Lullaby Music: Baby Bedtime Songs

by bhthanks

Lullabies for bedtime: Soothing, relaxing, peaceful music & good baby songs to help a baby sleep

Getting babies to sleep is never an easy task, and parents, whether new or old, find it a challenging task. Every child is different, and responds differently to the methods which parents employ. One important aspect of getting a baby to sleep is the development of a healthy approach to bedtime. Without this, children can grow up to be fearful or anxious about going to bed, which often leads to sleeping problems later in life. An effective means of promoting a peaceful and restful sleeping environment is the use of baby cd and baby songs, specifically lullaby music.

Lovely Baby Music presents...Lovely Sleepy Baby and the Sea

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In our own adult lives, music is a powerful tool. We listen to upbeat, lively music when we want to brighten our day, and calm, slow music when we are feeling stressed or want to relax and unwind. The powerful effect that music has on adults is shared by babies. The simplest method of this is to sing or hum a lullaby to your baby. While this may put the child to sleep; it is often the case that as you stop singing or leave the room, they will wake back up again.

Using lullaby music is an effective alternative to this. Experts suggest two different ways of playing the music, depending on which works best for your child. The first is to play a few songs for the baby, either while they are in bed, or in a relaxing environment before they go to bed. This puts the baby in a calm state and makes sleep easier. Alternatively, you can use the CD to continuously play lullaby music to your child as they sleep, thus, if they wake up during the night they may settle themselves back to sleep. However, if the music stops part way through the night, there is a chance that this sudden change in background noise will wake the child.

There are a number of different CDs that have been produced specifically for this purpose. One of these is the Lovely Baby series, specifically their Lovely Sleepy Baby CD. This audio series consists of many CDs that contain music specifically designed for babies’ brains. Every track on their CDs is original, and the Sleepy Baby album is aimed at relaxing the baby, reducing stress and aiding sleep.

Lovely Baby Music presents...Lovely Sleepy Baby

Lovely Baby Music presents...Lovely Sleepy Baby

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Fisher Price has also produced a CD aimed at helping babies to sleep. Unlike other albums, this takes the approach of using the sounds of nature and the rainforest. The music is instrumental only, and also contains natural sounds. Reviews for the CD are high, with consumers praising the simple nature of the audio. This can sometimes be more useful than lullabies with lyrics, as there is less to focus on. The Baby Einstein series have also produced several CDs of lullaby classics. The music on these CDs are directly derived from the music of classical composers, but focus on pieces that are soothing and encourage sleep.

Fisher Price: Rainforest Music: Nature’s Lullabies [Soundtrack]

Fisher Price: Rainforest Music: Nature's Lullabies
Fisher Price
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Lullaby Classics 2

Lullaby Classics 2

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All three of the CDs here take substantially different approaches to baby songs as lullaby music. All have been shown to be effective; however it is likely that the effect will vary depending on your child’s preferences and temperament. Regardless of this, the use of lullabies to help babies sleep is an effective technique that can help to give rest to both the parent and the child.

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bhthanks on 01/06/2012

Music and song has an amazing impact on kids and adults alike. Thanks for your comment, Terri!

TerriRexson on 01/06/2012

Traditional English folk music seems to work on our kids! Singing them to sleep really does seem to work even now they're getting older.

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