Memories of Love

by Michael_Koger

There is much literature and research about love and relationships.

Love has long fascinated researchers, philosophers, scientists, songwriters, poets, and many others. The word “love” may be reference to a sexual partner, relative, food preference, or opinion of a film or even a celebrity. Moreover, it may refer to the deity or one’s home country. Intimacy, passion, and commitment are some components of love.

What is Love?

It is when you hug

That you show love.

It is when you wait

Because love is never straight.


It is when you both listen

That your eyes glisten.

It is when you have fun

Because the bad times are done.


It is when you hold hands

That you hear the band.

It is when you are free

Because this is liberty.


It is when you think of sex

That you know what is next.

It is when you love her eyes

Because she knows love never dies.


It is when you stroll through the park

That you both can say “hark.”

It is when life is simple

Because you notice her dimple.


It is when you kiss her in the water

That your love for her is in order.

It is when you love her dress

Because you know it best.


It is when you think of her at night

That you know she’s outta sight.

It is when you go to church

Because you are both on a search.


It is when you love good music

That you never want to lose it.

It is when you kiss with passion

Because she is so dashing.


It is when you love to see love

That you think of a dove.

It is when you go too far,

Because it will leave no mar.


It is when you are lost

That you have to pause.

It is when you are found

Because you slipped on the ground.


It is when she has legs

For which you don’t have to beg.

It is when you can feel

Whenever it’s a bad deal.


It is when you know

There is somewhere to go.

It is when you strive

To keep it alive.


It is when you think of those who love

Because you are that love.

It is when you sacrifice

That she knows you are nice.


It is when you cry

And that leaves you dry.

Heartbreak shows care

Because you are still there.


It is when you work

That you get a perk.

It is when you prepare

To avoid the worst snare.


It is when you wed

It’s time to go to bed.

Till death do we part

Keep her in your heart.


It is when you lose it

You’ve not lost a bit.

It is when you doodle

Now I love noodles.


It is when the job is over

That you can still push a mower.

It is when she is old

That your attention will never fold.


It is when you cannot walk

That she knows you can still talk.

It is when one of you dies

That the other still flies.


And it is when the other dies

It is time to fly.

And it was true all the while

That both of you would forever smile.


Michael Koger, Sr.

Copyright 2018.  All rights reserved.


Updated: 12/15/2018, Michael_Koger
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