Lodge Dutch Oven

by Rose

Lodge are famous for their cast iron dutch ovens. They now make enamelled cast iron dutch ovens for use in a standard ovn and we review the best examples available

Lodge specialize in cast iron cookware, and their dutch ovens are one of their most popular cookware ranges.

While cast-iron is tough and durable and conducts heat well, it needs protection from the elements.

The dutch ovens featured on this page have the cast-iron protected with two coats of porcelain enamel on the exterior and interior.

The interiors have cream enamel, and the exteriors come in a choice of bright primary colors that will cheer up your kitchen decor.

They are pretty heavy (like all cast iron cookware), so I don't recommend giving one of these to your grandma (unless she is extremely fit), and will cook food evenly and quickly. Because the interior is enamel, you should be able to marinate meat in it without the marinade sticking to the pan surface. You can use dutch ovens to make stews, chillis, casseroles, soups, ribs, pot roasts, the list is endless! 

6 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This casserole dish is safe in the oven to 400F (like the others on this page), and can also be used on a stovetop. Note that these ovens are meant for indoor cooking (they are not camping cookware) and should not be used on outdoor grills or open flames.

You can also place this oven in the fridge or freezer (if your freezer is big enough to accomodate it). 

7.5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Like the other dutch ovens featured on this page, this is porcelain enamelled.

The enamel is tough and hard wearing and will not stain (it's safe to cook tomatoes and other strong colored foods in it).

The enamel is also non reactive which means that it is safe to cook acidic food in this pan.

3 Quart Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

This three quart dutch oven is big enough to cook five chicken breasts, so if you have a small family, choose this instead of the larger casserole dishes above.

It is safe in the dishwasher, but they recommend hand washing to protect the enamel. To clean simply soak the oven for an hour in soapy water, and then use a sponge to remove the food. Do not use steel-wool as that will scratch the enamel.

Please note that though Lodge is an American company, all their ovens (all the models featured on this page) are made in China. 

What to cook in your dutch oven

Naturally once you have got your lodge cast iron dutch oven you will be looking for ducth oven recipes. Here are some free dutch oven recipes: click here to read them .


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SallyTX on 01/02/2014

I love this and have one just like it from the 1970s! If you buy one and take care of it, you will have it forever and pass it on to your descendants! ;D

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