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by kaazoom

IBOToolBox is a relative newcomer to the Internet marketing scene but is steadily growing to become one of the best free business social networks online. Read on to find out more

Social networking has become a buzz word amongst internet marketers over the past few years. The problem is most have restriction on how you go about marketing on them. This is because these platforms were never intended to be used for marketing purposes.

Over the years there have been various attempts at creating business social network websites, but most have been quite expensive to belong to. IBOToolBox is different, it is free to join and also provides its members with a ever growing array of free tools to help them grow their businesses.

In this article we will take a close look at

The IBoToolBox Wall

Where Internet Marketers Meet And Share

 IBOToolBox has a wall which works in much the same way as walls do on other social network sites. This is where you can meet other marketers, promote your business and help one another.

 IBOToolBox actively encourages it's members to advertise there businesses on the wall. This business platform has been designed in such a way that everything you write on the wall is then posted on a network of websites across the internet. IBO say the majority of people who read what is written on the wall come from outside the platform. This is the case for all the other aspects of the platform.

 The great thing about the IBOToolBox is the friendliness of its members. People will comment on your posts, but probably the best thing is they will often send your posts to other social networking sites such as Twitter and FaceBook. Quite a few of IBO's members have a huge Twitter following, this mean your posts have the potential of being put before thousands more people than you could reach alone

The IBO Spirit

 People on IBoToolBox like to talk about the IBO spirit. This is a strong spirit of working together. You promote a persons post to Twitter and they will often post your posts to their Twitter or facebook account. This might seem silly. After all why would you want to promote someone else's business? The answer is by giving to them you get back a ton of traffic in return.  The more involved you are on the wall, the more traffic you will get to your IBOToolBoxprofile and to your business. But be careful - the wall can be addictive!

IBOToolBox Blogger And IBOurl

IBOToolBox Blogger

 Every IBO member is given there own blog. IBOToolBox Blogs are connected to the whole IBO system which is spread across the internet. So what you write here appears in other places too. The system is very complex, take a look at the videos I have posted below to find out how it all works.

 Posting a blog is beneficial to members not only in getting people to their business, but also IBO give you 20 advertising credits which you can use to redeem banner or text ads across the iBO platform. Build up a hundred points and you get 500 ad views. Although you can make as many blog posts a day as you want to make, you will only earn ad credits on 2 posts a day.


 The IBOurl is a very cool tool - click here to see an example. Not only does it shorten you url, it also adds a bar, across the top of the page you link to, that shows a picture of you, allows your visitors to chat with you live, has a link back to your IBO profile and blog posts, and links to the social networks you belong too. This, like everything else on IBOToolBox is free to all of it's members

IBOToolBox Video Training

Facebook Fan/Like Page Tab And IBO Signature Graghic

Facebook Fan/Like Page Tab

IBOToolBox have also develop a Facebook app that will automatically create a tab on your Facebook page. This extra page contains all of your business information and links to you blog, videos, and IBOProfile. You will need sign up to IBO to use it, but it is free to join.


IBO Signature Graphic

Every IBOToolBox gets a Signature Graphic like this one:

You can use it on your emails to give them a professional look. You also earn 100 ad credits for every new member who signs up to IBO from your link.




All Of These Free Tools Plus More

I have only been able to show you some of the free tools IBOToolBox offers its members. In fact there are new tools being developed all of the time, and old ones are being refined too. I think IBOToolBox is a great tool for the internet marketer. I know of no other free business social network site like it. In fact I don't know of any other website that gives its members so many great free tools. Why not join today, take part in the community and watch your online business grow.

Updated: 02/24/2012, kaazoom
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