InsectLore Butterfly Garden - An educational breakthrough

by MuminBusiness

With spring and summer on the way, now is the time to grow your own butterfly garden.

With spring and summer round the corner, the cycle of life carries on. Finding a way to introduce our kids to the cycle of life in nature can be a great feat in times when children spend a lot of time indoors, looking at technological gadgets. Finding an engaging way to spark their interest in nature is one of the things that the InsectLore Butterfly garden does so well.

The nature toy is educational without being boring, introduces kids to the outside world and the cycles of life, familiarizes them with living creepy crawlies and in addition to all that, Insect Lore has great customer service.

This article will take you through the various pertinent aspects of this popular toy.

Introducing Life and Nature

One of the things that children these days seem to lack is an in-depth understanding of the outside world and all it has to offer.  Who can blame them though?  They live in a world that is increasingly dependent on technological gadgets which means their hands never need get dirty.  They are occupied by gadgets which remove the need for them to wander outside on a sunny afternoon with nothing to do but observe the changes in nature.  Parents are fearful for the safety of the children which further reduces their engagement with the outside living world.  

InsectLore have catered to this by providing a toy that introduces life and nature to our children.  Any child from the age of four can get their hands on one of these (with reduced fear of eating the caterpillar!) and watch the life cycle of a caterpillar.

This is something they will learn finally in science at school but why not introduce them to it as soon as possible?

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Educational Bugs

As mentioned earlier, your kids will be introduced to the life cycle of a butterfly.  This is an essential learning point for children as they grow up.  It is necessary for them to get an understanding of the life cycle of, not just butterflies, but all living things.  This butterfly garden is a great start in the right direction.

As stated by one reviewer on Amazon

This kit provided my children with a wonderful, exciting, learning experience that they will never forget

Watching the caterpillars make their cocoon (chrysalis) is educational for children and adults alike

Live caterpillars delivered to you

One slightly annoying aspect of this toy is the fact that you have to request the caterpillars to come out to you using the supplied certificate.  It is understandable that this is the case as if you bought this as a Christmas gift, it may not be wise to order the caterpillars before the spring as butterflies could get pretty frozen if they hatched too soon in the year.

The other side of it is that you have to wait for the caterpillars to arrive before getting involved in the toy.  Quick tip:  Do not mention or show it to your kids until the caterpillars have arrived.  

The only other problem with this is that as this is life and nature at its best and worst, sometimes the caterpillars die before they reach their cocoon.  This can be distressing to explain although it is actually part of the learning experience.

That death can occur to the caterpillars is unfortunate and also the reason for the next benefit of the Insect Lore garden

Great Customer Service

As caterpillars are prone to dying at times, being able to replace them with no added cost is a bonus.  One purchaser of the butterfly garden had arrived home to discover all the caterpillars had given up the ghost.  So the customer decided to call up Insect Lore to replace the caterpillars and they were so kind as to actually do it.

Not bad customer service!

Butterfly Garden - Good or Great?

Learning about nature and life cycles is an essential part of growing up.  This toy allows them to do that in the safety of their homes.  They can learn to be comfortable with creatures smaller than themselves so that when they do go outside, they are familiar with at least one insect.

InsectLore have produced an excellent toy that will satisfy many a parent's need to educate and also entertain.

Maybe, you prefer a ladybug?

Insect Lore Ladybug Land
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Updated: 05/19/2012, MuminBusiness
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