Living Frugally: Tips On How To Save Money Each Month

by superbob

Find out the top 9 tips for saving money each month.

Financial Tips For The Frugal Family

Fun and Frugal Living Ideas

With this bad economy we all need to be living frugally. We need frugality tips on how to save more money every month. People may call you a tightwad or the frugal guy but who cares. You can be happy that you will be saving more money each month than they are. I myself live in the great northwest but we are also known as the frugal northwest because we like to save money and live better. I am now going to give you some frugality tips on how to save money each month.

Frugality Tip 1: Frugal Adventures With Gas

How To Save Money Every Month With Buying Gasoline

We all know that the gas prices are rising and maybe soon hitting over 4 dollars a gallon in many places. Ouch! The gas pump can really hurt the pocket book. I don’t know about you my frugal friend but I want to save the most money I can on gas every month. A good place to go to save on car fuel is at where they will tell you which gas station in your local area has the lowest prices on gas.

Another frugal living idea is to convert your car to run on water. The idea of using water as fuel for your car instead of gasoline might sound crazy but it can be done. You can find videos of people that have proven that using water as fuel can really be done. There are some drawbacks though. You do need to spend money to by a detailed instruction guide and to buy the kit to convert your car to run on water. You can find out more about how to do this by Clicking Here.

Frugality Tip 2: Living Frugally Shopping Tips

Small Ways To Save Money

Before you go shopping make a grocery list. If you go to the grocery store without a list then you will be more likely to buy food you don’t need. So make a list of the items and food you need and then only buy those items. You have to be tough with yourself and do not buy off your grocery store list. Another frugal shopping tip is to never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Whenever you are hungry, you will buy anything that looks good to you and spend more money than you have to. So keep these living frugally tips in mind to save money every month when you go grocery food shopping.

Frugality Tip 3: Frugal Coupon Living

Frugal Ideas On How To Save Money Every Month

Shopping for food, clothing, and other items can take a majority of your monthly budget. So even finding small ways to save money in shopping can go a long ways in your frugal living. One way to save a lot of money when shopping is to use coupons. Always check coupon sites to see if there are any special sales of the items you need. If you have some free time you can even get into a program that is called extreme couponing where you can save massive money when shopping just from using coupons frugally.

Another frugal idea is to use cash back sites. There are a lot of web sites that will give you a percentage of the money you spend as cash back. I have seen as high as 30% cash back at some stores. The best overall cash back site I have seen is Mr. Rebates.

Frugality Tip 4: The Fabulously Frugal Life

Ideas For The Frugal Gal Or Guy

Just because you are a frugal gal or guy doesn’t mean you have to dress bad. You can look fabulous and still be frugal. When going shopping for apparel, always look at the discount or clearance racks first. A lot of times you will have to look hard for them because stores like to hide them out of the way. At clearance racks though, you can find fabulous clothing at super discounted prices.

Another way to be frugal and look fabulous is to shop at thrift stores. I know that some people might think of them as an unpleasant way to get clothing but you can often find good quality clothing for a fraction of the cost compared to retail stores.

Frugality Tip 5: Save Money On Electricity Every Month

Living Frugally With Electricity

Spending money on electricity is another big portion of your monthly budget. You can save money every month by cutting down your electricity bill. A lot of people have installed solar panels into their homes to save money on electricity or their PUD bill. Solar panels will store the energy for when you need it. You can use solar panels to power your heating, lights, and other utilities. You can find out more about how to do this by Clicking Here.

Frugality Tip 6: Frugal Family TV Viewing

Small Ways To Save Money Every Month

Another good frugality tip is to get rid of your cable. With the new technology these days there is no need to keep your cable. You can find and watch all your favorite TV shows on the internet. You can even stream TV shows and movies from the internet to your television.

Frugality Tip 7: Saving Your Money With a Better Savings Account

Financial Tips In Choosing a Savings Account

You can really save more money each month by choosing the best kind of savings account. When you first open a bank account, you will probably have your money in the basic savings account. You need to know though that there are many other options than just the basic savings account. You should really take the time and explore the different kinds of accounts your credit union or bank offers. I know that I found a savings account called a Planned Savings Account that gives me twice the dividends that a money market account would and has almost the same requirements that a basic savings account would have. So just find out what kinds of accounts are available from your credit union or bank and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Frugality Tip 8: Feed Your Frugal Family With a CSA Farm

Frugal Living Tips For Buying Food

So how can you live frugally with buying fruits and vegetables? We all love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The problem is though that they are just so expensive to buy at grocery stores. Also if you want true organic fruits and vegetables then will you pay quite a bit higher for them compared to other fruits and veggies. So one frugal living tip is to become a part of a CSA Farm which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A  CSA Farm is a local farm in your area that is purely supported by local people buying shares from them. You can find a CSA Farm at They harvest the fruits, vegetables, and other produce on the farm and then they divide the harvest equally to everyone that has bought a share with them. Normally you are not required to do any work on the farm and your share of the produce is delivered to you. Most of the time you have to pay for your share per season, month, or year. All CSA Farms have limited shares so sometimes you might have to be on a waiting list. Getting organic fruits and veggies from a CSA Farm or a Community Supported Agriculture Farm usually works out to be a lot cheaper than buying them at a grocery store.

Frugality Tip 9: Financial Tips With Receipts

Living Frugally

Before I started living the frugal life I would always just throw away my receipts. Now though I take a good look at what is on them. On many receipts these days you will find coupons on the back of them and other special discounts. Also there are many businesses that offer you a way to win money from them if you fill out a short survey about your experience with them. In order to qualify to win that money though you will need your receipt number. In fact I just recently filled out a survey and have a chance to win money from Red Robins and Taco Bell.

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