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Pearls have a timeless, classic quality, and beauty that cannot be matched by any other jewelry component, stone, glass, or metal.

Pearls have been used in jewelry designs for hundreds of years. They have a timeless, classic quality, and beauty that cannot be matched by any other jewelry component, stone, glass, or metal.

Pearls come in a huge variety of graded quality levels, natural colors, sizes, and shapes, and also in dyed colors.

Using Cultured Pearls in Your Jewelry Designs

freshwater rice pearls

So depending on the design, the cost you are looking for, and the color, choosing cultured freshwater pearls for making jewelry can be quite a chore.

One of the most interesting aspect of cultured freshwater pearls are the many interesting shapes that they can come in. 

This article is just an introduction to the many shapes, colors, and pearls you can include in jewelry, and you can click through any of the sections to browse more choices on Amazon.

Rice Pearls

When you buy most pearls for designing jewelry, you have to buy them in a strand.  This is true even with the more expensive versions.  It is only when you get to the very top in price levels that you can buy pearls in pairs (meant for earrings), then they are usually only half drilled for post findings.

Rice pearls are one of the most common shapes, usually with holes drilled from end to end, and come in a multitude of natural and dyed colors.  Pearls are sold in diameter sizes, so check the size on a listing to make sure it is what you want.  Sizes are generally given in millimeters.

Freshwater Rice Pearls

Drilled Freshwater Rice Pearls 2.5mm (Qty 250) Baroque Pearls DIY Jewelry Bead Pearl

Gorgeous (through hole) drilled/ loose/ White Freshwater Rice Pearls. Minimum qty per bag. Each great quality pearl measures around 2.5 mm in diameter. Sizes and shapes slightly...

Only $25.99
4mm Rice Shaped White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet

This chic pearl bracelet adds a touch of style to any occasion. The bracelet features two braided strands of lustrous 4mm rice shaped white freshwater pearls affixed with a ster...

$169.00  $49.00
Ruilong Screw Thread Rice Beads Natural Freshwater Pearl Loose Beads For Jewelry Making (9-10MM)

$15.99  $6.99

Freshwater Nugget Pearls

9-10mm Baroque & 4-5mm Nugget Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace 25" Endless Strand ABB Series Li...

Add a vibrant and unique pearl necklace to your jewel collection.25" Freshwater-cultured pearls features high-luster and unique baroque shape along a single strand, forming an e...

Only $6.99
Freshwater Potato Pearl Nuggets Antique Copper 4-5mm (16" Strand)

Size: 4-5mm Grade: A/B - Hole size: 1.0mm Approximate Beads per Strand: 94 Shape: Nugget , Color: Antique Copper Country of origin: Asia

Only $5.75
Black Obsidian and Freshwater Cultured Pearls Nuggets beaded bracelet Aqua Blue Charm

This beautiful bracelet is handcrafted with high quality Stretch Cord, Black Obsidian beads size 6mm, Freshwater Cultured Pearls Nuggets and Aqua Blue Charm. Each design is one ...

Only $22.99

Nugget and Potato Pearls

Nugget and potato pearls refers to the shapes, either nugget shaped or potato shaped. These are generally drilled through the widest part of the pearl, but sometimes, can be top drilled.

Pearls cannot be strung on a wide cord or chain, but must be strung on a fine silk or polyester thread, or a fine wire. The holes in pearls are difficult to drill wider because it is easy to cause the pearls to disintegrate.

Pearls are one of the most fragile gemstones, and need special care. They should never be scrubbed or brushed, and keep best in a soft cloth or bag.  You can use soap and water to clean pearls, but should use a gentle hand dishwashing liquid or liquid hand soap.

Unusual Shaped Freshwater Pearls

If you go to a pearl importer to buy your pearls, or a bead show, you will be amazed at all of the different shapes that cultured pearls come in. I love to sift through the varying shapes, colors, and styles of freshwater pearls.

The most interesting pearls are the stick pearls, that almost do not look like pearls at all. They make some really unusual jewelry designs.  Stick shaped pearls are usually drilled from side to side.

Teardrop shapes are really nice for a very simple necklace.  They can be separated by knots in the cord, and held in place to look like they are floating.

Freshwater Potato Pearls

Cherry Blossom Beads 10-11mm White Fresh Water Potato Pearl Grade B with a 2mm Large Hole - 8 Inc...

10-11mm White Fresh Water Potato Pearl Grade B with a 2mm Large Hole - 8 Inch Strand Approx 20 beads per strand

$12.00  $10.00
Cherry Blossom Beads White Fresh Water Pearls Grade B Large 2mm Hole 7-8mm Potato - 8 Inch Strand

White Fresh Water Pearls Grade B Large 2mm Hole 7-8mm Potato - 8 Inch Strand

$12.95  $8.00
Freshwater Aquaculture Love Wish Pearl Shell Surprise To Explore Oyster Pearls Potato mixed color...

It is a wonderful gift for Valentine day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Birthday, Bridesmaids, Prom and Formal Events.Possible colors are White,Pink,...

Only $19.99

Freshwater Coin Pearls

Joe Foreman Dyed 11-12mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl Coin Loose Beads For Jewelry Making Wholesale ...

Top grade dyed pearl, great for DIY, jewelry making or art program. Attention please: the really beads strand may different form the image.

Only $11.48
uGems Rainbow Peacock Freshwater Pearl Cultured 15" Strand Coin 16mm

This is a strand of 16mm coin cultured Freshwater Pearls. Golden Brown Rainbow Peackcock color, 15" about 23 beads per strand; good luster; flat coin ~5.5mm thick; see pictures;...

Only $17.99

Bead Stringing Vs. Pearl Knotting

The modern way of adding pearls to a necklace is to use a bead stringing technique, treating pearls like any other bead added to the design.  But the traditional pearl stringing technique is called pearl knotting.  As each pearl is added, a knot is made, spacing the pearls apart, and giving extra security to the necklace.  If the clasp breaks or the cord breaks, only one pearl will be lost.

Pearls are somewhat heavy for beads, and this adds security to the design along with a safety clasp.  Pearl knotting can be tedious, but is very easy to learn, and creates a very classic design for a pearl necklace.

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