How to Write a How To Article

by Winterfate

This article will explain how to write a how to article. How To Articles are frequent search topics, as people want to learn how to do things.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a how to article? Well, I'm here to help. There are several things a how to article should contain, and I will be listing them here for your benefit. So, read on as I write up a how to article detailing how to create your own how to article.

What do you want to write about?

This is the first and, perhaps, most important step of writing your very own how to article. After all, if you do not know what you want to write about, you won't be able to get anything done! There are many topics one could write about in the process of writing a how to article. Here's a list of five good topics, off of the top of my head:

  • Help with school subjects, such as math and science. Students love to search for these.
  • Help beating hard parts of a video game. This one is for the gamers.
  • Tips for planting and raising crops. Farmers will appreciate this one.
  • How to raise a pet. Write it about dogs or cats for bonus points, as those are the most common pets.
  • Help overcoming a difficult life situation. Your readership in this case will depend on the situation at hand, but this is a common topic for a how to article.

Essentially, if you just want to write a how to article for your own writing pleasure, the sky is the limit. If you want to write to make money, you'll want to target a need in the audience you are targeting. Run a search on Google for your topic of choice and see what kinds of articles have already been published and see how you can add your unique twist to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd!

Write a Good Title and Introduction

As the saying goes: "First impressions are the most important". If my title was any good, then it got you to check out this article. Afterwards, the introduction hooked you (or at least you decided you'd read in spite of the introduction; I hope it was the former and not the latter) and got you to read through this article. If my title and introduction had been sub-par, you may have skipped on to the next how to article in your quest for knowledge.

The same way you decide to read articles based on the enticement factor of their titles and introductions is how most other people decide to read your articles. A good title clearly explains what you want to explain during the course of your article, while the introduction provides a helpful synopsis to help people determine if your article is worth the time to read.

This is a generation of instant gratification, where time is gold. So, you need to make people decide that your article is the best use of their precious time.

500+ Words or Bust! (But not so much, either!)

A general rule in article writing is that an article should always have at least five hundred words or more. Anything less starts to stretch the definition of what constitutes an article. However, you don't want to write a ten thousand word epic on the virtues of making a ham sandwich, because I doubt most people would have the patience to read such a thing. In other words, more than five hundred, but within reason as well.

Of course, what should your article contain in those 500+ words?

  • Clear and concise information relating to your how to topic. You want to determine your target audience and write appropriately. If your how to article is targeted at children and preteens, you'll want to use a simpler vocabulary. If your article is a treatise on heart surgery, I'm sure the cardiologists in the crowd won't mind if you use more complex medical vernacular. In any case though, it needs to be clear.
  • Adequate grammar and formatting. You don't want to make one huge wall of text, as it's trying on the eyes, to say the least. Make good use of paragraphs, points, commas, and all other grammatical artifices to make your article look neat and mature.


While a good how to article can carry itself without the help of pictures, visual aids can be a great help for people looking to get a grasp of what you're trying to explain via text. If you're trying to explain how to put together an aerobic machine, your article would be greatly served by a series of pictures (whether of yourself or someone putting together a similar contraption) showing the process. Some people have a harder time translating text into actions than others, so the pictures will help that portion of your readership greatly.

Besides, who doesn't like pictures like the one to the right of this paragraph? ;)

A writer
A writer

A Good Conclusion

So now, you have your 500+ word article on how to raise arctic wolf pups from the South Pole without them deciding you're a tasty meal. It has a compelling title, a good introduction, a solid body of concise and informative text, and some supporting pictures. What's left? The conclusion of course!

Just as I did in the last paragraph is how you should do when you are writing a how to article. You want to summarize what you talked about during the course of your article so people refresh their memory about the subject at hand. After all, it is a well-known fact that people most strongly remember what's at the beginning and at the end of any body of text.

In Closing

I hope that this article has taught you how to create your very own how to articles. Feel free to ask for tips on the subject in the comments section. As usual, feedback/praise/constructive criticism is always appreciated as well!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)


Updated: 07/19/2012, Winterfate
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Winterfate on 07/25/2012

Thank you for the warm comment katiem2! :)
I got the idea for the article a few days ago when I started thinking: "Why don't I write a how to article about how to write a how to article?"

Silly but true. :)

katiem2 on 07/24/2012

I found this very helpful, we just completed the how to's contest and I had a great time writing how to articles, they are great, the engine search brings those with a question and you deliver a clear and concise how to it's a great way to meet a need. Thanks for the guide :)K

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