Elegant Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

by dustytoes

Hydrangeas offer the best blue and green colors for wedding invitations.

Elegant wedding invitations begin with beautiful hydrangeas. These floral images can be added to designer wedding stationery to create a unique matching set. The hydrangea flower is a favorite choice of brides. From bouquets, to decorating the reception tables, it's size and color variety is unmatched.

With an amazing and stunning variety of colors available, this big bloom is appropriate for a ceremony taking place in any season of the year. Often the dried version of this perennial is just as pretty.

At BlueHyd we specialize in creating beautiful floral paper with realistic isolated images taken from my own collection of photographs. That is what makes all the stationery we sell truly unique and special.

A Little About Hydrangea Flowers

This perennial flowers profusely, and it's blooms last longer than almost every other flowering plant.

 hydrangea bouquetI'll bet that you could guess that roses are the number one flower used for weddings, but did you know that according to a list of top ten wedding flowers by The Knot, hydrangeas come in at number five in popularity?

It's really not very surprising that this big bloom is a popular choice for bouquets and decorating.  Because of it's size, a little goes a long way.  Besides being one of the largest single blooms around, it's available in the most gorgeous and unique colors. 

I grown this perennial in my own yard, in blue, pink and white.  The green color comes from the faded blooms of the blue variety.  The "limelight", or lime tinted flowers, are also unqiue and add interest as they are an elongated bloom.

The hydrangea flower is an excellent choice for centerpieces, such as decorating the reception tables, because it has little to no fragrance.  That way it won't interfere with the savory smells of the food being served.  One single bloom can fill a vase quite nicely too.

(Photo by Author)

"Blue Moon" Designer Wedding Stationery

Light blue flowers make up this elegant wedding suite.
Blue Moon
Blue Moon

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Invitation Sets

Visit the BlueHyd online store to see all our blue wedding themes.

The blue hydrangea wedding invitation sets are the most popular.  This flower can be the most stunning blue color and grows on the macrophylla variety.  The most widely grown blue flowering plant is called "Endless Summer".  It seems there is also an almost endless selection of blues when it comes to choosing a blue shade for stationery, and they are all very elegant.

One of BlueHyd's more popular designs contains the light blue hydrangea flower color.  It's not a variety name, but the name "Blue Moon" is the one we gave to our light blue wedding stationery set. 

The bright blue flower is used on "Garden Romance" paper as well as our "Sky Blue" and "Botanical Blue" lines.  We've even combined it with black and white, and used big font styles, for a modern color theme.

Because teal blue-green is a much loved color choice of brides, we gave our hydrangea flower a teal color - enhanced in our graphic design program - and made the teal on white set.

Wedding Invitations With Green Hydrangeas

Custom wedding stationery featuring beautiful realistic green flowers.
Pretty green hydrangea stationery
Pretty green hydrangea stationery

Wedding Paper With Green Hydrangeas

There are many shades of green when it comes to the hydrangea flower.

You cannot buy "green hydrangeas" unless you get the "Limelight" variety which is a light, lime green combined with white, or other white varieties that are tinted with green.

For flowers that are the color green you see in the set below, you must wait for blue flowering plants, such as "Endless Summer" to fade.  Even then, the blues do not always turn this unique and lovely shade of green.  Sometimes they are more of a purple color.

And not everyone can grow blue flowering hydrangeas.  I was lucky to live in New England where the soil is more acid which creates beautiful blue flowers.  Some years the plants bloom profusely, and at other times not so much.

This is why I take photos whenever my flowering shrubs are producing gorgeous flowers.  That way I can preserve the beauty to use in my designs.  The summers to come may not give me the same results.

Pretty light purple wedding invitation collection

"Lavender Love" designer stationery
Lavender Hydrangea Wedding Set
Lavender Hydrangea Wedding Set

Lavender Love is a Light Purple Wedding Stationery Set

New for Spring, the "Lavender Love" hydrangea designer wedding stationery has lots of light purple flowers with creamy white centers.  The designer stationery set offers square or 5x7 inch paper for the invitation wording, with reply cards and other enclosures, with a matching belly band to hold it all together.  Also find postage stamps, address labels, table number cards and table signs.

The flower featured here is from the "Blushing Bride" mophead variety of hydrangea bush.  It began as a pure white flower but like many hydrangeas of this type, it changes color as it ages.  And hydrangeas can be different colors depending on the conditions of the soil they grow in.

This past summer, this one turned this pretty lavender color, which pairs perfectly with specialty paper created for couples getting married.

We also have another purple wedding set with darker purple flowers.

Spring Green Hydrangea Wedding Invitation Sets

green hydrangea wedding invitation setsSpring green flowers make a beautiful addition to wedding decor, including invitation sets.  There are a number of flower types that produce true green blooms, but one of the most popular has to be the big and beautiful hydrangea.

Green hydrangeas usually begin as white or blue flowers.  As the season passes and the blooms begin to fade, they will pick up greenish hues.  I grow these flowers, and I never know from season to season how they will look, or what color they will become.

When photographing my flowers, I try to capture all the many variations in color as the season progresses.  The white "Limelight" flowers turn light lime green.  The "Endless Summer" blue can end up purple or green or a mix of both colors.

Reply cards with and without a menu selection option

Choose floral designs or plain black and white enclosure cards.

Reply cards with a menu selection can be very helpful for the bride and groom to collect a correct count for the caterers.  Having guests place an initial next to the meal choices listed, makes it easy to coordinate seating at the reception with the meals that will be served. 

We also make RSVP enclosures that require guests to indicate the exact guest count.  And of course we have simple "will attend" and "will not attend" cards.  

Every one of our reply cards are very easy to customize with your choice of text.  Find a design you like, and change the templates right on the product page.  Bulk discounts also apply, so the more you need, the more you'll save!

Reply cards with hydrangea flowers and menu selections.

This is a small selection of the many themes we create for RSVP cards.
Wedding invitation reply cards
Wedding invitation reply cards

Big Flowers on Postcards

We offer announcements and reply cards as affordable postcards.

Save the Date postcards are easy to personalize, and will require less postage than mailing a card in an envelope.

Some RSVP postcards have all the information on the glossy front side.  The entire reverse side can be used for addressing.   Other cards have minimal info on the front with all announcement information on the reverse.

Couples like the idea of saving money while still sending a beautiful marriage announcement.  The postage stamps will cost less and the postcards themselves are usually priced lower than reply card paper.  

Save the Date

Save the Date
Save the Date

Celebrate the Bride with a Bridal Shower

Our shower invitations are for couples as well and all paper can be customized as needed.

The ring was presented and she said, "yes!" and that calls for celebration!

From this time on, the engaged couple's life is a whirlwind of excitement with parties to attend and a wedding day to plan. Events are held in honor of the couple with engagement parties, wedding shower, bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor parties.

Even the smallest of weddings usually include a shower of some kind. Besides letting everyone know about the happy event, these pre-wedding gatherings can help provide the couple with some necessary items for the home, or gifts of money to go toward a special honeymoon, or for one big item they need.  

Some showers include a "Wishing Well" in place of gifts.  The couple who doesn't need much of anything may request monetary gifts to put toward their honeymoon or to use to fix up their home.  Although some guests may think it crass to ask for money, I believe that whether it's a gift or cash, I'd rather have the couple receive what they really want!

Hydrangea Bridal Shower Invitations

Custom stationery with beautiful floral designs to celebrate the bride.
Floral Shower Invitations
Floral Shower Invitations

Paper For the Wedding Reception

Escort cards, table number, place cards and wedding menus will be needed for a sit down dinner.

Once the invitations are chosen for a wedding, that is not the end of paper that will be needed for the event.  We have wedding menu templates which are printed on upgraded, invitation paper, for an elegant place setting.  Or choose the more affordable menu templates printed on plain white paper.

When the reception planning begins, the couple will realize the need for seating cards, or escort cards.  Often the cards will be set up alphabetically by name outside the venue.  Guests will find their name which directs them to their table.  A corresponding table number card will be set on the tables, usually in a stand for easy viewing.

Sometimes seating charts are used in place of the escort cards.  Guests will find their name on a big poster and head to the table that is theirs.  Then place cards will be needed at each seat so guests will know where to sit, unless they are allowed to choose their own seats.

Each place setting may have a menu to give guests an idea of what types of food are to be served.  This is not necessary, but some couples like this idea.   At BlueHyd we can make all these items to match your theme.


Poster Seating Chart for the Wedding Reception

Our custom charts measure 36 x 24 inches.

Old Fashioned Hydrangea Flowers Are Definitely in Fashion Today

Didn't your grandmother grow these?

light blue hydrangea flowerOften I hear from people who read my blogs or contact me for wedding stationery and they mention that a relative, usually a grandmother, loved the hydrangea flower and had grown them in her yard. 

Because of the sweet sentiment of using a much loved flower, many brides choose this big bloom to decorated for their special day. It gives her that "something blue".

The flower may be thought of as old fashioned, but it is simply gorgeous and very appropriate for weddings as it's one of the best true blue flowers available.

Hydrangeas Also Come in "Blushing Bride" White

white hydrangeaWhite flowers are still the choice for many couples.  Hydrangeas are best known and used for their stunning blue and light green colors, but the white flowers are also very lovely.  The Blushing Bride wedding invitation set features a hydrangea flower of the same name which is big and round.

Typically this hydrangea will begin as a white flower and have a touch of pink to it. If you know anything about growing hydrangeas, you will already know that types of soil will make the flowers (on certain varieties) become colors other than intended.  

Beach Wedding Invitations With Starfish and Hydrangeas

Seaside White Wedding Stationery Set
Seaside White Wedding Stationery Set

Starfish tucked inside a big bloom makes for a unique design.

This paper is perfect for a garden wedding by the sea.

One year my hydrangeas were gorgeous.  The "Endless Summer" blue variety gave me the most gorgeous light blue flowers.  I knew they would fade and turn green or purple as they dried on the stems, so I hurried and got some good photos to preserve this beauty forever.

Since starfish are very popular with couples planning a beach wedding, I decided to incorporate the beach theme with the floral theme.  I tucked my big white sea star into the blooms and took photos.  Once I had the perfect pictures I needed, the design process began.  After isolating the flower and starfish image, I could use it with any color background.

The white on white design is simple yet elegant for those couples who want a white wedding.  Since blue is also a popular choice for weddings, especially those that take place by the sea, I chose a matching blue background for the blue hydrangea image.

Seaside Garden Designer Wedding

This pretty stationery combines the sea with beautiful garden flowers.
Seaside Blue Hydrangea and Starfish Wedding
Seaside Blue Hydrangea and Starfish Wedding

About Our DIY Wedding Programs

Template text is easy to customize for your wedding ceremony.

Anyone having a hydrangea, summer or garden themed wedding can use our beautiful program designs and they come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Made to match our wedding invitation sets, the program templates are easy to customize using the template text areas.  No one will proofread your program before it is mailed, so be sure all text is exactly as you want it.

Programs can be made as flat paper with printing on one side, or both.  Paper ranges from affordable flyer paper to upgrades like "artisan felt" and columned, linen or kraft.  Popular program templates are folded, either in half or in thirds.  Designs are limitless, and we can make them to match your wedding theme.

See some of our programs below and click the image to view more.

Create Your Own Floral Wedding Programs

Programs for the wedding ceremony, flat or folded styles, with text templates.
Wedding Program Templates
Wedding Program Templates

Visit the BlueHyd website to see a collection of the event stationery we offer.

Designer Wedding Stationery
Designer Wedding Stationery
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