How To Wrap Presents For Your Loved Ones

by bhthanks

Creative Ways To Wrap Presents

Presents are a common feature of our yearly lives, most frequently associated with occasions, but people also give presents spontaneously year round. Traditionally, presents are wrapped in wrapping paper, which is covered in images symbolizing the time of year or occasion at hand. For generic occasions, flower wrapping paper, or paper of a single color is often used. However, when wrapping presents for your loved ones, sometimes it is better to put thought into the way that you wrap presents and create something that is unique and romantic.

One way of wrapping a present that makes the wrapping itself a present is to place it in a tin or jar. This is not limited to food presents, but can be anything. For example, a Tin Tote can be filled with lots of small sentimental trinkets, such as jewelry, romantic notes, or small mementos. It would be relatively easy to use such a tin to encase several DVDs or music CDs. This is especially touching for someone who has an interest in the past. Alternatively, a clear canning jar can be used. Although this does not hide the contents of the parcel, this can be part of the appeal if colorful and varied items are placed inside it. Otherwise, one of the wrapping techniques below could be used to wrap the jar.

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Fabric wrapping has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Not only does it reduce waste, as it is much easier to reuse fabric than paper, but it also allows for the creation of more unique presents. Buying several yards of fabric, such as Lotus Leaf Wine fabric, will give you the flexibility to wrap presents of any size. Fabric cannot be taped in the same way that paper can, and there are several different ways around this. One is to use ribbon to tie up the ends of the present, often resulting in a bundle or a present that resembles a cracker. Alternatively, the fabric can be stitched in a way that it essentially creates a bag, with one end being held together much more loosely than any of the other ends. This creates a reusable bag from the fabric.

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45'' Wide Kaffe Fassett Lotus Leaf Wine Fabric By The Yard
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Mozart White Gift Wrap, pack of 3 sheets and 3 tags

Wrapping a very personalized present can often be accomplished well by finding unique or unusual wrapping paper that is specific for the individual. This shows thought and ingenuity, and can make your loved one feel very special. For example, wrapping a musical gift for a loved one, such as a CD, can be done using Mozart Gift Wrap. This can be romantic also for someone who has a passion for music.

Lastly, wrapping presents for your loved ones can be accentuated by the addition of a personal touch. A small item, such as a metal heart charm can be attached to the outside of a wrapped present. This transforms the item from being something generic that involves little personal thought, to something that is designed specifically for the recipient. Whatever your approach, including a personal aspect when wrapping presents for those you love helps to make the gift more unique and special.

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bhthanks on 01/05/2012

samsons1, thank you for your comment. these creative wrapping ideas can truly enhance the gift giving experience.

samsons1 on 01/05/2012

Very good ideas. I guess most think of the gift as opposed to the time taken to make the wrappings attractive and neat. I enjoyed reading this...

bhthanks on 01/05/2012

Angel, yes, beautifully wrapped presents certainly can create more feelings of joy. Thank you for your comment.

Angel on 01/05/2012

I really like your ideas. I seem to always be in a hurry and not spend the time making the presentation of the package as pretty as it could be. I absolutely love receiving a gift that is wrapped beautifully. This inspires me to do better!

bhthanks on 01/04/2012

Thanks for your comment, ethelsmith

ethelsmith on 01/04/2012

Good ideas thanks

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