Latest Gadgets For 2012

by Henry

Find out which gadgets will be the next big thing in 2012.

EBook Readers

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past couple of years then you will know about e-Readers. Books have always been a very popular online product and helped Amazon begin its amazing success story, so it comes to no surprise to now seeing the company lead the market in eBook related products with their superb Kindle e-Reader range. Expect a host of new e-Readers to flood the market in 2012, many of which will be upgrades on existing models. The most popular one now trending is the inexpensive Kindle Wi-Fi model which is currently priced at $79.

Microsoft Windows 8

There will be no surprise to see a new version of Windows come onto the market due to the soaring popularity of e-readers, tablet computers and smart phones which will threaten to make the traditional personal computer become an almost unnecessary purchase for many people.

A big change to their operating system will be the new sleek interface which will bring important information into one location making it easier to navigate through files, communication and applications.

Apple iPhone 5

 If you have only just bought an iPhone 4, then you might not want to hear that Apple will soon be launching their iPhone 5. Pretty much the same as its predecessor in terms of design, however it does have some useful new features to include a virtual assistant that is activated by voice recognition software, a brand spanking new 8 mega pixel camera and a faster processer that will run applications faster than ever before.

Apple iPad 3

Apple won’t be satisfied with just re launching their iPhone, yes you guessed it they will be releasing a new iPad in 2012 too. The iPad 2 had moderate success compared to their iPhone, but the new iPad 3 should help to make them top dog in the tablet computer industry. Samsung have done very well out of their Samsung Galaxy Tablet, so now Apple will be wanting to better their rivals and crush their sales figures.

Amongst several revamps, the iPad 3 will be 20% smaller and boast an excellent HD screen producing a super high resolution for it size of 2048 x 1536, now that’s a lot of dots on a small screen! You can expect a smaller battery with longer life and a new sleeker, thinner design. What has to be the coolest feature is the wireless charging technology, just don’t ask me how they managed to pull that one off.

The iPad 3 is scheduled for release in February 2012

Sony PlayStation Vita

The Sony PSP was a good little portable games console, in fact the best really when it was launched, now the electronics giant will be launching their new version the Playstation Vita. This sleek little beauty will house a quad-core processer which will have more processing power than a lot of personal computers that people currently own. The 5 inch OLED screen will be vibrant and colorful and in full HD too. Online gaming will be fun with the built in front and rear cameras which will make for a lot of personalization to the console and the face recognition and head tracking software should produce some great gaming concepts for developers out there.

Nintendo Wii U

Not to be out classed by Sony, Nintendo will be upgrading their Wii console with the new Wii U. This new console will have 1080hp HD graphics making large screen gaming a joy. The biggest innovation is a touch screen embedded into the controller, it’s a whopping 6 inch screen and can be used to a variety of fun applications due to its built in speakers, microphone, camera, rumble and gyroscope, so expect Nintendo to produce a great game title that will utilize and show off the controller capabilities.

The Wii U has a US release date of March 2012.

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