Pictures of Little Red Squirrels

by dustytoes

Cute and adorable as babies, the red squirrel can grow up to be a huge pest around the home.

These baby squirrels in my backyard were too cute to miss, so I grabbed my camera and took some photos as they munched away on birdseed.

The only way to get a good photographs of them is to catch them while they are still, so I took pictures from inside the house as they sat in the snow and ate.

The Little Red Squirrels In My Backyard

It seems there is a family of the critters living nearby.

red squirrel

Little red squirrels are much cuter than the big gray ones and we have plenty of the speedy little guys where I live in New Hampshire.

They dart about like little maniacs, always moving fast, unless they are stopping to chow down on birdseed. Because my kids gave me a nice, new camera last year, I can get some great shots of them from inside my house.

This one is young it seems, because he doesn't have a full bushy tail yet and he's tiny.

Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel

Squirrels With An Attitude

They can be demanding and obnoxious.

The red squirrel is so darn cute, it's hard not to like it.  But they can be demanding and obnoxious.  In my rental house, I would put feeders up and seed on the deck outside my back door.  I had been getting only squirrels - red and gray - so I stopped putting seed on the deck.

One day I heard a thumping sound outside.  When I went out, I saw a red squirrel running off and I found the entire rounded top of the wood handle of my shovel chewed off!

I think the little guy was ticked off that I was no longer giving him a free lunch!

Red squirrel eating seeds
Red squirrel eating seeds

They Are Getting Fat at My Expense

Am I inviting trouble?

two red squirrels in winter

I know that all wildlife needs to eat, but I don't believe they need that much help from us humans to survive. After all, we are told not to feed bears and other animals or they will become dependent on it.

In the case of squirrels, they become obnoxious and annoying when they don't get what they want.

I do believe in helping out the birds in winter by providing seeds, but becoming overrun with squirrels cleaning up the leftovers could be inviting trouble.

Sharing My Photos

The little red squirrels in my backyard are so cute.

When I took the photos on this page, I thought I just had to share them.  These little guys are so cute.  And while looking around for more photos, I discovered the English squirrel (below) who really made me laugh.  Those ears are too much.  He does have beautiful coloring though.

The Red Squirrels of England Have a Different Look

I had to do a double take when I found this photo on Flickr. It still makes me laugh.

Do you think this English squirrel is funny?

I don't know why, but he just makes me laugh every time I view this photo.

What Are We To Do With These Rodent Monkeys?

Red or gray, the squirrels' acrobatic antics can be fun to watch.

gray squirrel on birdfeeder

Squirrels are rodents and can be destructive. Their eagerness to get to food (birdseed in the case of this gray squirrel) means they will chew through plastic and sometimes metal to get it.

Even though red squirrels are smaller than the gray ones, they will also hang precariously on feeders to sneak food not intended for them.

No one has yet been able to keep squirrels out of feeders and in the woods where they belong.  They just will not cooperate.  So we either don't feed birds, or try to enjoy their cuteness as they rip apart our feeders!

Short Video of a White Squirrel

My Awesome Camera - A Reader Asked

I'm not a fancy photographer. I just point and click.

The camera used for these photos of the little squirrels in my yard, is the Sony Cyber-shot.  It was a gift from my kids last Christmas. 

I've had fun playing with it, but haven't used most of the features.  It does have an adjustable viewing screen, and Intelligent Auto Adjustment (makes me look good) - so I really don't have to do much to get these great pics.

It also has a cool panoramic mode which allows for taking a "moving" photo (the camera moves) to give you a long, landscape view.

The squirrel photos were taken from inside my house - through the semi-dirty sliding door glass, and through the deck rails, so it has a great zoom - 20x.

Sony Cybershot Camera at Amazon

This is the camera I use these days. It was a gift from my kids.
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dustytoes on 10/02/2013

@Raintree, we are overrun here, but the babies are so adorable. Glad you liked the pictures here.

Raintree on 10/02/2013

Lovely to read a page about and see red squirrels. We never see our native red squirrel here now in UK where I live. I have seen them further north though nearer Scotland but sadly they are in decline.

dustytoes on 12/28/2012

Thanks 2uesday. I hope they will survive too.

dustytoes on 12/27/2012

I am sorry to hear that your English red squirrels are a rare sight. Who brought them over from the US anyway? These red ones sit in the trees and chatter angrily at my cats.

Tolovaj on 07/27/2012

I know squirrels can be real pest, but they really are adorable:) For a town kid like me they are so rare I just can't think about them different.

terrilorah on 03/21/2012

We have a rather large back yard and when those cute squirrels come out and explore it is so fun and relaxing watching them. We have a few families of squirrels here in PA.

Mladen on 03/08/2012

I love squirrels! I enjoy watching them here in one of city parks. Beautiful and funny animals they are.

kaazoom on 02/24/2012

The red squirrels that are native to the UK have become very rare. This has been mainly due to the introduction of the grey squirrel from America. There are now only a few places in the UK where red squirells can be seen. Grey squirrels are considered pests here, although they do look cute.

Shannon on 01/27/2012

I adore my squirrels in the backyard! The Blue Jays kept taking ALL the food i was throwing out for the squirrels, so i had to buy a squirrel feeder to keep the birds out. I still throw seeds out for them too. I have a little red squirrel, a HUGE red squirrel (i swear he is the size of a beaver) and many grey squirrels. They are my entertainment while i drink coffee and watch them from my window. Love them!

happynutritionist on 01/24/2012

Love these pictures, so cute. I had a couple young squirrels that were cleaning out my bird feeder each day, and chewed some of the plastic parts...finally now that they have "matured" a bit, we are at the point where they are eating some of the seeds and leaving long as everyone gets a turn, I don't mind them at the feeder that much:-)

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