Lazy Eye Exercises

by xtnshun

My son has "lazy eye" and has to wear a patch every day for a couple of hours. Here are some of the activities we do to get that "lazy eye" off the couch!

Keep Them Occupied!

Lazy Eye is so boring.....

If you have a child that has to wear a patch over one eye everyday you'll know the novely rubs off pretty quickly.  Our opthalmist said we should keep him busy and occupied while wearing the patch so his brain can start to learn there are two eyes not just one!

Here are some activities we have found useful that keep him engaged and not too bored.

Back up! What is Lazy Eye?

Let's see what Wikipedia says!
Amblyopia, otherwise known as lazy eye, is a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by poor or lack of vision in an eye that is otherwise physically normal, or out of proportion to associated structural abnormalities. It has ...

Let's Have An Expert Explain Lazy Eye

A Typical Routine

Our son has to wear the patch two hours a day.  This is typically from when he gets home from school until after dinner.

Sometimes he's sweaty and it falls off.  Sometimes he goes to the swimming pool and doesn't wear it.  Sometimes he's a horrid little boy and rips it off!

During the time with the patch keeping him occupied helps him forget about it and also stimulates his brain into using the unpatched eye. 

We came up with a number of activities to keep his interest and to make him look around!

By the way, if you think your child has lazy eye, go see a doctor!

Decorate the Patch!

There are two types of patch.  The “preferred” one that is basically a large band aid that sticks to the skin around the “good” eye.  The other is a patch that actually goes on glasses and wraps around so there’s no peeking.

You can make it fun by decorating tomorrows patch.  Stickers, pens (washable!) and even crayons can be used.  The glasses patch can also be decorated but I’d make sure anything added can be taken off in case they want to change it!  So I’d stick to stickers and maybe some sticky ribbon.  If you were feeling really adventurous you could bedazzle it!

Fine Motor Skills - Lego Sets

My son loves to do Lego - Harry Potter, Lego City, Star Wars, the list goes on.  He had a bit of trouble initially in picking up the bricks but once he got the hang of it he really seems to have no problems.

Fine Motor Skills - Beading

In the same way as decorating the patch works the lazy eye, beading is great too - particularly when trying to get the bead onto the wire!  I can't do it too well myself, but that might be something to do with my shakey hands...

Video Games

Hard to believe perhaps but we play Wii games against each other and it really gives your eyes a workout!  At first he would go up to the screen, but not anymore!  Plus he's starting to win - perhaps I need to patch the other eye too....

Updated: 06/10/2011, xtnshun
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tandemonimom on 06/12/2011

My daughter never had to wear a patch but she did have to do vision therapy exercises for her crossed eyes. Thankfully we had a great vision therapist and her vision is great today, with no turning eye!

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