Best Laptops Under 200 Dollars for 2012

by Natasha

Looking to buy best laptops under 200? Now you can get a laptop with most of the features you want, all under 200 dollars. Browse through the selection below.

It is not as difficult as you may think to get laptops under 200 dollars. Some may be new and some are refurbished that come with warranties. These laptops are great for replacing your desktop computer and give you the productivity you need. They are also good for surfing the web and watching videos. They may not be as fast as the newer models on the market, but cheap laptops under 200 can certainly do the job. 

Apple iBook Laptop G4 iBook

Apple iBook Laptop, G4 iBook is available for under 200 dollars. It has 256 MB Ram with a 30 GB hard drive and has wireless capabilities. You can connect to the Internet, play games, or download music with no problems at all. The speed of the Apple iBook is excellent. It uses the Mac operating system which is pre-installed and built in speakers. Images are vibrant on the 12.1 inch LCD screen for games, working on projects and surfing the net. With 1GB you have plenty of memory for school projects, business, or keeping home records and photo albums. 

Dell Latitude D610

The Dell Latitude D610 is amongst the laptops under 200 dollars that still has an impressive performance for the user. The Latitude once known for its cutting edge technology is still a reliable and fast computing system. Memory in the Latitude is equal to two 1GB sticks and handles all the basic functions necessary computing. It has built in speakers and a great display screen with clear clean graphics. The Latitude is still a great portable laptop with many features for completing jobs in the office or at home. 

Dell Inspiron 5100 Blue and Silver Laptop

Dell has the Inspiron 5100 laptops under 200 dollars that has been refurbished with all its capabilities including connectivity to the internet. The wireless feature makes the Inspiron 5100 laptop a popular model for those looking into cheap laptops under 200 in cost. With its 512MB configuration of RAM and 1GB of memory it can easily handle many operating systems and professional tasks. Multimedia functions can be performed without a problem and the screen size makes viewing easier. It also has built in speakers and ports to connect extra external speakers. 

There are many different manufacturers who have cheap laptops under 200 dollars for those on a budget. They may not be as fast as the newer models, or have as many features, but will perform your tasks so you can get your daily work accomplished, play games, or keep personal records close at hand. 

Updated: 01/06/2012, Natasha
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laptopunder on 10/10/2017

Is Dell Laptops are capable of running have games? Or should I go for MSI? I have seen MSI reviews from They say MSI is a good candidate.

Sara on 10/04/2016

Great article. I love Dell Inspiron, I used it 3 years. This is my
<a href="">best laptop</a>.

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