MasterChef US Season 6 for 2015

by sockii

MasterChef is back for its sixth season in 2015. Are you ready for another round in this competition of talented home chefs?

MasterChef has been one of the most popular television cooking competitions all around the world for years. Now, it's time to get ready for a sixth season of the series here in the United States! The series is set to premiere on May 20, 2015 and this time around will start off with 40 hopeful home cooks who are all vying for the title of "America's Next MasterChef".

As I've done for the last several seasons, I will be recapping each week's episode and also offering up polls where you can share your feelings on the show overall, as well as who went home and who should win the title. So stay tuned and get ready for another season of MasterChef madness!

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MasterChef US Season 6: Basic Information

Who, what, when and where

1. What is MasterChef?

MasterChef is a U.S. cooking competition series where talented "home cooks" compete for the title of the best home chef in all of America. The series is part of a franchise which began in the United Kingdom, originally back in 1990. Today, there are versions of MasterChef produced in more than 40 countries around the world.

Contestants in the US version of the series typically compete in both individual and team challenges. There are "Mystery Box" challenges where the contestants have to come up with their own tasty and creative use of whatever ingredients they find under their box. Team challenges can involve serving a large group of people a satisfying meal under extreme circumstances, or working under the pressure of a professional restaurant kitchen. Elimination tests often involve preparing a particular classic dish or series of dishes such as an apple pie, steak dinner, or molten chocolate lava cake.

The prize for winning in the past has been $250,000, and in all series except for series 2 the publication of a cookbook authored by the winner.

2. When and where is MasterChef airing?

MasterChef Season 6 will premiere May 20, 2015 at 8pm ET/PT on the FOX network for a 2-hour season opener. After that the show will air for one hour, 8pm, every Wednesday night through the summer.

3. Who are the judges this season?

This year, MasterChef veterans Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot will be joined by new judge, Christina Tosi, who is replacing Joe Bastianich. Tosi is an accomplished pastry chef for New York City's Milk Bar.

4. Who are the competitors this season?

On April 23, 2015, FOX announced the names of the Top 40 competitors who will be featured in the premiere episode of the season ("Meet MASTERCHEF'S Top 40!") Of course, we know many of them will not make it on into the final competition...

5. Where were auditions held for this season of MasterChef?

Auditions took place in the Autumn of 2014 in the following U.S. cities: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Los Angeles, CA; Memphis, TN; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; New York, NY; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA;  and San Francisco, CA.

6. Will there be a seventh season of MasterChef?

An official announcement about future seasons has not yet been made. When it has, you can be sure that the MasterChef Casting Website will be updated with information on how to apply and where you can attend open call events.

7. Where else can I find information on MasterChef?

There is FOX's Official MasterChef website where you can see episode previews and meet the series contestants, once officially announced.


Are you excited for the new season of MasterChef US?

Meet Christina Tosi: The New Judge on MasterChef!

MasterChef Season 6: Let The Battle Commence

Part One of the Season Premiere, May 20 2015

MasterChef got off to a special 2-hour start on May 20, 2015. In the premiere, we met our new judging panelist, pastry chef and restauranteur Christina Tosi. We also saw the season start off with a new twist: the top 40 cooks had to face off in head-to-head battles between those with similar signature dishes: those with the better dish in 30 minutes earned a white apron while those who lost? Saw their dream of becoming MasterChef come to an end!

Read my full episode recap and review of Episode One: Let The Battle Commence at Spacial Anomaly.

What do you think of the head-to-head battles to start of this season?

Going from 40 homecooks to 20 by battling over "signature dishes"

Learn more about the contestants this season on MasterChef

MasterChef Season 6: The Battle Continues...

Part Two of the Season Premiere, May 20 2015

In the continuation of the season premiere, there are nine more aprons available for the remaining chefs to battle it out to claim...or could there in fact be eleven? Turns out some will get a "second chance" to win their way into the MasterChef kitchen, while the rest will be going home for good.

Read by full episode recap and review of Episode Two: The Battle Continues at Spacial Anomaly.

Meet the Top 22

Their social media and online websites (that I've been able to find, to date)





LinkedIn Profile

Ailsa Von Dobeneck

Alisa von D


the curious TASTEBUD

Alisa Von Dobeneck

Amanda Saab

Amanda's Plate


Amanda's Plate

Amanda Saab

Brianna Watson





Charlie Chapman





Christopher Lu

Chirstopher Lu




Claudia Sandoval

Claudia Sandoval


Claudia's Cocina

Claudia Sandoval

Daniel "Dan" Collado

Dan Collado



Dan Collado

Darah Carattini

Darah Carattini




Derrick Peltz

Derrick Peltz



Derrick Peltz

Hetal Vasavada

Hetal Vasavada


Pretty Polymath

Hetal Vasavada

Jesse Romero

Jesse Romero


Poboy Jesse

Jesse Romero

Justin Banister

Justin Banister




Katrina Kozar

Katrina Kozar


 Katrina Kozar

Katrina Kozar

Kerry Prince

Kerry Prince, Kerry the Cook



Kerry Prince

Mateo McConnell




Nicholas "Nick" Nappi"

Chef Nick Nappi


Chef Nick Nappi


Olivia Crouppen

Olivia Crouppen, The Salad B-tch



Olivia Crouppen

Sara Zacek

Chef Sara Geanne Zacek




Shelly Flash

Shelly Flash

Shelly Flash

Shelly Flash

Shelly Flash

Stephen Lee





Tommy Walton

Tommy Walton



Tommy Walton

Veronica Cili

Veronica Cili





What do you think of the Top 22 contestants?

From what we've seen so far, are you impressed or disappointed by this year's batch of hopeful home cooks?

MasterChef Season 6: "You're The Apple of My Eye"

Episode 3, airing May 27 2015

In the first real competition of the season, the top 22 face their first Mystery Box challenge. The winner gets to hand-pick who then must compete in an elimination test featuring an American classic: the apple pie. Two of those 22 then were eliminated.

Who went home? Find out in my complete episode recap at Spacial Anomaly.

Poll of the week: Do you think Dan chose wisely?

Did Dan use his advantage properly in who he chose for the "bake off" elimination test?

MasterChef Season 6: "Cinnamon Roll-Er Coaster"

Episode 4, aired June 3 2015

The Top 20 chefs now face their first team challenge: at a theme park! They'll have to serve hungry park patrons and see who can make them the happiest. Members of the losing team will then have to face an elimination test based on making perfect cinnamon rolls.

Whose rolls were deemed the worst? You can find out in this week's recap and review.

What did you think of Darah's picks?

Did she pick the best chefs to be safe or only her best friends?

MasterChef Season 6: "Clawing to Victory"

Episode 5, aired June 10 2015

The 19 remaining home cooks face a Mystery Box that could be hard to handle: live crabs! The winner then gets to choose whether each of the other contestants will have to make a sweet or savory dish featuring one popular ingredient.

What was it, and who went home? Read my full recap and review to find out!

Which did you think was harder to prepare, a sweet or savory dish featuring that single ingredient?

MasterChef Season 6: "What Happens in Vegas Steaks in Vegas

Episode 6, aired June 17 2015

The chefs find themselves in Las Vegas for a team challenge, where they must prepare 101 meals for Vegas entertainers. The losing team then faces elimination in a tough test, preparing steak for none other than Gordon Ramsay himself in one of his namesake restaurants.

Whose steak didn't make the cut? You can read my full episode recap to find out.

Did Shelly's teammates throw her "under the bus"?

Who was most at fault on the Blue Team, the captain or the rest of her team?

MasterChef Season 6: "Bring Home The Bacon"

Episode 7, aired June 24 2015

The home cooks have to tackle another Mystery Box, this time featuring breakfast-themed ingredients. The cook with the best dish then gets to choose between three classic "TV Dinner" combinations and the others must do their best to elevate the dish.

Who ended up failing to impress? Find out in my full episode recap and review.

Which TV dinner do you think would have been the hardest to elevate?

Tommy and Gordon outtakes from "Bring Home the Bacon"

MasterChef US Season 6: "Happy Birthday MasterChef"

Episode 8, aired July 1 2015

There's a party going on, and it's a celebration of MasterChef's 100th episode! The remaining home cooks must create celebratory appetizers and entrees for an esteemed group of guests. The losing team then faces a birthday cake elimination test that will send two home cooks packing.

Whose candles were blown out for good this time? Find out in this week's recap and review.

Do you have a favorite contestant yet?

Now that we're down to 12 home cooks, who is your favorite of those left standing?

Celebrating 100 episodes of MasterChef

MasterChef US Season 6: “Gordon’s Greatest Hits”

Episode 9, airing July 8 2015

This week features two tough challenges in the MasterChef kitchen: recreating two of Gordon Ramsay's signature dishes. Of course you know his classic Beef Wellington will be one of them, but who will fail on an elaborate scallop and quail egg appetizer? Find out in this week's full recap and review.

Did you feel Gordon and Christina were unnecesarily cruel toward Christopher?

Was their criticism of his Beef Wellington on point, or over the top?

MasterChef US Season 6: “Ice Ice Baby"

Episode 10, aired July 15, 2015

Rice is the focus of the next Mystery Box challenge, where everyone has a story to tell about their personal dish. And then the elimination test features a classic combo: peanut butter and jelly. Who's dish failed to get them into the Top 10? Find out in my complete recap and review.

How excited are the home cooks to have one of Gordon's greatest dishes for dinner?

Do you think the judges are showing obvious favoritism toward certain cheftestants - especially Shelly?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Moo-vers and Bakers"

Episode 11, aired July 22, 2015

The Top 10 home cooks find themselves out on the range, cooking a hearty steak meal for 101 cowboys and cowgirls. The losing team then has to prepare a fruit tart in the Dreaded Pressure Test. Find out what happened then in my full episode recap.

Do you think there are too many pastry and baking elimination tests on MasterChef?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Family Reunion"

Episode 12, aired July 29 2015

It's another team challenge, this time involving a dinner "family style" for a very special group of VIPs. The losing team then only has 25 minutes to prepare and plate a classic Italian pasta dish: gnocchi with sage and brown butter sauce. Who will fail to please the judges? Read the full episode review & recap to find out.

Who do you think deserved to go home: Tommy or Christopher?

Do you agree with the judges' choice?

MasterChef US Season 6: "A Little Southern Flair"

Episode 13, aired August 5 2015

The chefs must demonstrate their skills cooking with fire - and alcohol - in a flambee Mystery Box challenge. Then, Southern cooking takes the stage in a pressure test featuring chicken and waffles. Who did the best and who failed to cook their chicken properly? Find out in my full recap and review.

Were you surprised to see Shelly sent home at this point?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Getting Ahead in the Competition"

Episode 14, aired August 12 2015

It's a first this week in the MasterChef kitchen: a team challenge where they must prepare strictly vegetarian food! The losing team then must take things to another extreme: head meat. Find out who won and who went home in my full recap and review.

Which animal head did you think was the grossest/hardest to work with?

MasterChef US Season 6: "A Storm's A Brewing"

Episode 15, aired August 19 2015

Coffee is the focus of this episode's Mystery Box, where the cheftestants must find innovative ways to use coffee products in their dishes, sweet or savory. Then it's time for the annual - and dreaded - tag team challenge, where three teams of two much recreate a summer party food assortment. Who fails to bring some real summer fun to the table? Read my recap and review for the details.

Do you think the judges made the right choice this week in who went home?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Restaurant Takeover"

Episode 16, aired August 26 2015

It's time for the dreaded restaurant takeover challenge - traditional every season when the competition gets down to the top 6 contestants. This year they must prepare appetizers and entrees in a top Japanese fusion restaurant in LA. The losing team of three must make three of the judges favorite pasta dishes in order to survive to cook another day: manicotti, egg yolk ravioli, and squid ink farfalle in seafood sauce. Who fails to be a true pasta master? The details are in my recap and review.

Which of the three pasta dishes would you have found the hardest to make?

Which of the three pasta dishes would you most like to EAT?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Return of the Champions"

Episode 17, aired September 2 2015

A single ingredient is what the home cooks must focus on in their Mystery Boxes this week. One chef is then safe, while the others must cook dishes featuring 20-ingredient baskets prepared by the safe cook, and three returning champions of past seasons. Who ends up failing to use their basket the best? The details are in my recap and review.

Which "returning champion" were you the most excited to see again?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Think Inside the Box"

Episode 18, aired September 9 2015

There are only four home cooks left to battle it out for this season. We begin with a team challenge where each pair of chefs must prepare an appetizer and entree featuring ingredients selected by Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot. The winning team is safe; the losing team must recreate Christina Tosi's Chocolate Malt Layer Cake. Whose cake is deemed the best, and whose the worst - and why? Find out in my recap and review.

This week's episode has led to a fair amount of controversy and debate over the choice to keep Claudia over Nick, when her cake looked like such an unfinished disaster whereas his looked great but had too much sugar in the batter. Not only did the judging seemed possibly unfairly biased but people have objected to Christina jumping in to check on Claudia's cakes and telling her when to take them out of the oven. But was that really showing an unfair bias, or just what the judges always have done, offering advice and tasting/checking on the contestants' progress?

Do you think Christina unfairly helped Claudia with her cake?

Enjoy some "deleted scenes" and outtakes from this season of MasterChef!

Next week's finale: Who do you think will win?

There are only three chefs left. Who do you think will become this year's MasterChef?

Despite who you THINK will win, who do you believe DESERVES to win the most?

MasterChef US Season 6: "Team Gordon Ramsay"

Episode 19, aired September 16 2015

In the first hour of tonight's finale, the top three must first prepare a stunning entree for 30 industry VIPs. One then gets a pass straight into the top two; the others must three tricky dishes for the judges: souffle, steak frites, and panna cotta. Who will finally battle it out for the MasterChef title? Find out in my full recap and review.

Who do you think deserved to battle it out against Derrick in the finale?

MasterChef US Season 6: "The Finale"

Episode 20, aired September 16 2015

It's finally here - the grand finale of MasterChef Season 6! Claudia and Derrick battle it out head-to-head in a three course meal of a lifetime. Who will the judges reward with the trophy, $250,000, and the cookbook deal? The details are in my final recap and review of the season. 

Who do you think deserved the trophy after the finale battle?

There's been a lot of controversy online since Claudia won over Derrick. Do you agree with the judges' decision?

Are you going to buy Claudia's cookbook when it is published?

My Past Season MasterChef Master Pages

For polls, contestant information and more

If you are looking to catch up on previous seasons of MasterChef, you can find my season guides for them at the following links (all are on HubPages):

* MasterChef US Season 3

* MasterChef US Season 4

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Who is your favorite past winner of MasterChef US?

More of My Articles About MasterChef

Because I'm a serious fan...thoughts and analysis about the show

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Is MasterChef US Ageist?
MasterChef is a televised cooking competition series which is popular around the world, and in 2014 will be airing for its fifth season in the United States. The show bills itself as a competition to find “the best home cooks in America” through casting calls held around the country…

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frankbeswick on 04/24/2015

My wife and I watch the British version of Masterchef, and we love it. I cannot predict this year's winner, as the final is tonight, in five hours time, but I have a good idea who it will be. But one contestant whom I thought third out of three finalists is finishing strongly, so my prediction is not certain. Long may Masterchef continue.

sockii on 04/24/2015

I guess it will come down to if the ratings are still there or not. Reality shows like these are cheap for tv networks to produce and if the viewers keep tuning in, they'll keep cranking them out. I honestly have no idea how Hell's Kitchen stays on the air when so many of the chefs are clearly disasters waiting to happen (and most of them do not last long in the "job" they win after the show is over, if they even get it in the first place from what I've read.)

LindaSmith1 on 04/24/2015

I don't think Master Chef or Master Chef Junior is going to last much longer personally. Winner is predictable for both shows as soon as you know who the judge's favorite is. Not sure as to Hell's Kitchen but since cursing, screaming is what TV audiences like, that show may outlast the other 2.

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