Melt Value of Silver Mexican Coins: The Real Deal

by Dude88

Values of melted silver can actually be considered as one of the best aspects in monetary industry. That is why melt value of silver Mexican coins have sparked interest in various

Coin collectors worldwide have been very much curious of the melt value of silver Mexican coins and have long been caught in its magic since. One of the main reasons that coin collectors took the time to study these silver Mexican coins is because of the large amount of precious metal content in these silver coins; and these Mexican coins are probably the purest silver coins ever created all around the globe. Perhaps, the melt value of silver Mexican coins or silver coins, in general, has been the core that holds together the study of coin collection or Numismatics.


Mexican Coins and Their History and Currency

Mexico is a country rich in gold and silver; with which, these metals, are used to produce their monetary means. The “Casa de Moneda de Mexico” is an example of a typical Mexican silver coin which looks like a medallion – having a date mark on its front, 1980. The back of this silver Mexican coin consists of a statement “Una Onza Troy de Plata Pura” with details such as the weight and an image of a scale. All throughout the nineteenth century, these silver Mexican coins do not only contain silver but also has a significant amount of gold in them. The centavo coins contain a larger amount of silver during this time. As of today, the melt value of silver Mexican coins, albeit not that in use in the Mexican currency, is still vital in coin collection because they contain a high rate of precious metals.

Before a proposal was submitted, the main Mexican currency was the Mexican Peso. Just recently, a bill was passed to change the currency into Libertad Ounce. And once this is approved, the Libertad Ounce will now be considered as the main currency in Mexico. But just what is the difference between the two? It lies in the melt value of these silver Mexican coins.


Delving Deeper into the Melt Value of Silver Mexican Coins

Basically, the melt value of silver Mexican coins lies in the percentage of silver content within the coin. The silver coin’s melt value relies on the metal it contains, the conversion factors, the weight of the coin, and the price of the silver during the time. To elaborate, the metal composition is the ratio and proportion of all metals being contained in the coin. The price of the silver is the market price of the metal and is expressed in troy ounce/s. The weight of the Mexican silver coin is the total weight of the coin expressed in grams. The conversion factor is used to convert the value in grams and is equal to 0.0321507466. Simply put, determining the melt value of silver Mexican coins uses the following formula:


The outcome will be the economic value that most coin collectors use when selling silver Mexican coins.

Additionally, there are specialized calculators available and being used worldwide to specifically determine the melt value of silver coins. Due to the vastly increasing melt value of silver coins, it has triggered a lot of people to invest in silver Mexican coins. It is said that these silver Mexican coins are better than their American and Canadian counterparts because the former contain the purest silver; thus making the melt value of silver Mexican coins a worthwhile investment.

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barbarab on 09/15/2011

I love coins and bills of all kind and I have several Mexican coins! I will shamefacedly admit I choose my coins on their face value...specifically on how pretty they are :)
this has educated me further as to what I should be looking for other than looks alone!
thank you for a very interesting read...voted up and shared to FB!

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