remember to bring enough for everyone.)

What Would You Like to Drink?

We are beyond, way beyond the days when plugging a cup heater into your car cigarette lighter to keep your coffee cup warm was the newest technology. Hot, cold, even frozen, your favourite beverage is only a few inches away with these amazing aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories!

RoadPro RPSC-783 12V Quick Brew 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Skip the coffee stops and enjoy the convenience of a hot cup of Joe on the road. With this handy little coffeemaker, you will have a freshly-brewed pot of coffee whenever you want it.


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Skip the wait in the drive-through and that expensive coffee on your morning commute. Be the most popular person in your carpool by making fresh, hot coffee for everyone. (The coffee snobs will never be satisfied, even with an espresso machine, an array of filtered, spring, and glacier waters, thirty kinds of coffee, and twenty-three flavorings. Ride with people who like normal coffee.)

Long, freezing cold winters get on everyone's nerves, but admittedly, some people just can't handle coffee. Instead, they can try a nice, comforting cup of hot tea on a chilly afternoon, or start or finish your day off right with a cup of hot cocoa. (Yes, chocolate for breakfast. Don't you feel better already?)

12V, Blender, Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel

Roadpro 12-Volt Stainless Steel Blender is manufactured to crush ice and mix beverages. This blender is constructed with durable material that ensures longevity. It features a w...


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Tired of your busy or irregular working schedule making you rush home, or you work too late, and it's just not fair—why must you miss out on happy hour when all your friends are having fun? Now you don't have to—pull over and have your own happy hour in the comfort of your car. No expensive bar tabs, no surly bartenders, and no strangers vomiting on your expensive shoes.

If Alcohol Isn't For You . . .

So it's summer, and you're driving along, and you see one of those roadside produce stands. You look at the unbelievably cheap price, and you end up with a whole load of organic fruits or vegetables, and now you have no idea what to do with it all? Instead of giving the excess away, skip the smoothie stand, and try making your own (they're better for you, anyway) right in the car, and enjoy those unbelievably fresh fruits and vegetables!

Whether your favorite beverage is hot or cold, a long trip in the car with nothing to drink is no fun. You know what else is no fun? Hot sodas or cold coffee, throwing out flat soda, or spending two dollars for a fountain drink. Now, you can keep everything either ice-cold or piping hot, just the way you like it. (And yes, believe it or not, hot Dr. Pepper used to be a thing. Just maybe not a recommended thing.)

Roadpro 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer with Cup Holders

Roadpro 12-Volt 7 Liter Cooler and Warmer with Cup Holder is manufactured to hold cups inside the vehicle. It is constructed with durable material that ensures longevity. This c...

Only $63.99

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Don't Get Hot Under the Collar!

Being stuck in a traffic jam in summer is the worst, especially when your the air conditioning in your car is not working. Avoid road rage and keep your cool with these innovative ideas in aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories!

I just cannot imagine anything better for keeping your cool than Sno-Cones on a blistering hot day. Great for keeping the children quiet on one of those long car trips to see Grandma, or perfect for a day at the beach—and even better, they are much cheaper than what you would pay at the shaved ice stand (have you seen those prices for ice and a few pennies' worth of syrup?)! Stock up on your favorite flavors and you'll always keep your cool! Make them healthier by using real fruit juice instead of flavored sugar syrup.

Keep hot food hot safely, or keep your medication, cold food, or favorite drinks cool with this handy cooler, freezer, and warmer. You can even use it to make ice for those frozen drinks (or the Sno-Cones)! This handy gadget is perfect for bringing your award-winning potato salad or other dish with mayonnaise to a group picnic, since nobody will be able to complain that it wasn't kept refrigerated properly.

RoadPro RP-1179 12V Heavy Duty Metal 2-Speed Fan

Keep your cool wherever your active life leads you with this great-looking heavy-duty fan. Built solid and sturdy for dependable performance, it offers high/low speeds to keep y...

$30.34  $26.3

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Everyone knows that fans will cool you down several degrees even on the hottest days, thanks to the cooling effects of evaporation. Combine this with some ice, and you'll feel that refreshing cool breeze on you, no matter how blisteringly hot it is outside. And you'll take some of the strain off your car's cooling system, too.

Need to get those drinks cold and keep them that way for your entire trip? This handy beverage chiller will do the trick, and you will always have cold drinks readily available! Perfect when the ordinary gas station or truck stop refuses to carry your favorite imported gourmet beverages. You'll never have to settle for something less again!

Cooper Cooler HC02.C Tailgater Rapid Beverage Chiller

Revolutionary Cooling System's Cooper Cooler Tailgater rapid beverage chilling appliance comes with both a 120V household plug and a 12V car lighter plug. Small 30 watt draw so ...

Cooper Cooler
Only $130.0

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Air Cooled Seat Cover in Beige

No more roasting in traffic. The SummerSeat attaches securely with a clip-on fastening system that fits most cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs. Adjust the flow of air with a personal t...

Wholesale Car Covers

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This handy seat cover will keep you cool with its fan (think heated seats, then think the opposite). The customizable air flow keeps you cool even on the hottest days (and imagine your passengers' surprise when they realize just how cool they are)!

Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam

Serenity Now!

Take a deep breath and relax. You honestly will not be able do anything about the traffic, so you might as well enjoy it! These aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories are sure to make your next traffic jam the next best thing to a spa day!

Keep the air in your car fresh. Other cars on the road emit gasoline and diesel fumes, which contain many toxins, which we breathe, and which can cause damage to our bodies. (As an additional bonus, this device is also very good for getting rid of the popcorn smell from the twelve-volt popcorn popper, or the bacon smell from the frying pan (that is, if you mind breathing in the intoxicating smell of bacon)!)

Roadpro RP-1368HM 12V Heated Seat/Back Cushion with 5 Powerful Motors for Upper and Lower Back Ma...

The Roadpro 12-Volt Heated and Massaging Seat Cushion helps keep you warm and comfortable during trips. It's constructed using durable material that has powerful motors for uppe...


View on Amazon

Forget the hassle of making an appointment, those expensive subscriptions you never have time for, or the hundred dollars per hour just to relax. Now you can de-stress and never have to leave the comfort and convenience of your car. Ideal for those days when the children are screaming for hours on end. (Don't do this while driving—you don't want to get so relaxed that you fall asleep!) Combine with solar panel, below, and you'll never run out of juice!

If you're going to be stuck on the side of the road, you might as well enjoy yourself. Never miss your favorite television show again, simply because you are stuck at the side of the road. (Note: you will need an antenna, the old rabbit-ears kind or the newer replacements for them. There are also the older analog television models but for those you would also need a converter box.)

Jensen JE1912LED 19" 12 Volt LED LCD TV

Jensen 19" LED TVPart #: JE1912LEDFeatures:12V DC PowerIntegrated HDTV (ATSC) TunerHigh performance wide 16:9 LCD panel16.7 million colorsHDTV Ready (1080p, 720p, 480p)Convenien...

Only $188.33

View on Amazon

NAXA Electronics ND-842 Slim Portable DVD Player with AC/DC Function - Black

The ND-842 Slim Portable DVD Player with AC/DC Function allows you to travel with your DVD player and take it wherever you go. With it's slim profile and AC/DC function, you can...

Only $60.9

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I'll admit there are some things you just can't do in your car (yet), and binge-watching Netflix is, unfortunately, one of them. However, all is not lost. When there's absolutely nothing to watch on TV, pull out one of your favorite DVDs. Those comedies will certainly keep your blood pressure down when gridlock happens, because laughter really is the best medicine! (And here you thought you weren't going to enjoy traffic jams!)

Can't find your aspirin when you're about to have a major headache from the gridlock? Stash a few in this clever lookalike safe that will fool everyone, and keep other occupants of the car from raiding your stash of aspirin!

Car Cigarette Lighter Pill Stash

Car Cigarette Lighter Pill Stash . This unique pill stash is the perfect way to protect your Prescription Drugs, Rx pills and more in a safe location nobody would ever suspect. ...

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Now You Can Always Be Perfectly Groomed!

Say goodbye to those bad hair days or that five o'clock shadow. These aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories will always keep you looking your best, regardless of how long you've been stuck in your car.

Jeegol Travel Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Mini Hair Straightener 12V Carplug Portable (Black Flower)

* Tourmaline Ionic * Heat to 400 degrees* 12V car plug* Easy to clean plates emit high, constant heat to penetrate quickly and retain natural soft, luxurious styles* Even heat s...

View on Amazon

Those hot, humid summer days can really mess up your hairstyle that looked so perfect before you left the house. Fortunately, this tiny and amazing little flatiron is perfect for fixing those cowlicks, bangs, frizzies, or whatever else is going wrong with your hair today. Rave reviews on Amazon show that something the size of a highlighter can really do the job and not take up so much space in your car!

Whether you spent the day at the beach, on the lake, or at the pool, or you just didn't have time to completely dry your hair before you left the house, you can finish your blow dry style in the parking lot before you leave your car, so you will always look your best. As a bonus, this handy dryer is powerful enough to defrost the most stubborn ice on your windshield so you don't have to freeze while trying to remove the ice with a hand scraper!

12V, Curling Iron

Roadpro 12-Volt Curling Iron is manufactured to facilitate campers and travelers. It is constructed using durable material that ensures longevity. This curling iron features coo...


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Whether you use this curling iron to give yourself a "flip" style, smooth your bangs, or for curling the ribbons on your Christmas packages, this device will give you just the right tool to accomplish your goal of perfect hair (or perfect Christmas packaging). Now you can always be picture perfect!

Rather than relying on battery-operated electric shavers that never seem to have enough power, by using a 12-volt adaptor you can run your regular Norelco shaver or trimmer over your untidy hairs and always look perfectly groomed. You never know who you will meet!

Philips Norelco Car Cord Adapter for use with Norelco SmartTouch-XL, Speed XL, 7100/7200 XLCC, Sp...

Norelco HQ8010 Car Cord Adaptor for use with Norelco SmartTouch-XL, Speed XL, 7800XLCC, Spectra and Quadra.

Philips Norelco

View on Amazon

For the Geek on the Go!

When you are out in the middle of nowhere, and you desperately need your laptop, cell phone, tablet, soldering iron, or whatever other geek-chic accessory you just can no longer live without, take heart! Now there is probably an aftermarket 12-volt auto accessory to fill that need (I apologize, but despite my best efforts, I have not been able to find a 12-volt wire wrap gun!). Hey, I am not being sarcastic; I am a geek, too!

Lisle 28400 Heavy Duty Circuit Tests Low Voltage Up to 12 Volts

Lisle's heavy duty circuit tester quickly tests low voltage up to 28 volts!

Only $11.49

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If you are in your car, your recreational vehicle, or your boat, and need to do some quick circuit testing, this little accessory will do it just fine up to 28 volts! If you make a wiring repair or are trying to find a wiring fault in your vehicle, this will help you find it. This is a very useful precursor to the soldering iron.

Far more useful than you might think, a soldering iron is necessary for those crucial repairs to wiring or plumbing. If you live or vacation in the middle of nowhere, or in a RV, you'll use this handy tool very often for simple wiring repairs (up to 16 gauge). If the wiring in your vehicle breaks, which does happen, this might just get you out of a very sticky situation with your dignity intact!

12 Volt UV Curing Lamp - 6 Inch

Built to last as the industry standard. This GT tools 12 volt/4 watt 365 nm, UV curing lamp has 4 suction cups to hold to the glass or smooth surface, 6 inch UV bulb, and a 10 f...

Glass Technology
Only $107.95

View on Amazon

This accessory is useful not only for curing UV resin on the go, but also for testing rocks (and other objects) for fluorescing minerals. And, of course, nothing says party atmosphere, for those of us old enough, like a black light!

UV resin actually can be quite useful in crafting, to give a shiny gloss finish to items (like those made of clay), so this can be very handy for camps and weekend nature crafting trips.

Party Hearty Wherever You Go!

For the Diehard partiers (you'll have to forgive the pun), did you know that as long as you are near your vehicle, the party can keep going, and going? These fun aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories will have you with a "turnkey" party wherever you find yourself!

Check the local ordinances before you start the party! Be sure to observe quiet times, if there are any, and make very sure that your sound levels do not attract the attention of local law enforcement -- and if the sound does draw their attention, this device will help you to prove that you are well within the legal limit for noise control. (Party responsibly and keep out of trouble!)

If you need quiet, such as for observing wildlife, this will help you be aware of the noise level you are producing. It's also great for proving to children that yes, they are yelling, and motivating them to be a bit quieter.

Wolo (346) Power Play Amplifier and Speaker System All-In-One

The Wolo 346 is a complete amplifier and speaker system all-in-one, for the vehicle owner that wants to be heard. Designed to boost the sound of any iPod, MP3, CD and more. Powe...

Only $80.93

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Every party needs music, and this system is the perfect hookup for music anywhere your vehicle is. This ingenious device can be heard for quite a ways (which is why you should have the decibel checker), and with a little ingenuity, it can be transformed into a mobile karaoke system. Now, wouldn't a karaoke contest really liven up those staid camping trips?

What's a party without mood lighting? Whether you are decorating your car, boat, or RV for Christmas, a block party, or something a tad more intimate, these LED lights will certainly set the mood, and they come in a variety of colors. In addition, their energy efficiency means the tiny bit of power that these LED lights draw leave much more juice for you to run all your other 12-volt accessories!

10FT BLUE LED Rope Light Kit For 12V System, Christmas Lighting, Outdoor rope lighting

ORANGE TREE TRADE: The Largest Collection of LED Rope Lights in USA. Commercial Grade LED Rope Light. Installing LED lighting is remarkable compared to older and less reliable h...


View on Amazon

Stash an inflatable air mattress and sheets in your trunk, and you can be ready when the mood strikes you! Face it, nobody looks attractive blowing up a full, queen, or king air mattress, or when they are contorted from trying to fit into a car back seat. Now you won't have to visit the chiropractor or massage therapist; sleep on a bed, and avoid wrenched backs!

No matter how you pace yourself, some days you just can't get motivated enough to get out of bed. With this incredibly loud alarm clock, you will never again miss that early morning bird watching walk, or the train you have been trying to spot, or whatever other event you are determined not to miss this time. You definitely won't oversleep again!

RoadPro RP-2090 12V Super Loud Alarm Clock

When you just can't be late, this "Super Loud" alarm clock will wake you up and get your day off to an energetic start. Three settings let you choose just how loud you want your...

Only $12.99

View on Amazon

But Seriously, Folks . . .

Okay, I hope you had a lot of fun so far! However, one reason you might want some of the items we have covered so far, is if you live in a place where the power to your house goes out frequently--in which case you can cook or keep things cool in emergencies. At my parents' house, even though they live in an established area, the infrastructure is quite old, and the power tends to go out frequently, and because their grid is quite small, they are usually among the last to have their power restored.

However, on the more serious side, there are plenty of aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories for your car cigarette lighter that can improve your safety or save your life. Take the time to check out a few of these and be prepared for that next emergency. I have these and I am thankful for every one of them--because at one time or another I have urgently needed each of them!

If you live where snow or ice storms are frequent, or on the coast where you might get a hurricane in the fall, this heated blanket could turn out to be a real lifesaver, especially when combined with the solar panel below. Your car's heater will run only so long as you have gas, but as long as you have a charge in the battery, this blanket will keep you from freezing.

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

The Viair 85P is a small 12-volt portable air compressor with a built-in LED work light. It is capable of inflating up to 31-inch tires by simply plugging into your cigarette li...

$59.38  $54.3

View on Amazon

It can be dangerous out there if you are vulnerable. If your low tire indicator comes on at night, don't risk your safety by trying to find a gas station with air, especially if you find you don't have the correct change. Simply pull into any safe place, such as a police station or other safe area, inflate your tire in a flash, and you are good to go! The tire inflator is also good when the temperature drops, since air pressure in your tires is dependent to some degree on the air temperature. If you are diligent about checking your pressure, the savings in gas mileage could pay for your investment in a very short time.

This solar panel may take some extra wiring to fit into your vehicle cigarette lighter, and can be placed on the roof of your vehicle or next to it. It can either charge your car's battery, or keep 12-volt items like the heated fleece blanket or your cell phone running. I'm happy to say that it works quite well even when it is cloudy outside, and snow and ice reflect sunlight, so it works even when weather conditions are quite dangerous. It could give you just enough power to keep warm and in touch with the authorities if you should need help because of dangerous cold or loss of power. It's always best to be prepared!

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Description Renogy 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is Renogy most popular product! High in power but sleek in size, this monocrystalline solar panel is the perfect item for off...

Only $189.95

View on Amazon

We have this set up during our tailgating parties to make sure we don't run out of juice powering up people's cell phones, car radio, and all the stuff we use for partying. It's been a real lifesaver!

Wagan 2257 12V Impact Wrench

Use 12 Volt DC vehicle power to quickly and easily change tires by helping to loosen and tighten vehicle lug nuts. Includes: 2 double socket wrenches (17/19 and 21/23) and carry...

Only $41.88

View on Amazon

I often have my tires rotated at a place where they use air-powered tools to tighten the lug nuts. If you are not really strong, you may have a lot of trouble removing the lug nuts by hand afterwards, which is what usually happens on the side of the road! So, if your tire goes flat and can't be reinflated, you can easily remove the lug nuts yourself with this impact wrench, and have your spare on safely in just minutes.

If you are stuck, whether in a snowdrift, or in the wilderness, and need to attract the attention of the authorities, you should consider this spotlight, which is visible for up to one mile away. This spotlight will help the rescue services accurately pinpoint your location! On-off switch makes it easy to send Morse signals, and sudden powerful light may scare away prowlers or animals. Don't use the red lens in populated areas or you may get in trouble with the local law enforcement (although they may make an exception in true emergencies).

GSM Outdoors Cyclops Thor 12V 4 Million Candle Spot CYC-S40012VR

Super duty search light has same power as 3.5 million candles Comes with a 12v cord to fit most auto applications.

Only $50.26

View on Amazon

Every few months, there is a news story about someone getting stuck in the wilderness and search parties sent out to find them. This will make the job of your rescuers a lot easier and less expensive (you don't want to be responsible for our taxes going up, do you?), so this item is necessary for anyone who goes to remote places!

Buffalo Tools Electric Car Jack

Lift up to 2,000 lbs. at the touch of a button. Buffalo Tools Electric Car Jack, SAVE BIG! Backsaver! 12-volt Electric Car Jack safely lifts and lowers loads via remote control....

Only $84.00

View on Amazon

If you have a flat tire, or you need to jack up your vehicle to get it out of a ditch, mud, ice, or snow, this jack will do the work for you. This 12-volt accessesory really is essential if you have a disability that may prevent you from using the jack that comes with your car. Follow the directions and use this safely, as this is most definitely not a toy!

This is the item that started me on my search for aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories! I like to keep my car neat, and this handy vacuum cleaner not only maintains the value of my car (and neatly cleans up all the mess from the popcorn popper), but keeps me from being embarrassed when I need to give someone a ride. And if someone spills water, the fact that it's a wet-dry vacuum means that I can quickly clean up any spills.

12 V Auto Wet & Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Black

This 12V, multifunction automotive vacuum cleans wet and dry spills, and can even inflate pool floats and air mattresses. The convenient, 3-foot hose allows for suction of dirt ...

Tonny Electric

View on Amazon

And Finally . . .

Just to make your driving experience complete, now you can take any appliance that uses AC (household) power, and convert it into an appliance you can use in your car. And if you have that aftermarket 12-volt auto accessory you just can't live without, now you don't have to! Just bring it indoors and use it there, too! 

If you really don't spend a whole lot of time in your car, boat, or recreational vehicle, but you want to have the option to occasionally run an AC-powered appliance from your vehicle battery (my parents use theirs during their fairly frequent power outages to heat up food and drinks), this converter will run a normal AC-powered appliance. We use this for tailgating, because we tailgate only a few times a year, and it's not worth having and storing separate appliances.

BESTEK® 90W Power Supply AC to DC Adapter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket 12V/7.5A DC Charger

BESTEK® Advantage: • Must-have for Car Users: This DC adapter runs high power 12V DC appliances on 110V AC power, making it possible and safe to use appliances bought for car in...

Only $19.99

View on Amazon

Have a 12-volt aftermarket vehicle accessory that you just are not able to live without? Now you can take that indispensable gadget with you wherever you go (in my case, it is that nifty heated blanket and heated massage cushion)! Perfect if you break up a road trip with a night in some budget motel and you absolutely must have that coffee maker and super loud alarm clock to get you up in time to make your checkout.

5 in 1 Car Charger - 4 port 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Auto Socket Duplicator *Plus USB Port

XTG Technology Model: XTG-12VDUP1-into-4 12V DC Auto Adapter allows you to simultaneously power or charge four devices! Charge all your mobile devices in the car! Includes: Adap...

XTG Technology

View on Amazon

Just in case your car does not have enough cigarette lighter sockets available for all these cool, fun and amazing 12-volt aftermarket auto accessories, here is the answer: swap out that single adaptor for a four-to-one (plus a bonus USB port) adaptor and run four times the number of 12-volt aftermarket auto accessories for the same vehicle! You'll be amazed at the comfort and convenience you can add!


How will these twelve-volt accessories change your life?

Will you consider getting one or more of these aftermarket 12-volt auto accessories?
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classicalgeek on 10/09/2015

I have a 4-1 car cigarette lighter adapter with a ten-foot cord, so although I have only one lighter in front, I can put the appliances in back. And, lucky me, I just bought a new DieHard battery last week! :) Glam tailgating, here I come!

blackspanielgallery on 10/09/2015

I had no idea how many things could be added. And the adapter makes this so much more, as long as you do not drain the battery. I can see using a crock pot even while the car is in motion to keep food warm on the way to a gathering. And some cars have lighters in multiple places, so the pot does not have to ride up front.

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