Important Things to Consider When Setting Your New Years Resolutions

by CEdward

As the end of the year rolls around, you may begin to consider goals and resolutions for the New Year and this article will give you some helpful ideas to consider in the process.

As one year comes to a close and a new one draws nearer, many people begin to look forward to the promise and expectation of January and the New Year to come.  Many of these folks set resolutions and make decisions in different arenas to improve their lives and the lives of their families for the New Year.  Here are a few things you may want to think about as you are setting your own goals and New Year’s resolutions.


Before you make any decisions or set any resolutions, first think about where you in life.  To access where you are, take an introspective look at the different areas of your life such as: your faith, your relationships with family and friends, your educational and career path, your dreams and ambitions, goals for the future, etc.  Look at your life and where you’re at not in a way to look down upon yourself or invoke feelings of regret but to find a point at which to start.  Once you find out where you are, you have a point at which you can begin taking steps forward moving into the New Year.


Once you have determined where you are you can begin to look forward and set vision for where you want to be in life.  Think about how the goals and resolutions you set will not only make you a better person and improve your quality of life, but also be an improvement to the lives of your family, friends, and those around you.  For example, if you set the goals of becoming a better, more involved father and husband, this will naturally be an improvement to the lives of your wife and children.  You may also set the goal of taking steps forward in your career in to higher levels of responsibility and management in your company and this will directly affect (hopefully positively) your company’s bottom line and bring change to the nature of the relationships you have with your supervisor / boss and your colleagues.  Positive and meaningful change in your own life will affect the lives of those around you.


As you are setting these New Years Resolutions and goals, think also about the tangible steps it will take for you to get there.  If you have set the goal to become a better father and husband, there will be a time and emotional investment you will spend on with your children and wife to move forward in this.  You would also need to spent time studying just what a good father and husband looks like through biblical scriptures, spending time with and learning from men who are good husbands and fathers, and gaining wisdom and advice from counselors.  Seeking to become a better father and husband is no small task but a noble one all men should aspire to.  If you have set the goal to attain a greater level of responsibility and role in your company, you will have to put in additional time in to your work proving that your worthy of promotion, spend time meetings with your supervisors and bosses to express your intentions and get advice from them in how to move in the direction you want to go, not to mention taking a greater level of personal stewardship in your role with the company and really taking hold of the company’s vision.  Remember also that the positive changes that will take place as you step forward in carrying out New Year’s resolutions and goals will require time and effort as you must be intentional but will be well worth the effort when you consider the fruit that is produced not only in your life but in the lives of those around you.

Updated: 08/27/2012, CEdward
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