Make Your Own Personalized Christmas Ornaments

by dustytoes

Make your own personalized gifts and keepsakes for family and friends with custom photo ornaments.

Holiday decorations with photos of the kids, pets and family have always been the most treasured keepsakes of the season, at least in my house. Each Christmas the ornaments are unpacked and we laugh at memories of years gone by and at the kids' photos that were taken in school.

Unfortunately most of the photo ornaments I have were handmade by the kids themselves as a craft in school - which is nice, but the photos are coming unglued on some. Pieces are missing and paper is torn on others.

Now there is a better way to preserve those precious pictures for hanging on the tree! The online Zazzle site offers customizable Christmas ornaments. Easily upload photos to the templates and customize text that will be printed right on the ornament!

First Christmas Ornaments

First married Christmas.

 Wedding day photos can also hang on the Christmas tree. These lovely little keepsakes will bring back happy memories year after year when you dig out the ornament boxes.

Celebrate a wedding by adding a picture of the newlyweds, or choose one of our custom ornaments to remember a first holiday as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Make them for yourselves, or give as a wonderful keepsake gift.

First Christmas ornaments can also be for a new home, or a new baby.  They make great gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends too.  Any "first" can be celebrated.  Simply customize the text to create your own keepsake.

First Christmas in Our New Home & Other Special Occasions

Tropical designs in colors of the sea, with custom wording on each ornament.
Tropical "First" Ornaments
Tropical "First" Ornaments

First Married Christmas greetings from the Newlyweds

Share a wedding photo or announce a marriage at the holidays
Newlyweds Photo Christmas Card
Newlyweds Photo Christmas Card

Kid Keepsakes

The number one reason people buy ornaments is to keep photos of the kids over the years.

It's so much fun to dig out the ornament box in November and dig thought keepsakes that have not been seen in a year!  Kids change so fast and hanging a photo ornament on the tree each year is a great way to watch them grow.

The Holiday Store has ornaments for boys and girls, as well as ornaments with themes that include both sexes.  Girls who play sports, and boys who play an instrument, or vise versa.  But I have a "boys only" section just because it's a bit more difficult to find truly masculine ornaments for boys.

Every year I strive to add more and more unique custom ornaments to my store in themes that families will appreciate and use.

Click on any of the selections on this page to see more options in each theme.

Ornaments For Boys

Choose double-sided, ceramic or plastic. Add your photos and text.
Ornaments For Boys
Ornaments For Boys

Ornaments for Dogs and Cats or any Family Pets

Most families consider their dogs and cats to be truly one of the family.  For this reason, people include their pets when shopping for ornaments for the Christmas tree.

I have made some ornaments with sample animal photo templates, so you can get an idea of how cute your own pet's picture will look.

Some ornaments have a photo on one side with text (for name, etc.) on the other.  The oval cat ornament shown below has a photo template on both sides, to include more than one pet.

Most pet ornaments have text to designate the year, animal's name and maybe age.

Ornaments With Pet Photos

Keepsakes For the Family Pet
Keepsakes For the Family Pet

What is your favorite keepsake ornament idea?

Gifts for Kids Who Play Sports

Sports theme with custom name template and / or photo template.

Personalize ornaments for kids who play sports, and those who have an active lifestyle.  Currently we have baseball, football, basketball and soccer themed ornaments.  One is made with a girl surfer in mind, and one is a generic snowboarder.  Each year we add more, and this year hockey, running, and more are in the works and will be available soon.

With a little imagination, most ornaments can be customized for anyone, and not just young children.

Custom Sports Ornaments

Baseball, soccer and football themes with photo templates and custom text.

Photo Ornaments Make Fun Gifts

For the hard-to-buy-for people on your Christmas list.

personalized Christmas ornamentsPhoto ornaments could be the answer to gift giving ideas for those who are hard to buy for.

If you love to take photos, you may have some favorites stored someplace that you can use to give as gifts.

The template areas, on our ceramic, silver look or new snowflakes, make it very simple to add any type of picture by replacing the sample photo you see there.  Usually, personalized text can also be added, such as names, date, event info and such.  The ideas are endless, but here I will list a few.

Ideas to get you started:

*Make a photo ornament to celebrate an occasion such as a birth (baby's first Christmas), engagement, wedding (first Christmas together), graduation, new job, military member's return home, or vacation.

*Year by year photo of the kids as they grow.

*Surprise someone with an ornament picturing them!

*Give to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

*Give to employees, with a message of thanks.

*Give to the boss - from an individual, or from the office.

*Secret Santa and Christmas Party gifts.

*Grandparents love these!

*Thank customers (it's an advertisement also).

*Sports theme - for coach or kids.

*Remember a family member who has passed on.

*Remember the family pet, past and present.

So dig out your favorite pictures and get ready to create a unique gift!

Holiday Store

Ornament Gifts For Musicians

We have ornaments to celebrate the musically inclined!  Whether the child is just beginning to play a musical instrument, or is a pro, he or she will appreciate a keepsake of their endeavors.  And they are not only for kids.  Any musician can give or receive a special Christmas decoration customized with a photo and / or text.

Some of these ornaments can be used to give to students, thank teachers, or commemorate a special band event or concert.  At the present time I offer ornaments with guitars, drums, harp, or saxophone.  I will take requests, and if I can find an image to use, I will gladly make the ornament for you.

Custom Ornaments for Musicians

Some ornaments have photo templates as well as custom text.
Music Ornaments
Music Ornaments

Tropical Themes For Those Who Spend Holidays in Warm Climates

Themed Christmas tree ornaments.

Celebrating the holiday season in a warm climate is a bit different and calls for ornaments with tropical themes. 

Whether you live in the tropics year round, or vacation there for the holiday season, check out the ornaments we offer at the Holiday Store.  We decorate them with seashells, ocean water, seahorse images, sand dollars, palm trees and tropical flowers.

They are just right for that tropical looking Christmas tree.  In our Holiday Store we have a section with tropical themed ornaments for those of you who celebrate the holidays near the ocean.

Tropical Christmas Ornaments

Whether you spend Christmas in the tropics on vacation, or live there year round, we have ornaments for you!
Tropical Christmas Ornaments
Tropical Christmas Ornaments

The Ornament Variety at Zazzle

The ceramic ornaments have many shapes, and some are better suited to photos than others. 

The star shape is nice for celebrating achievements.  Oval-shaped ornaments are perfect for tall pictures or photos.  Oval and round shapes are most affordable, and they all come with a gold cord for hanging. 

The ceramic type allows for customization on both sides and it's easy to do if the designer has made templates.  Oval shapes work well for tall photos.

New in 2015 Zazzle has acrylic ornaments in the same shapes as the ceramic.

They also offer pewter ornaments with limited customization.


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dustytoes on 10/30/2012

Okay... great! Glad I could be inspirational.

Ragtimelil on 09/13/2012

A great line of ornaments. Good selection and good how-to!

katiem2 on 07/17/2012

Now that's the kind of Christmas ornaments I love, those with pictures of loved ones. Great idea, gotta love these keepsakes :)K

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