Johnny Depp Character Costumes

by Christene

Costumes for Johnny Depp Fans. Dress up as one of his famous movie rolls; Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Sweeny Todd, or the Mad Hatter.

Johnny Depp is famous for playing dark and quirky characters on screen. Some of the most notible from his career (spanning from 1990-2011) are represented here.

Out of the five Johnny Depp character costumes below, I'm sure it's no surprise that four of them come from Tim Burton films. Or, that the other is from the Disney mega-hit series of movies Pirates of the Caribbean.

I'm looking forward to see what's to come.

Johnny Depp Character Costumes

Note: I remember watching coverage of the London premiere of Alice in Wonderland in 2010 and seeing a group of friends all dressed in different Johhny Depp Character costumes. I thought that was nifty, and that image is what inspired this page.

Edward Scissorhands Costumes

For Men & Women

Edward Scissorhands was the first of many collaberations between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. It was 1990 and Depp was ready to break out from the teen idol status of his 21 Jump Street days. Several other actors were considered for the part, but Depp was Burton's first choice.

Johnny Depp played the title role of Edward, the creation of an eccentric old inventor. Edward looked human, but was left with scissors in place of hands as the inventor passed away before being able to complete him. This sensitive and misunderstood character is still one of the most thought of and recognizable today.

Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume


Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands
Adult Costume


Costume includes pleather jacket and pants with all the belts and buckles, scissor gloves, boot covers, black wig and makeup kit.




Edward Scissorhands - Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume - Large


Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume

Costume includes pleather dress with attached sleeves, gloves wig, choker and belt.

Does not include stockings or shoes.

This is an officially licensed Edward Scissorhands product.

Edward Scissorhands Make-Up Tutorial

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

In 2003 we met Captain Jack Sparrow as portrayed by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He's said to have based his characterization on The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon character Pepé Le Pew. Hehe. Depp had quite a bit of influence on his character's appearance, even handpicking a tricorne as Sparrow's signature leather hat.

Since The Curse of the Black Pearl there have been three other POTC movies, Dead Man's Chest in 2006, At World's End in 2007, and most recently On Stranger Tides in 2011.

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Captain Jack Sparrow Theatrical Adult Costume


Pirates Of The Caribbean - Captain Jack Sparrow Theatrical Adult Costume

Costume includes knee-length coat, gold brocade vest, white pirate shirt, burgundy bandanna with attached highlighted dreadlocks, brown pants, two belts with attached buckles, holster strap, decorative buckle, striped sash, faux suede boot covers, and a faux leather pirate hat.


Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Womens Costume



Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Womens Costume

Costume includes a white dress with an attached blue vest, attached double belt, striped sash, bandana headband and boot covers.

Captain Jack Sparrow Make-Up Tutorial

Willy Wonka Costume

For Men

The 2005 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was Johnny Depp's fourth collaboration with Tim Burton. He played Willy Wonka, the world's most unusual candy maker. In this version of the film we learn more about what made Willy Wonka the way he was. Depp again had influence on his characters appearance, from the hair style, to the perfect teeth, and pale skin tone.

Willy Wonka Adult Costume
Willy Wonka Adult Costume


Costume includes brown pinstriped jacket with wide lapels, attached double-breasted black vest with red paisley print collar, and a black top hat with fuchsia hatband.

Cane, pants, shoes not included.

This is an officially licensed Charlie & the Chocolate Factory product.

Sweeny Todd Costume

For Men

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street brought Depp and Burton together for a sixth time. The 2007 movie musical had yet another dark leading role for Johhny Depp to take on. A skilled barber turned serial killer, Benjamin Barker takes the alias of Sweeny Todd and vows revenge against those who made him lose his wife and daughter.

Sweeney Todd Deluxe Adult Costume


Sweeney Todd Deluxe Adult Costume

Costume includes grey vest with an attached shirt and dickie, and a pair of black pin stripe pants.

Sweeney Todd Wig is sold separately.

Shoes, belt, razor and towel are not included.

Sweeny Todd

Make-Up Tutorial

Mad Hatter Costume

For Men

Johny Depps next collaboration with Burton was in 2010's Alice in Wonderland where he played the Mad Hatter. They decided that the Mad Hatter's clothes, personality, and accent would change throughout the movie to reflect his ever changing emotions. The orange hair is from mercury poisoning, and the mismatched irises were a sign of neurological injury or disorder.

Alice In Wonderland Movie Prestige Mad Hatter Adult Costume - Standard (42-46)

Alice In Wonderland Movie Prestige Mad Hatter Adult Costume


Costume includes velvet jacket, faux shirt front, oversized bow, pinstriped pants, and a hat with 10/16 patch and attached hair.

Does not include socks, makeup or shoes.

This is an officially licensed Disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial

Which is your Favorite Johnny Depp Costume Look?

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WriterArtist on 09/08/2013

Adore these costumes - Johnny Depp looks awesome in them.

katiem2 on 08/26/2012

Ewwww this page just keeps getting better, love the videos!

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

I love johnny Depp great costume reviews of character costumes he is the king of character.

bev-owens on 08/03/2011

Love these Johnny Depp character costumes!

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