Elegant Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

by dustytoes

Customize invitation templates that contain realistic and beautiful hydrangea flower designs.

Elegant wedding invitations begin with beautiful hydrangeas. These floral images can be added to designer wedding stationery to create a unique matching set. The hydrangea flower is a favorite choice of brides. From bouquets, to decorating the reception tables, it's size and color variety is unmatched.

With an amazing and stunning variety of colors available, this big bloom is appropriate for a ceremony taking place in any season of the year. Often the dried version of this perennial is just as pretty.

At BlueHyd we specialize in creating beautiful floral paper with realistic isolated images taken (mostly) from my own collection of photographs. That is what makes all the stationery we sell truly unique and special. Most invitations have a collection of matching items for all wedding planning needs.

Illustrated Floral Wedding Invitations

Sepia tone with a modern vintage design and big hand-drawn flowers in the background.

A light blue hydrangea flower peeks up over the bottom of these invitations.  The background image is sepia tone with floral outlines.  Text is black with fonts in modern styles.  Use the customize area to try out some of the other font styles offered.

Square invitations are 5.25 inches in size.  Mailing square cards requires more postage.

Unique and Lovely Blue Floral Ceremony Invitations

An illustrated floral background in sepia tone. Also available as instant downloads.
Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations
Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations
Square Wedding Invitation
Square Wedding Invitation

Blue Heaven is a Design With Light Blue flowers on a Stem

Find these flowers on many matching items.

The blue hydrangea wedding invitation sets are the most popular.  This flower can be the most stunning blue color and grows on the macrophylla variety.  The most widely grown blue flowering plant is called "Endless Summer".  It seems there is also an almost endless selection of blues when it comes to choosing a blue shade for stationery, and they are all very elegant.

A beautiful stem of light blue flowers makes up the Blue Heaven design.  This collection is ever growing and contains many matching items for planning a wedding.

Modern and Beautiful Floral Wedding Invitation Templates

Easily customize the lines of text for your event.
Blue Floral big "and" sign wedding invitations
Blue Floral big "and" sign wedding in...
Couple inviting, blue hydrangea wedding invitations
Couple inviting, blue hydrangea weddi...

Blue Heaven Design for Wedding Guest Book

Light blue flowers on a stem with green leaves.
Blue Heaven Wedding Guest Book
Blue Heaven Wedding Guest Book
Sign for Guest Book Table
Sign for Guest Book Table

Blue Heaven Has a Budget Wedding Paper Option

Budget Wedding Invitations With Blue Flowers
Budget Wedding Invitations With Blue ...

Hydrangeas Also Come in "Blushing Bride" White

white hydrangeaWhite flowers are still the choice for many couples.  Hydrangeas are best known and used for their stunning blue and light green colors, but the white flowers are also very lovely.  The Blushing Bride wedding invitation set features a hydrangea flower of the same name which is big and round.

Typically this hydrangea will begin as a white flower and have a touch of pink to it. If you know anything about growing hydrangeas, you will already know that types of soil will make the flowers (on certain varieties) become colors other than intended.  

Starfish tucked inside a big bloom makes for a unique design.

This paper is perfect for a garden wedding by the sea.

One year my hydrangeas were gorgeous.  The "Endless Summer" blue variety gave me the most gorgeous light blue flowers.  I knew they would fade and turn green or purple as they dried on the stems, so I hurried and got some good photos to preserve this beauty forever.

Since starfish are very popular with couples planning a beach wedding, I decided to incorporate the beach theme with the floral theme.  I tucked my big white sea star into the blooms and took photos.  Once I had the perfect pictures I needed, the design process began.  After isolating the flower and starfish image, I could use it with any color background.

The white on white design is simple yet elegant for those couples who want a white wedding.  Since blue is also a popular choice for weddings, especially those that take place by the sea, I chose a matching blue background for the blue hydrangea image.

Seaside Garden Wedding in Blue or White Hydrangeas

Perfect for an elegant coastal wedding ceremony. Links go to the entire collection.
Seaside Garden, Blue - Collection
Seaside Garden, Blue - Collection
Seaside Garden, White - Collection
Seaside Garden, White - Collection

A Little About Hydrangea Flowers

This perennial flowers profusely, and it's blooms last longer than almost every other flowering plant.

 hydrangea bouquetI'll bet that you could guess that roses are the number one flower used for weddings, but did you know that according to a list of top ten wedding flowers by The Knot, hydrangeas come in at number five in popularity?

It's really not very surprising that this big bloom is a popular choice for bouquets and decorating.  Because of it's size, a little goes a long way.  Besides being one of the largest single blooms around, it's available in the most gorgeous and unique colors. 

I grown this perennial in my own yard, in blue, pink and white.  The green color comes from the faded blooms of the blue variety.  The "limelight", or lime tinted flowers, are also unqiue and add interest as they are an elongated bloom.

The hydrangea flower is an excellent choice for centerpieces, such as decorating the reception tables, because it has little to no fragrance.  That way it won't interfere with the savory smells of the food being served.  One single bloom can fill a vase quite nicely too.

(Photo by Author)

Reply cards with and without a menu selection option

Choose floral designs or plain black and white enclosure cards.

Reply cards with a menu selection can be very helpful for the bride and groom to collect a correct count for the caterers.  Having guests place an initial next to the meal choices listed, makes it easy to coordinate seating at the reception with the meals that will be served. 

We also make RSVP enclosures that require guests to indicate the exact guest count.  And of course we have simple "will attend" and "will not attend" cards.  

Every one of our reply cards are very easy to customize with your choice of text.  Find a design you like, and change the templates right on the product page.  Bulk discounts also apply, so the more you need, the more you'll save!

Wedding Reply Cards to Tuck Inside Invitations

We have simple RSVP cards and menu cards to list entrees for guests.
Menu Reply Cards Blue Heaven Design
Menu Reply Cards Blue Heaven Design

Seating Cards for the Wedding Reception

Escort cards, table number, place cards and wedding menus will be needed for a sit down dinner.

Once the invitations are chosen for a wedding, that is not the end of paper that will be needed for the event.  We have wedding menu templates which are printed on upgraded, invitation paper, for an elegant place setting.  Or choose the more affordable menu templates printed on plain white paper.

When the reception planning begins, the couple will realize the need for seating cards, or escort cards.  Often the cards will be set up alphabetically by name outside the venue.  Guests will find their name which directs them to their table.  A corresponding table number card will be set on the tables, usually in a stand for easy viewing.

Sometimes seating charts are used in place of the escort cards.  Guests will find their name on a big poster and head to the table that is theirs.  Then place cards will be needed at each seat so guests will know where to sit, unless they are allowed to choose their own seats.

Each place setting may have a menu to give guests an idea of what types of food are to be served.  This is not necessary, but some couples like this idea.   At BlueHyd we can make all these items to match your theme.


Table Seating Cards

Seaside Garden white place / escort cards
Seaside Garden white place / escort c...
Double sided table number cards
Double sided table number cards

Old Fashioned Hydrangea Flowers Are Definitely in Fashion Today

Didn't your grandmother grow these?

light blue hydrangea flowerOften I hear from people who read my blogs or contact me for wedding stationery and they mention that a relative, usually a grandmother, loved the hydrangea flower and had grown them in her yard. 

Because of the sweet sentiment of using a much loved flower, many brides choose this big bloom to decorated for their special day. It gives her that "something blue".

The flower may be thought of as old fashioned, but it is simply gorgeous and very appropriate for weddings as it's one of the best true blue flowers available.

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dustytoes on 03/06/2012

@Yeirl - Thank you very much for that nice compliment!

Yeirl on 03/06/2012

I love your Zazzle stores and your artworks....some of the finest I've ever seen.

katiem2 on 02/15/2012

Very nice a beautiful flower for a spring wedding, I love the hydrangea theme, the invitations are wonderful.

dustytoes on 02/15/2012

Thank you kinworm and Brenda. Hydrangeas are so pretty, it's hard to go wrong with this theme.

BrendaReeves on 02/14/2012

These are just beautiful. It makes me want to get married again.

Marie on 02/13/2012

Beautiful hydrangea wedding invitations - I love the Blue Moon design which is gorgeous.

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