Mario Birthday Cake

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This page will give you ideas about the importance of a cake and how to decorate your super mario cake

The Importance of a cake in children's party

Can you imagine a children’s party without a cake? Or, can you imagine the looks of your child if he doesn’t have a cake on his birthday? Perhaps, he may get disappointed about this. Cake is important to kids because of these following reasons:

  • ·       Cake brings a magical effect for kids. They believe that if they have a cake with a candle on their birthday, they can make a wish as they blow the candle. That wish is believed to come true.
  • ·       Cake brings satisfactions. As you know kids love sweets. They have the tendency to forget everything as they sit down in the corner while eating a cake. They feel contented and happy.
  •         Cake becomes the focal point of the event. It becomes the main attraction in which the kids can’t help but to taste it. That’s why it should be well-made with beautiful designs and delicious flavour.  

Choosing a cake topper

One of the best ways to decorate a cake is to put a cake topper. Cake toppers are the first thing that can be seen and can attract the guest. Let's say that the theme of your party is Super Mario who is famous in most computer games. Here are some tips and guidelines in choosing the cake toppers:

  • Choose cake toppers that indicate the adventure of Super Mario with his friends. Your child will mostly like it when all of the cast of Super Mario can be seen on his cake. 
  • He and his friends will be glad if the cake toppers show movement like a car, train, truck, or airplane. They will sense more challenge as they see the cast of Super Mario riding on those vehicles. Boys will truly love these kind of cake toppers.
  • It will bring more thrill to your child if the cake toppers can be used as his toys right after the party. He can consider these as his collection of his favorite cartoon character. That's why choose a durable cake topper.
  • Never forget to choose cake toppers that come in different colors and attractive designs. In this way, the children will be excited as they watch the cake.
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Homemade cake is the best!

There are different stores that accept orders of cake for any occasions. This is really great since it can save you enough time. All you have to do is to get the cake from the store on the day of the event. However, it can also cost you more.

If you know on how to bake, why not bake the cake for your child’s birthday? Perhaps, you are wondering on what makes a homemade cake the best than a readymade one.

1.    Your child will appreciate it more when he sees you at the kitchen making an effort to give him the best cake ever.

2.    You will feel fulfilled as you can see your child and his friends enjoying the cake that you’ve made.

3.    It will cost you less since you’ll no longer pay for the service fee.

4.    It is fun because perhaps, you love cooking and baking. You will love it more as you will be doing this for your precious child.

5.    You are free to decide the flavour, design, and size of the cake. You can make the necessarily changes. Thus, you are the master of your own work.

All you need to have is a Super Mario cake pan so that it will be easier for you to mould the cake. You can choose different shapes of cake pan. And, it will be easier for you to apply the decorations and icings once the cake is being moulded in a cake pan. You'll have a guide on what colors of icing you should apply.

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