Lalaloopsy Party Supplies

by Janet21

Have a Sew Cute and Sew Magical Lalaloopsy birthday party for your daughter!

A Lalaloopsy party would make a super sweet party theme for your little girl. There is a large selection of unique and fun party supplies that you can incorporate into your celebration.

This page features everything you will need for your Lalaloopsy party planning include partyware, custom party favors, cake & cupcake supplies, decorations, party games and party attire.

Personalized Lalaloopsy Invitations

There are many colorful and fun Lalaloopsy party invitations on the market for your celebration.

These party invitations feature all of the popular Lalaloopsy dolls.  The styles include trendy ticket invites and invitations where you can add a photo of the birthday girl.

You can have these Lalaloopsy invitations personalized with all of your birthday party details and information.   Your daugther is sure to find an invite she loves!

Lalaloopsy Party Invitations

Personalized Photo Invites ~ Ticket Style Invitations ~ Print At Home

Officially Licensed Lalaloopsy Party Supplies

Partyware ~ Centerpieces ~ Birthday Banners

Officially licensed Lalaloopsy party supplies are here!

The party supplies available include party cups, napkins, plates, tablecovers, birthday banners, favor stickers, cake decorations, party hats, plastic cups and more.

Another fun addition to your party would be to hang colorful fluffy ball decorations in the room.   I think these dainty decorations would look great and go nicely with the Lalaloopsy party theme.

To pull the party theme together, you can purchase the custom made Lalaloopsy table centerpieces and party banners featured below.

Lalaloopsy Party Supplies

Party Plates
Party Plates

Handmade Lalaloopsy Centerpieces and Banners

Sweet party decorations for your Lalaloopsy birthday party.

The Lalaloopsy table centerpieces are so adorable.   They range from 14" to 15" tall and come in most of the popular Lalaloopsy dolls.  You can even request a particular doll if you do not see it already listed. 

The Lalaloopsy party banner is simply beautiful.  It features a sky blue, yellow and hot pink color motif and is decorated with images of the dolls.  You can even add an additional banner to include the birthday girl's name for a great personalized look.

I have also included a cute buttons fabric below which I think will make a nice addition to your party table.  The fabric features an all-over button print in similar colors as the other party supplies I have included on this page.   You can use these fabric to create a table cover or table runner.

Lalaloopsy Table Centerpieces

Lalaloopsy Party Banners

Sewing Spools and Button Party Decorations

Decorate the party room with an assortment of colorful buttons and sewing spools!

To coordinate with the Lalaloopsy 'Sew Cute' theme, you could decorate the party table and cake table with colorful buttons and sewing spools.

Buttons are sold in an assortment of colors which coordinate with the Lalaloopsy theme.  You can randomly place these buttons on the party table and cake table.   For safety reasons, I would suggest hot gluing the buttons onto your plastic or paper tablecover so they do not end up in anyone's mouth. 

Another button party decoration you could incorporate into your decor includes button garland.  String an assortment of buttons onto clear stretch cord and drape along your table. 

You could also decorate unfinished wooden sewing spools with paint, beads, rhinestones and ribbon.  Then place a few silk flowers in the spool and place them on the table.

Lalaloopsy Party Favors

Candy Wrappers ~ Books ~ Jewelry ~ Personalized Favors
  • Personalized Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers
  • Custom Thank You Favor Tags
    Mini Bubble Labels
  • Hershey Nuggets and Kisses Favor Stickers
  • Lalaloopsy Books, Pencils & Stationery
  • Handmade Party Favor Bags
  • Sewing Button Chocolates and Lollipops
  • Bottle Cap Necklace Party Favors

Custom Candy Wrapper Favors

Lalaloopsy Grosgrain Ribbon

Lalaloopsy Ribbon Decorations

I love this Lalaoopsy ribbon!  It is available in three cute colors including a white, yellow or blue background.  You can use it to decorate the table centerpieces, favors, cake plate and other party decorations. 

Chocolate Button Favors and Party Treats

To coordinate with the sewing theme of Lalaloopsy dolls, you can't go wrong with these delicious chocolate button party favors.

There are two specialty chocolate molds that you can use to make your own chocolate buttons. The first mold is from CK Products. This mold features an assortment of button shapes and designs. The other candy mold from CK Products includes 5 cavaties to create delicious chocolate button lollipops.

You can wrap these chocolate buttons in FDA approved bags, tie with curling ribbon and attach one of the Lalaloopsy party favors listed above for a "Sew Yummy" party favor.

Chocolate Buttons

Lalaloopsy Button Treats
Lalaloopsy Button Treats

Button Cookie Favors and Party Treats

Button cookies are very simple to make. Here is what you need to do:

1. Use homemade or store bought cookie dough

2. Separate the cookie dough into 3 or 4 batches

3. Tint the dough different colors using food coloring

4. Cut out the dough using a circle cookie cutter

5. Use a smaller sized circle cutter to form the inner circle of the button

6. Poke 2 or 4 holes in each cookie using a straw or skewer

7. Bake your cookies

8. Once the cookies are cooled, place them in FDA approved bags and attach a thank you card and decorative ribbon

Lalaloopsy Cakes and Cupcakes

Cupcake Rings ~ Edible Cake Toppers ~ Cake Kit

lalaloopsy cakesThere are many cute Lalaloopsy cake and cupcake supplies which you can incorporate into your celebration.

Some of the cake and cupcake decorations include:

  • Lalaloopsy Cupcake Rings featuring many of the popular dolls
  • Personalized Edible Cake and Cupcake Images
  • Lalaloopsy Cake Topper Set (pictured)
  • Custom Paper Cupcake Toppers
  • Sewing Button Chocolate and  Fondant Embellishments
  • Lalaloopsy Mini Figure Cake Toppers

Lalaloopsy Party Games and Activities

A wonderful assortment of party games and crafts.
  • lalaloopsy party gamesParty Bingo
  • Coloring Pages & Activities
  • Button Hunt
  • Button Toss Game
  • Buttons in a Jar Guessing Game
  • Pin the Bow on the Doll Game
  • Lalaloopsy Makeover
  • Pinata Activity
  • Button Party Crafts
  • Trivia Game
  • Lalaloopsy Dress Up Fashion Show
  • Lalaloopsy Treasure Hunt

Lalaloopsy Party Games and Activities


Lalaloopsy Mascot Costume

Surprise the party guests with a visit from Crumbs Sugar!
Cute Lalaloopsy Cookies
Cute Lalaloopsy Cookies
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Colleen on 08/05/2012

we are having a Lalaloopsy party for my soon to be 4 yr old in 2 weeks ... thank you for the addition ideas

Tolovaj on 07/02/2012

Lalaloopsy dolls are new to me but they sure look like fun. I love how you expanded characters on all sorts of areas. I bet girls would love to have this sort of party!

Janet21 on 06/04/2012

You are right, once a doll lover always a doll lover!

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

I'm glad you did, my neice loves dolls of all types. She's especially fond of the bright colored lalaloopsy with the red (or orange) hair like ours. Cool dolls. My 13 year old daughter has always loved dolls and doesn't care how old she gets, she might even fall in love with these. My Mom is still an avid doll collector and never meets a doll she doesn't like.

Janet21 on 06/04/2012

Thanks Katie! My friend and her daughters love Lalaloopsy dolls, that is why I decided to write up this page. As I was putting the party information together, I found out how adorable they really are. I wish my girls were younger, so I could plan a Lalaloopsy party! :)

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

Love the lalaloopsy cake, sweet and fun party ideas.

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