Make Your Wedding Invitations Unique: Simple Ideas that Don’t Cost a Fortune

by AlexandriaIngham

Would you lose to make your wedding invitations stand out? They don't have to cost a fortune and here are some great ideas to use.

Wouldn’t you love to have beautiful and unique wedding invitations? Your invitations are a sign of the things for your guests to expect at your big day. You want them to ooze your personality, style and taste. That doesn’t mean you want them to cost a fortune! The problem is some of the great wedding invitation ideas can be extremely expensive, even if you have an expandable wedding budget. Here are some great ideas to make your wedding invitations stand out and look great at a low cost.

Does your wedding invitation stand out?
Does your wedding invitation stand out?
Chris Radcliff
Tell a story of how you met
Tell a story of how you met

Tell Your Story with Your Wedding Invites

Use the invitations as a way to tell a story. You can do them on the computer and print them yourself or send the design to an affordable printing company. This is something that only your wedding invites will include since no-one has the same story. Tell people how you met or how the groom proposed. You could even tell the story of your children if you have them.

Your wedding is all about you so prove that with the wedding invitations. Make them all about you with these personal stories. This can be developed further with the thank you cards by telling a story from the honeymoon or your favourite parts from your wedding day.

Avoid making the story too long. Just six small squares with cartoon figures is enough. It allows your guests to get the idea of your time together and gives them something to talk about at the wedding. If you do too much, it makes the invites look crowded and will take away from the whole purpose of them—to tell your guests they are invited to your wedding and when/where it is!

Make Photo Wedding Invitations for Your Guests

Photo wedding invitations are becoming extremely popular. They are tasteful and very easy to make. You can create a small booklet with a lot of information about the day or just a simple card with the photo on one side and the details on the back. The photo can be as big or as small as you want it; it will depend on the pattern and style of wedding invitations.

This wedding invitation idea is great if you have engagement photos taken or you have had professional photos taken in the past. It is also a great idea to let family members and friends know what both people in the couple look like. It’s probably that not all family members have met the bride or groom and will want a glimpse before the big day.

This may sound expensive but it really doesn’t need to be. It is possible to make the wedding invitations yourself. You just need a high quality printer and some good card. There is also software available to help with designing the invites, such as Adobe Photoshop. If you want a professional to do it, there are many online companies available at an affordable prince.

There is nothing wrong with beautiful traditional wedding invitations
There is nothing wrong with beautiful...
But you could opt for photo wedding invitations
But you could opt for photo wedding i...
Pearl Mountain

Give the Details in a Series of Photos

Why put the details of the wedding in words? Use photos to give everything away. This is great if you want to include the place you are getting married into your invitations. You could stand outside the church, pointing at the name of it on the sign, or do the same outside the hotel. You could use a clock to give the time of the wedding and a calendar to mark the date. You could also have a series of photos with you holding a sign on a beach telling the location, date and time.

Avoid using too many photos. This will depend on the size of your wedding invitations and whether it is just one card or a full booklet. Too many photos will see the message lost and will make everything look crowded. If you use this type of photo wedding invitation, you will also need to think about the information you are including.

It is possible to turn this into a type of clue that people have to work out. However, you will need to make sure the answer is on the back! The last thing you want is for people to constantly ring you to find out the answer or just not turn up at all because they got it wrong!

Your wedding invitation can be emailed out quickly
Your wedding invitation can be emaile...
Pearl Mountain
There is the handmade option though but you can't email that
There is the handmade option though b...

Email Your Wedding Invitations to Your Guests

Most of your guests likely have their own email addresses. Just think of the money that you could save by sending out email wedding invitations! That doesn’t mean they need to be tacky. In fact, you can use any of the ideas above and send them as attachments. This is great for designing your own on the computer and simply just sending them out without having to worry about printing. Saving you even more money!

Another great thing about email is your guests can easily add the date to their email calendar. They can set reminders quickly or print out the information if they need it. They can also hit reply straight away and let you know if they can make it or not. It saves them time and hassle trying to mail out the RSVP slip.

The problem is that not all of your guests will be online. You may need to print out your wedding invitations for some of them to make sure they know about it. At least it will save you some money by emailing to those you can.

Those are just a few ideas for your wedding invitations. They don’t have to be expensive but can easily be unique and look great. Add your own personality to them and tell a story. They can give your guests something to talk about and even help them know who the bride and groom are at first glance.

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Updated: 08/14/2013, AlexandriaIngham
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Wedding Websites on 06/29/2015

This is great wonderful ideas.. Awesome Thanks for sharing..

AlexandriaIngham on 08/25/2013

Some of the options really don't have to cost anything or very little. We created all ours by ourselves so we just needed to buy the ink and paper/card.

dustytoes on 08/18/2013

The options for wedding invitations these days is quite overwhelming. I totally agree with you when you say they should represent the personality of the bride and groom. If they search, they will find very affordable, yet amazing, stationery for their event.

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