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I enjoying taking photos and writing reviews of food I create or try in my kitchen. Some turn out great. Others not so much. I like to share recipes I try with photos.

I love to try new foods. I love to be in the kitchen cooking, baking or creating new foods. I love to share recipes and photos of the food I make. I like to read reviews on foods others have tried. This will help me decide if I want to try my hand at it. Or if my family will like it. I enjoy giving reviews of food I make with photos of the foods I try at restaurants or create myself.

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips With Homemade Dip

Pumpkin Tortilla ChipsThe other day, my mother and I went shopping at Aldi's grocery store. I enjoy going to Aldi's around the holidays. Not only are most foods cheaper to by. Aldi's offers many foods with a holiday theme

I found a bag of pumpkin tortilla chips. I have never had these before. I asked mom,"Mom, have you ever tried these before? They have a recipe on the back." She shook her head no. I decided to buy a bag.

After I got home. I opened a bag of the pumpkin flavored tortilla chips. They didn't taste bag. They were n't something I would eat on their own. I turned the bag over to look at the recipe. It called for plain vanilla, honey and cinnamon. I had all three ingredients.

I grabbed the ingredients and a bowl. I mixed them together. I dipped a chip in. I thought it tasted good. I called my teens for a taste test. My teen daughter loved the chips and dip. My teen son turned his nose up. I should have known not to ask my teen son. He is a very picky eater. He never likes anything. He is a great taste tester.

I believe it all boils down if you like pumpkin flavor or not. I am a huge pumpkin fan. I love everything pumpkin flavor. My teen son does not. 

I do suggest chilling the yogurt, honey, cinnamon dip before serving. To me, it tastes better cold.


Pumpkin tortilla Chips with a yogurt, honey, cinnamon dip

Here's the recipe for the dip :

1 cup plain vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup of honey
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Mix well. Serve.

Hints : You can adjust the recipe if you want less of the spice. or more honey for a sweeter taste.

Photos © belong to rusty2rusty

Updated: 11/07/2014, rusty2rusty
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