"Lovebirds in the forest" by Gemma Orte atelier d'art

by gemmaorte

If you love birds and art, I recommend my illustration "Lovebirds in the forest". It's my work for this year 2013: Creation, significance, and techniques.

As an artist, my inspiration and what I love most is the nature. From my beginnings as an illustratice and painter, flowers, landscapes and animals have been part of my extensive work. Based on a first illustration of a few years ago, I created this in 2013 which for me is one of my favorite works.
The color, variety and expression combine to create this laborious work which has taken me nearly half a year.

"Lovebirds in the forest"

Lovebirds in the forest

About me

My name is Gemma Orte Ruiz. I was born in 1972 in Barcelona, I'm a Catalan woman artist and illustratice. My country, Catalonia is a beautiful country near to France, at the Mediterranean sea. I live in Lloret de Mar, touristic town.

Lloret de Mar

I'm working with various techniques from oil painting to digital media. As you can see in my portfolio I love work with bright colors and my work is very varied, from traditional painting to graphic design. 

The environment and his conservation are also very important for me. My work is inspired by honest and fair values,​​ in the beauty of the our planet and to transmit good and positive messages.

Peace, respect for individual rights, children and  animal protection are the reason for my work.


Lloret de Mar


The original concept of "Lovebirds in the forest"

Year 2008, first version.

It was in 2008 when I created the first illustration, it was my first idea. At that moment my knowledge and techniques were not so developed like now, but the color was the protagonist of the work.This first version of the work was created with traditional media combined with digital media.

This version was very successful, but I always thought it could be improved and expanded. 

Birds, version 2008
Birds, version 2008

My past years watercolors, starting point.



I'm a watercolor painter before illustratice, and in this illustration of 2013 I wanted to return to my origins as a painter. It was important to restore the freshness and spontaneity that sometimes digital media drawings lack of them.

birds, years 2004-2005

My search for beauty and perfection

Theme and Colours.

detailThis time I was looking for perfection at work,  movement,variety and details. There is not only birds, but also flowers, fruits, insects, floating feathers... it's a very special little world.

The color, which is so important in my work,it is also in this illustration. Colors carefully selected and combined creating a natural and joyful atmosphere.

early sketchs

early sketch
early sketch

Mi products

My shops in Zazzle and Society6

I have created a variety of products in my Zazzle shop from this artwork.


For high quality art prints you can visit my shop at Society6,



This illustration can be ordered framed with different finishes.


The creation of different characters, all worked individually, is the major attraction of this work, each one has its own personality and they interact between them like they do in a real world.

OR Designs

My Zazzle shop

My links

Other articles of art by Gemma Orte

"Cooking with friends", an illustration for children and adults.
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Mira on 05/23/2013

You are SO talented! Glad you came to Wizzley! :) I look forward to your future posts!

gemmaorte on 05/23/2013

Thank you very much!

WriterArtist on 05/22/2013

I love the fusion of colours. These love-birds are gorgeous. Love your drawings.

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

Oh my I absolutely adore lovebirds in the forest! What a great Zazzle niche. I will be checking out your lovebird products in my spare time.

CherylsArt on 05/15/2013

Your lovebirds are so adorable.

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